Report: Eric Wright facing Adderall suspension


With Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib serving a four-game suspension for taking Adderall, the other starting corner in Tampa could be sitting down for a quarter of the season, too.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Eric Wright is facing a ban for Adderall, an ADD medication that more and more players are using as a stimulant.  It’s a banned substance, and players may permissibly take it only with both a prescription and a waiver from the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.

The status of Wright’s appeal, if any, isn’t known.  The suspension will become official once the internal process has been finalized.

Wright escaped league scrutiny during the offseason when a DUI arrest resulted in no charges being pursued.

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  1. So the league will allow you to use this drug, as long as you take the appropriate steps to inform them? If that’s the case, then I feel no sympathy for these players. Still scratch my head as to why adderall is so frowned upon, while HGH continues to go untested in the NFL.

  2. Since the league can’t release the name of the real drug that caused the suspension of a given player, everyone’s using Adderall as a cover, just as baseball players always seem to have “flu-like symptoms” (read: hangovers).

    Either that, or these guys using a drug that has gotten so many suspended. That would fall under the category of “incredibly stupid”.

  3. There would not be enough players for each team to get on the field if the NFL TRULY tested for all illegal and semi-“legal” substances commonly used out there. That’s the simple reality of the facts.

  4. So, you put on a Browns jersey once, play cornerback, and lose 4 paychecks for Adderall.

    First, Joe Haden; now it’s Eric Wright. Who’s next, Sheldon Brown?

  5. So I got a prescription for Adderall the other day and tried it for the first time two days ago.

    Firstly, I was damn sure taken aback by the generic name on the label: Amphetamine Salts.

    Sounds like a cross between Meth and Bath Salts.

    If you do some research on it, it pretty much improves human performance at everything. While it doesn’t improve strength and speed, it gives you more awareness of your body allowing you to perform techniques to perfection, thus indirectly boosting speed and lifting ability. One study showed shot putters throw an average of 5% farther when on Adderall as opposed to off it.

    We issue amphetamines very chemically similar to Adderall to fighter pilots in the Air Force (they’re called Go Pills) to keep them awake and alert for 15 hour flights, as well as to boost their performance in dog fights.

    My guess with these guys is that they actually have an ADD diagnosis and prescription for Adderall but didn’t do the paperwork with the league, we’ve seen that before. Why do I assume that? Because generally speaking Adderall isn’t used by pro athletes because one of its side effects is murdering your appetite and causing weight loss.

    As for me? I didn’t feel anything at all. My words per minute typing went up by like 5 per minute on average or so, but that could just be placebo.

    Dr. is doubling my dosage to 20mg and we’ll see what happens.

    Just in case anyone was wondering about what these people were caught with.

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