Report: Jets have no plans to trade Tebow


He’s been banned from Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network until he does something worth talking about.  And we apparently won’t be facing the dilemma of a temporary unshunning of Tim Tebow in the event he’s traded from the team with which he’s done nothing worth talking about to date.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have no plans to trade Tebow.

The key word is plans.  Because plans can change.  If a starting quarterback goes down today and the team has no absolutely no faith in its backup, the Jets could, in theory, flip Tebow for more than the fourth-round pick they gave up to get him.  Or if Shad Khan’s team takes a Lambeau-style beatdown on Sunday, falling to 1-6 and having no hope for the balance of the season, Khan could make an offer that the Jets wouldn’t refuse, in the hopes of keeping the home stadium full for the final five games of a campaign in which the Jags have to date been outscored 95-20.

None of that is likely, but the point is that the report, as crafted, leaves the door open for someone to call.

For now, however, no one wants Tebow.  Which makes it very easy to have no plans to trade him.

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  1. He would have had MJD as his runningback, a city that worships him (I know i lived there) and Khan could have sold out his stadium for a long time regardless of success.. I have no idea how khan let Tebow slip away.

  2. Much ado ’bout nothing. Leave Tebow alone.
    The NY press is the absolute worse in yellow journalism as most should be working for the National Enquirer

  3. Simple. Tebow would’ve been 3rd on the depth chart behind Gabbert and Henne. In New York he’s 2nd with hopes of starting.

    Tebow’s no dummy. He just cares more about pushing his brand than pushing himself to be a better quarterback.

  4. He came to NY for one reason and one reason only… So if he some how goes against his religion and starts the celebrity i did that girl tour he can blame the NY life style lol!!!

  5. After providing more excitement than any other player last season…it is just a darn shame that he wasn’t given a ‘stage’ this season.

  6. He didn’t want to go to Jacksonville.. He wanted to be in the bright lights and push his brand.. Just because the dudes Mr. Do the right thing doesn’t mean he has no business acumen. So in Jacksonville he can shill ads for the local car dealerships! In NY you have a giant market/ media circus.. It’s called branding that’s why Timmy chose NY and Florida. He knows with his limited skill set.. He has limited time, get your dollars before they push you out.. Give it 3 more years the only place your gonna see Timmy on Sundays is opening for Joel Osteen

  7. He wouldn’t have started in Jacksonville. Jaguars fan do not want Tebow. They will have no blackouts this year, people won’t come to see him.

    It’s a faux argument. He didn’t chose Jacksonville because they didn’t want him to play quarterback and Tebow refuses to give up being a quarterback.

    If Khan really wanted Tebow, he would have upped his offer and gotten him. This isn’t hard to figure out, it was a PR move so he could say he tried and Tebow didn’t come.

    Jaguars fans don’t want Tebow. Stop trying to force him on us.

  8. Jets need to trade Tebow. They get draft picks to build that defense back up, and restart the running game. QB shouldn’t deciding W/L for the Jets. Jags would get a QB that won’t cave, and can rally his team around him.

    a 5th this year, and another late round conditional pick next year sound about right for Tebow.

  9. It wasn’t just Khan that let him get away. When Denver traded him, they gave him the choice on Jacksonville or New York. Obviously, he chose New York. Had he gone to the Jags, he had a very good chance at starting over Gabbert. I don’t get the decision he made and now he is in NY for the rest of this year at least, pending anything crazy happening before Tuesday’s deadline.

  10. It can all end today. Come on Miami! Man up and blow these losers out! At 3-5 the Jets would be done. It would mean mo more Sanchez/Tebow talk ( they’d make the switch). And for all intents and purposes, it would be the end of the Rex Ryan era.

    Lets Do This Dolphins!!!!!

  11. Woody Johnson, the owner of the Jets, HIMSELF said “Tebow is going to be with the Jets for the remainder of his contract.”

    Even if the GM and Coach publicly say Tebow is on the trade market, I’d still bet on Tebow staying. What the owner wants, the owner gets…even though I personally believe that if Tebow truly wants to be a starting QB, he’d have better luck competing against Blaine Gabbert than Mark Sanchez.

  12. hawks1124 says:
    Oct 28, 2012 9:36 AM
    Jets need to trade Tebow. They get draft picks to build that defense back up, and restart the running game. QB shouldn’t deciding W/L for the Jets. Jags would get a QB that won’t cave, and can rally his team around him.

    a 5th this year, and another late round conditional pick next year sound about right for Tebow.

    They’re not getting draft picks for Tebow.

    His value is about zero. NY will want better than what they paid and no one who wants to remain a GM is going to offer better than that.

    The more he moves from team to team without actually doing anything – the less he’s worth in that sense.

