Trent Richardson earns Jim Brown stamp of approval

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Cleveland rookie running back Trent Richardson turned in a legendary performance Sunday, and was congratulated by a legend for it.

Richardson was greeted after the game by Hall of Famer Jim Brown, putting aside some of the previous criticisms that made their relationship a chilly one.

The man who Brown called “ordinary” back in the spring turned in a Brown-like 24 carries for 122 yards and the only touchdown in a 7-6 win over the Chargers.

That’s my partner, man,” Brown said, via Tony Grossi of “He never took anything I said the wrong way. He’s interested in his family. He’s interested in his team.

“He’s hurt and he performed in a way that he didn’t have to. It’s an attitude. He did that for his team.”

Richardson’s game as he recovered from a rib injury showed toughness, but so did the Browns as a whole.

They played turnover-free football on a raw, rainy, windy Cleveland afternoon.

“I’m still thawing out,” Richardson said. “[Teammates] said it’s not even cold yet. Felt cold to me. This is football weather.”

And Richardson looked like a football player in it, like Brown did so many years ago.

15 responses to “Trent Richardson earns Jim Brown stamp of approval

  1. Did I miss something? 24 carries for 122 yards and 1 TD is “legendary”? Sounds like yet another media source trying to back up all the hype they gave Trent during the draft …

  2. I think Atari Bigby thinks he was legendary when Richardson knocked him on his azz during his 26 ytd TD run!

  3. sophiethegreatdane says:
    Oct 28, 2012 7:59 PM
    24 carries for 122 yards is now “legendary”?


    It is when first contact is within 2 to 5 yards of getting the ball in most cases. Maybe it sounds better if it’s described as “Richardson carried safeties and linebackers for 122 yards and 1 touchdown.”. Combine that with the fact that he’s got the 2nd most receiving yards in the NFL among rookies and it’s safe to say that Trent Richardson is not “ordinary” or “average” in any way.

  4. Kudos to Richardson, the YOUNGER man who was the BETTER man and never rose to Brown’s obvious mean spirited and ignorant criticism. Brown is a petulant child who assaults women. Browns fans should thank goodness TR isn’t following his example in anything.

  5. It takes a lot of gall for Jim Brown to use the word ‘team’, in any context. As notable as Brown is for what he accomplished between the lines on the field of play, he is perhaps more notorious for what he did outside of them. ‘Standoffish’ does not begin to describe Brown’s attitude toward his own teammates. After finishing a series on offense, Brown would go to the far end of the bench, as far from his teammates and coaches as he could get, short of actually leaving the stadium. Most often described as ‘moody’, ‘sullen’ and ‘withdrawn’ by his fellow Browns, Jim Brown was the anti-Ray Lewis. And those were only the good adjectives they applied to him, in accordance with the rules of courtesy (look it up, it’s a real word) governing the 50’s and 60’s…

    Why didn’t Brown play longer? Why did this uncommonly gifted athlete win only one championship (1964) in 9 years? Because he never understood the concept of ‘Team’ (still doesn’t) and his own teammates tended to hate his guts — for this interpersonal sterility, combined with his social politics. I personally do not disagree with what Brown was arguing for in the 60’s; but his outspoken views and actions were divisive, not constructive, and certainly not conducive to Teamwork…

    So, good news, Trent Richardson! You’ve finally gotten this guy’s seal of approval! One less thing to worry about…

  6. TR’s performance was tough & good, considering the injury & the weather. Legendary? That’s pushing it. Who’s JB think he’s kidding? Excellent performance by TR, and appriciated & enjoyed by any Browns’ fan that knows the game of football, but legendary? More comments like this, and I’ll be suspecting that JB is setting up for a career in politics.

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