Titans and Colts head to overtime

Getty Images

The winner of Sunday’s Colts-Titans game will be in good shape as the playoff picture in the AFC starts to take shape and it is taking more than 60 minutes to find that winner.

We’re heading to overtime in Tennessee with the score tied 13-13 after Andrew Luck was able to lead the Colts to their first touchdown in the fourth quarter. After a fitful day against a game Titans defense, Luck was able to manufacture a 14-play, 80-yard drive that ended with a Donald Brown touchdown run. Brown also did good work on that drive, including a run for seven yards on fourth-and-one from the Titans’ eight-yard line.

Matt Hasselbeck and Luck were both unable to put their teams in front on the drives that followed Brown’s touchdown and the Colts dodged a bullet when officials ruled Colts tight end Dwayne Allen down before he fumbled on the final drive of regulation. The whistle definitely blew on the play, but it looked like it might have been blown a beat too soon.

The Titans will get their next chance in the extra session unless the Colts score a touchdown on the opening drive.