  13. It doesn’t matter where he WANTED to go. He got TRADED to New York for a fourth round pick. Stop hating on the H-back, at least he’s not adding fuel to the N.Y. tabloid fires.

  14. i think that to many people focus to much on the other things that tebow does that other qbs may not do. look at where denver was headed before he took over as the starter last year. his style may be different but he can play this game in more ways than one. i dont get why so many people are so down on this guy. he is a football player and he’s got more heart and more want to and more ability than many players out there. givin his strong christian beliefs i will compare his current state to jesus- many people in jesus’s day didn’t believe in him and as a matter of fact hung him up on a cross look at how many feel about jesus now. i’m not saying tebow is that great but i am saying lets not be so quick to string him up after all jesus was pretty different in his day as well

  15. He’s been banned from Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network until…
    Hahahahaahahahaha. Yeah, right. We all know better

  16. When the trade from Denver occurred, Tebow initially stated that he had no choice in the matter. When that turned out to be false he backtracked and said that the Jets made him feel more wanted and that Jacksonville wouldn’t let him play QB. Now, the Jets are doing exactly what he claimed the Jags would do. The truth is what many have said. He wanted the bright lights and media storm (see news conference for his arrival). Tim Tebow speaks with all the honesty of a politician!

  17. Trade him for what? He was traded for a fourth round pick after starting half the year. What value does he have now and who would trade for him?

  18. Your headline should’ve read:

    “Jets have no plans to use Tebow”

    Or even more simply:

    “Jets have no plans”.

    All that talk we heard coming from the Jets (“We have special packages for Tebow”, “Opponents will stay up late scheming against Tebow”, “He’s going to help us win, just wait and see”) sounds more and more like schoolyard bluster than anything resembling an actual plan.

  19. The thing I don’t get about Tebow is that he is clearly not suited to be a quarterback at this level. For all practical purposes, they use him to run the ball out of the quarterback position. So why not just call it what it is, and convert the guy to a running back?

    I don’t know that he’s a starting RB in the NFL, either, but I have to think he’s at least a suitable second-stringer. And he could be used as the “emergency” QB as well, if a team got in a pinch. It’s not like there are no other converted QBs playing other positions in this league; why the resistance to converting Tebow?

  20. There mere fact that Tebow is even in the league is a strong indication of just how mediocre the NFL has become.
    Teams qualify for the playoffs without having any significant wins, 9-7 teams win Super Bowls, rookie quarterbacks are posting Hall-of-fame stats, defenses are blowing 24-point leads… That all adds up to mediocrity.
    And Tim Tebow is right in thick of that mediocrity…

  21. Translation, no team has called about tebow. Unless the release him, the jets are stuck with him. Who in their righteous mind would give up a 3rd round pick for a backup who shouldn’t even be second on the dept charts. I laugh everyday at the jets and their QB situation, they have no clue how to use tebow.

  22. Tebow would be great if given the chance. 50% of teams need to trade for this guy if they want to win.

  23. I still believe the best trade is Tebow for Cousins. Problem with Spread QBs in NFL is injury. Tebow backing RGIII works well and RGIII will be injured, it’s inevitable. Tebow and RGIII same option style, Sanchez and Cousins same drop back style.

  24. Unless J-ville fires both the GM and Head Coach why would Tebow end up a Panther? Only the owner wanted it and he wasn’t prepared to overrule the “pros” at that time. Yes 1-6 changes views but so does riding the bench. I’m not sure Tebow can draw the crowds in Jacksonville as an also ran starter from a losing team vs the improbable playoff QB he was last season.

  25. The word “trade” implies that there’s a second party who is willing to give something of value in return.

    I’m not seeing it.

  26. The most talked about cheerleader, Rah Rah guy, motivator/Minister of all time. Too bad hes not refered to as a top QB, like hes being paid to be.

  27. Will the Dolphins trade Matt Moore? Will the Lions trade Shaun Hill? Will the Cowboys trade Kyle Orton? Will the Raiders trade Terrelle Prior?

    If you’re going to cover irrelevant backup qb’s at least be thorough!

  28. The owner of the jags was the only one who wanted him Sanchez is done Tebow time will come and Jets will ride him like Denver

  29. Gene Smith didn’t want Tebow. And we see how well Gene Smith has done in Jacksonville. Tebow is the only way the Jags avoid blackouts next season. Give the kid an honest shot at QB without the silly formations. Can’t be much worse than our one time 300 yard passing QB we have now.

  30. You people just don’t get it. The NFL wants Tebow in NYC and ON THE BENCH OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT. All his “Jesus” and faith talk are just not the NFL’s cup of tea, or more precisely, beer. He will not be traded, nor will he start, no matter if the Jets lose every game.

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