Ryan Clark leaves game with head injury


Not everything is going the Steelers’ way on Sunday, during a 20-6 home rout of the Redskins.

Starting safety Ryan Clark has exited the game in the third quarter.  Per multiple reports, he’s being evaluated for a head injury.  Clark’s return is questionable.

At least the Steelers aren’t claiming that it’s a neck injury.  Or that he has concussion-like symptoms.  So that’s progress.

6 responses to “Ryan Clark leaves game with head injury

  1. You can keep saying what you want about Pittsburgh using the phrase concussion like symptoms, but never once did the steelers let any of those players with “concussion like symptoms” back on the field in any of those games. And besides Tomlinson not a Dr, so to use the phrase concussion like symptoms is completely appropriate. And lastly it’s very rare that a player is concussed so badly that you immediately know its a concussion. You have to run tests, however if a player displays symptoms that are in line with a concussion, you simply don’t let them back on the field, which the steelers have always done.

  2. nomatter what the steelers call it, the point is that the players never come back into the game.

  3. Would it be better if they called it a concussion, then reversed themselves a couple of days later … as the Redskins did with RGIII? Since the Steelers don’t know the diagnosis, they accurately describe the condition as “concussionlike symptoms.” If they said Ryan had a concussion, then retracted two days later and said he’d play in the next game–as Shanahan did–the press would be all over that.

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