Vick believes this one wasn’t his fault

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Publicly, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick seems to be throwing in the towel.

Privately, he’s doing anything but.

Vick told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Falcons that coach Andy Reid is considering making a quarterback change — and that Vick would support it.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Vick privately is upset about the situation.

Vick believes that today’s loss wasn’t his fault.  He had no turnovers, and he thinks that the performance of the defense kept him from ever having a chance to win the game.

It’s be interesting to see what Reid says in response.  With the Eagles already closing up shop on Monday for Hurricane Sandy, we may not hear from him for a few days.

The Eagles return to action next Monday night, against the Saints in New Orleans.

63 responses to “Vick believes this one wasn’t his fault

  1. This organization is moronic for thinking firing Castillo would solve the issue.

    Castillo was a horrible coordinator, but the offensive coordinator’S are just as awful, if not worse. Why do the Eagles employ running backs and a RB coach? They’re just stealing money.

  2. Waa…poor baby! Guess this *genuis* didn’t stop to think if he hadn’t played like dog crap all season no one would be discussing him being benched in favor of a rookie. Blaming the defense…nice to see Vick is being such a team leader.

  3. Andy has to bench him. Whenever your QB is looking over his shoulder for fear of being benched he will not play to his potential. I guarantee you he passed up on a big play today for fear it would be picked. The Falcons defense is nothing special and yet the Eagles offense really struggled. You are right Mike, todays loss was not your fault but you did nothing to win it.

  4. Vick was the pretty much the only player from the Eagles out there today putting forth any effort. Team was listless today. Pathetic performance by that team today

  5. He’s right, this one wasn’t on him.

    But he didn’t say anything to the media, no matter what is supposedly privately said.

  6. Vick’s lack of skill at the quarterback position is what is holding him back.

    All he’s ever been is a very mediocre quarterback with a few highlights.

    The highlights are few and far between lately….

  7. well Vick, it may not be your fault..but you were not apart of the solution…where’s the leadership on this team…stick a fork in the eagles, there season is coming to an end early with consistent disappointments each week.

  8. The defense starting off by giving up two huge first qrt drives. Not a vick supporter, but it wasnt his fault. The defense is filled with no “big play” guys. At least Asante was a playmaker.

  9. Not a huge Vick supporter but he needs a change of scenery. I think he would do well with a real team with a real front office. Oh, and a real defense.

  10. Haha Vick. Just cause you FINALLY have a zero turnover game that means you don’t have any responsibility for the loss? If that’s the case, then you are personally responsible for the other three losses, and your teammates should get all the credit for picking you up in the three wins that you turned the ball over.

  11. Juan Castillo’s firing was simply a scape goat maneuver. He was not the problem, although he wasnt the solution either. The defense atleast kept us in games and scores close every week. They gave the offense the chance to get on the field and make plays. Yes, this is only the 1st game with Boles leading the way, but it definitely doesnt look good. I would love to see Andy stay as Head Coach, but stripped of having any say on what plays are called. I would love to see a new OC and SC (special teams) brought in. The offense can line up and regardless of the down/ytg, EVERYONE on the planet knows Moronwig is calling a pass.

  12. The defense was awful. The offense didn’t do anything to help the cause even if they didn’t turn it over. Giving the ball up without scoring each time you do get the ball is not going to win you games, unless you get lucky, which is how the the Eagles got the three wins they have.

  13. the oc Marty and Reid are the problems along with Vick. Vick can’t hold onto the ball, Marty couldn’t coach an offense against a pop warner team and Reid when he’s not mismanaging the clock doesn’t realize he has a top 3 running back that should be getting at least 20 touches a game. This team has so much talent and yet it’s wasted week in and week out by ineptitude in the coaching ranks.

  14. So who does Andy fire this week
    Unless he looks in the miror he will not fire the right guy

    It is great to be a Giants Fan 6-2

  15. I always rip him when its his fault but watching the game I felt sorry for him as that o line offers zero protection,at least 3 players on that line are not legitimate starters in the NFL …boy do we miss Jason Peters and the center

  16. this 1 might not have been but what about all the others that were and the wins that were in spite of your play not because of it. He should wake up and realize no other team is going to want him as a starter. Teams either have their qb,hope they do or are looking for qb of their future . Enjoy your last season as a starting qb

  17. I guess he had nothing to do with not converting the two 4th downs.

    Nothing is ever Vicks fault. This week started with him saying he felt slighted that Andy didn’t come right out & support him. He leads the league in turnovers & didn’t understand why the coach didn’t give him a unconditional support.

