Bills getting healthier on the offensive line


The Bills have been playing without two of their starting offensive linemen for the last three games, but they appear to be close to getting them back.

Left tackle Cordy Glenn and right guard Kraig Urbik both practiced Monday as the Bills returned to work after their bye week. Both players are coming off of high ankle sprains and there haven’t been any official determinations of either man’s status at this point. Urbik was ready to make his own determination, however.

“I’m playing on Sunday no matter what,” Urbik said, via the Buffalo News. “Every game from here on out’s important,” Urbik said. “Sitting at 3-4, we can’t lose too many more games and make the playoffs.”

There was one other new bit of injury information on the offensive line Monday. Coach Chan Gailey revealed that left guard Andy Levitre had a procedure done on his knee during the bye week.

“He wasn’t coming back from anything,” Gailey said, via the team’s website. “He just had something, a procedure, and I hate to use that word, he had something done on his knee. They injected it or they did something to it but he’s fine.”

Levitre practiced on Wednesday and is expected to play against the Texans on Houston this Sunday.

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  1. Boggles my mind that Dave Wannstedt is able to get work in the NFL. Bills should try and trade CJ Spiller, there best player, for Jeff Fisher or Andy Ried straight up (to coach the defensive, gaily is a good offense minded coach Bills fans).

  2. Yes and Andy REID isn’t a good defensive coach in case you had not noticed the whole Juan Castillo, bad defense now worse thing etc etc. Also who the hell says Gailey is a good offensive coach, he literally said he doesn’t understand why people think Fitzpatrick is a problem. That was a moment I wanted Jauron back and then I hit myself with a shovel.

  3. The Offensive line, when it is whole is one of the best in the league. Urbik, Levitre, Wood, Pears and Glenn work very well together. If they can all get back together, Fitzpatrick and the running game will be much better off. I know CJ Spiller must miss Cordy Glenn, he received some very good lanes following his bad-ass blocking. I will also be happy to see them all back, our reserves are ok, but not great.

  4. Easy there with the “best in the league” comparisons LOL. This oline was one of the worst in football last year. The Cordy Glenn addition does not make this line elite. I am thrilled with the way they are coming along, but FARRRRRR from “great”

  5. Fitz isn’t the issue with the Bills. The O line has been an issue with the Bills since Bledsoe spent 3 seasons running for his life in the earlier part of the last decade.

  6. Good to see that Bills fans have kept a sense of humor after all these years of heartache. Damn music city miracle- had best defense in league that year, statistically I believe. Sam Cowart was a beast

  7. How can anyone say Gailey is a good coach after some of his calls this year like – running a reverse from the the 5 yard line, the pass by Smith, throwing with a lead while trying to run out the clock and especially not having the sense to get rid of Wannstedt!
    What good things has he done???

  8. Maybe I’m wrong but Bills fans killed Kevin Gilbride, who has obviously had success with the Giants. Every coach has their faults but Gaily has put the best offensive product on the field since the first year they had Bledsoe (think Gilbride was coordinator then but I could be wrong). Look I’m not saying Gaily is an elite coach just saying he has some talent. Although his persitant support for Wannstedt is mind boggling. We will see what happens.

  9. To the poster that said the bills line was one of the worst last year… I wonder if you knew fitz was the least sacked qb in football last year!!!

    Go bills!!

  10. People who think the offensive line has been the problem have you watched the team? Fitz was the least sacked QB in the league last year and they had two running backs average over 5 ypc.

    Fitz, Gailey, Wannstedt are the problem. Their offensive line is elite and was elite last year. They just have a QB that would be 3rd on many depth charts in the league and a defense that is historically bad.

  11. I wouldnt say Gailey’s offensive calls have been bad this year. Its easy to say after Brad Smith throws an ill advised pass to the other team, but Ive been waiting for Brad Smith to throw out of the damn wildcat for 3 years now! All he ever gets to do is run for 2 yards so he took full advantage of heaving it in the air. Dumb play. A play caller cant win though. If we run the ball, and give up the lead then we were too conservative. If we stay aggressive than its a bad call. Hindsight is 20/20. We all know that. This defense needs to get fixed. Plain and simple.

  12. Yes I was aware he was the least sacked qb in the league. What is your point? Are you trying to say that offensive line wasnt a glaring need? Is that why we drafted Cordy Glenn in the 2nd round, and were also rumored to possibly trade our draft away to get Kalil? Also just because a QB gets rid of the ball before getting sacked doesnt mean his oline is good. Brady & Rodgers were sacked the most in the NFL last year. That is based on the QB stretching plays. Not the offensive line. Fitzpatrick leading the league in interceptions was partly because he was always getting pressured.

  13. I don’t care how great our offense plays, were not gonna win 2 more games by the end of the season if our defense keeps consistently giving up 35+ points.

  14. Fitz being one of the if not the worst starting QB in the league is the reason for the interceptions.

    Taking Glenn made sense because they had nobody to play LT.

    The front office didn’t think QB was a glaring need in any of the last 3 seasons but we’re supposed to trust their picks?

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