Patriots put on a jolly good show, whip Rams in London

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The fans at Wembley Stadium were treated to a blowout on Sunday, as the Patriots put a beating on the Rams in London.

St. Louis scored first when Sam Bradford hit Chris Givens for a 50-yard touchdown pass, but after that it was all New England: Brandon Lloyd, Shane Vereen, Rob Gronkowski and Stevan Ridley all scored touchdowns to give the Patriots a 28-7 lead at halftime, and another Lloyd touchdown plus a Stephen Gostkowski field goal made the score 38-7 at the end of the third quarter. One more Patriots touchdown in the fourth quarter brought the scoring to a close.

The Rams have been playing tough, competitive football this season, and their defense has looked like it’s making big strides under first-year coach Jeff Fisher. But in this game the Rams’ defense simply had no answer for Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense. New England marched down the field at will all day long.

For the Rams, quarterback Sam Bradford threw the ball well most of the game, but running back Steven Jackson couldn’t get anything going, and St. Louis drives repeatedly stalled. New England’s defense played well — and its offense played even better.

Ultimately, this was a game that was out of reach before halftime, and the Patriots could have named their score. The score they named was 45-7.

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  1. Congratulations, Stan.

    You must be very proud.

    I’m sure St. Louis was depicted in a positive light and the Rams grew their international brand as a result of exporting this home game overseas.


  2. Was I the only one who found it ironic watching the brits cheer for an American team named ‘new england ‘Patriots”?

    Just think, in the year 2312 the ‘Afghanistan Rebels’ are playing their national sport on our soil.

  3. All kinds of English Premier League games going on and a bad matchup between 2 unevenly matched teams.

    No wonder there were huge sections of fans missing.

    Way to go NFL, great job.

  4. Different country, same Tom Brady. I hate that guy so much but damn is he ever good. As long as he is under center, the Pats will continue to be an annual SB contender.

  5. @logicalvoicesays

    Do you know how pathetic you sound? The suppossed “cheating” happened years ago and the Pats keep winning. Which team is so blessed as to have you as a fan? If you are not a Giants fan, than you have nothing to brag about. Suggestion: Find some new material. Why do you hate? Can’t enjoy the games without animosity?

    Nevermind…I’d have a better conversation with a rock.

  6. “St. Louis looked like France out there just surrendering all day.”

    What you mean the same France without whose army reinforcing ours and their navy keeping the British fleet busy there would not be an America?

  7. Well played game by the Pats today. Not gonna lie, was mad and worried after the 50 yard bomb on the 1st drive. Thought it was gonna b another long day on defense. But it was a pleasant surprise the rest of the game. No complaints here. Pats all day!

  8. SJ39 – come out and play. come out play. again Pats own Rams. All talk, no heart. good luck when Rams trade SJ. You MAd BRO?

  9. logicalvoicesays says: Oct 28, 2012 4:14 PM

    The Patriots can say what they want to say, they’ll forever be cheaters in my eyes and thus have zero respect.


    And for that reason, the majority of us know you’re not to be taken seriously.

  10. I think what I saw today from the Pats in comparison to some of their recent past games was a more aggressive/ creative pass rush and an offense executing to their full capability. Both have been lacking. Notice how the pressure on the opposing QB magically means our secondary plays better…amazing. BTW…. Alfonzo Dennard is for real. Let’s just hope he can refrain from punching out any more cops.

  11. And now… the bye. I guess we’ll take 5-3, but 6-2 would have been nicer. Those losses against Arizona, Seattle, and Baltimore… all so darn close.

    This team is getting better.

  12. Oh yeah! There was a very exciting football match in London, but that was at Stamford Bridge stadium between two powerhouse football clubs: Manchester United vs Chelsea which I followed it from here in the states.

  13. All hail the powerhouse….Pats!!! Finally played well on off and def….BLOWOUT! Now for the bad news….I can’t get home till Wed……

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