    Mike Vick is a coach killer.

  18. Vick had one really good year. It just so happened to be the year of his comeback from prison and was to determine whether he would or would not have a career moving forward. He played lights out …because his back was to the wall and he HAD to or he’d be all done. Then, after re-establishing himself, the same old mentally lazy Mike Vick quickly emerged again. Mike Vick only does what he needs to do…but not the best he can do. His work ethic and dedication to the mental aspects of the game in particular are seriously lacking. This was evident in his play in Atlanta and it continues to this day.

  19. Vic was quoted to say, ‘My dog kept me up all last night. It was her fault. But don’t you worry. I’ll teach her a lesson tonight she will never remember.”

  20. Spoken like the boy he really is. You football know-nothings keep defending him, the rest of us will keep laughing, knowing this will be over very soon.

  21. @n2thaizzo: he may not play d, but its a team game. its funny how when the os clicking the defense finally stands up to make a play. its like the ying and the yang. it all bounces off of each other. hes gotto go. gives foles a chance

  22. Well, I’d say the Eagles’ defense gets most of the blame for this loss. The Falcons didn’t punt until six minutes were left in the game…and they didn’t turn it over, either.

    On the other hand, it was mostly dink and dunk for Vick. He ran the ball okay and only fumbled the ball when he hit the ground, which is what he always seems to do. (This is one reason why the defense always feels like it can get the ball away from him. His carelessness with the ball fuels the fire.) Anyway, he wasn’t that bad, but the Falcons’ D hasn’t performed that well this season and it looked good today, so the offense wasn’t exactly spotless.

  23. “…The Eagles return to action next Monday night, against the Saints in New Orleans. …”

    No, the Eagles return to action (maybe) in 2013, with a new coach and another QB.

    I had said they were a 7-9 team. I’m starting to wonder where win #4 comes from…

  24. The great quarterbacks don’t wait to be given a chance to win the game. They just win it.

    Sure, the Falcons scored a lot of points. But why didn’t the Eagles score on more of their drives? Looking at the box score, I see three punts on three crucial drives that could have kept the Eagles right in the game, and twice crapping out on 4th down in the 4th quarter. Can’t hide behind scapegoating the defense any more.

    Face it, Vick, you just lost a race to a better team. No one is scared of Vick anymore. Without that, he’s nothing.

  25. You’re the quarterback Mike, it’s ALWAYS our fault!

    You accept the accolades when you win, you take the turd sandwiches when you lose, that’s the nature of the game.

    Either grow a set or get out of the league.

  26. The entire team sucks except McCoy who doesn’t get the ball enough. The secondary is terrible and the linebackers are awful. Babin is a joke and Cole is old. Jackson can’t do anything inside the hashes. He can only run two routes, a fade and deep post. Losing Peters on the oline hurt but the rest of the line sucks

  27. tony romo phillip rivers drew brees are struggling this year as well such is life in professional sports when you do not have an all around solid team and game plan vick and the entire team and coaching staff are struggling put the back up in so he can get killed behind that sorry oline with that predictable ineffective play calling then blame it all on vick again because he is sitting too close to the field and when that band of misfits on dfense blows another game overlook that again and repeat this same song we have been hearing since randall was qb ing this franchise

  28. Die hard ATL fan here! The Phili
    fans that are so hard on Andy Reid should be very very ashamed of yourselves. He has been a great coach for so many years and ATL fans would have gave a left arm a few years ago to have him or some one of his stature. You guys are so spoiled you don’t really no what it’s like to underachieve. I wish Andy all the luck in the world. And to you Andy haters don’t wish him out too hard because you could get someone like Bobby Petrino. See how he worked out for Atlanta. Goooo Dirty Birds. 7-0 baby

  29. In a way I blame Jeff Lurie. The team knows Reid is done so they don’t care what happens. Jeff should have either fired Andy last year or endorsed him. Now the whole world knows he has no long term authority. I personally hope he wins the Super Bowl in San Diego so he can enjoy what Hunter Pence, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have all experienced.

  30. The Eagles should stop looking for someone to blame. This is a total team game, and, (not a fan of Vick, but a fan of the football) when the team wins, the whole team wins. But when they lose, each and every player on the team contributed to the loss.

    But with that being said, I don’t think Reid will be back next season if he doesn’t show any effort of at least attempting to right the sinking ship. A rookie may not be the answer but I don’t think Philadelphia can stand another ugly loss like this.

  31. This team is about to melt down and will be lucky to go 7-9,this melt down will be ugly as the players have quit on Reid.Reid is finished.

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