Broncos will take close look at hit on Manning


The moment at which Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning busted his thumb nail on the helmet of Saints defensive end Martez Wilson didn’t violate any rules.  The next moment possibly did.

Wilson’s helmet went into Manning’s chest.  Even though the flag remained in the referee’s pocket, the Broncos will take a close look at the play.

“It’ll be something we look at and get the TV copy,” Broncos coach John Fox said Monday, via the Associated Press. “We haven’t done all that yet.  And I’m not really able to comment on what we turn into the league and what we don’t, but that’s one we’ll look at closely.”

We have.  Though it wasn’t quite a helmet-to-the-chin, Wilson struck Manning with a helmet.  It should have been flagged, and it should be fined.

Though it likely will cost Wilson something less than the price of two million pizzas, it won’t be cheap.

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  1. yet a few weeks ago you guys were arguing against nick perry getting fined for a similar hit on andrew luck…interesting.

  2. no, because the league needs to be consistent in fining illegal hits, or every time they DO or DON’T impose a fine, you get idiots complaining that the fines were handed out or not handed out out of favoritism or poor management.

  3. Back, and to the left, back and to the left. Zapruder would be proud. If you slow down the reply enough you can see Manning going pee pee, just a little, in his pants. I do believe this will increase the fine.

  4. Great, another coach whining about the Saints hitting his quarterback. Guess this will give Roger all the “evidence” he needs to suspend more people, take away more draft picks and cripple the Saints even further.

    As far as I’m concerned the NFL ceased to exist at the end of the 2010 season.

  5. Good grief…tony romo took a helmet to the chin ysterday…to nary a mention…roughing the manning is a popular penalty to these “truth finders” with their hard hitting nut hugging.

  6. Stuff like this is probably the reasons why the New Orleans Saints playing the way they are, maybe afriad to hit are tackling opponents because of fines or suspension. Every once you are accused of hurting other players with a hit, you are under radar everybody got they eyes on you any hit that the New Orleans Saints make that might hurt a player but if the refs don’t throw a flag. Then the coaches want to take the film so the NFL and Roger Goodell can look at it. I really believe that the Saints not into playing ball this season because of talk like Denver coach is talking wanting to stir-up some more mess for the Saints. Players already knew they were going to be under radar this will take a lot out of a team something they can’t afford.

  7. @dylansongwriter or the hit on drew Brees that reversed a game clinching int against the chargers. So much difference of opinion on very similar plays

  8. The ONLY QB’s that would be called for is Manning, Brady and Brees. I have seen MANY other hits on QB’s that were WAY worse than that with no flag.

  9. I told my buddy that It looked like Martez Wilson was aiming for Peyton Manning the outside of His Right Thumb,and probally be suspened for the year.I be damn Damn John Fox didnt think the samething,Just Kidding…LOL,John Fox isnt dumb he has a Job until his Paycheck retires.

  10. @fitzmagic1212 says:Oct 29, 2012 9:09 PM

    without the mannings all we would have is packers players in commercials

    Right, as if Subway commercials are not all over the TV’s anymore along with the extra stuff RGIII is promoting.

    As far as a flag or fine, sometimes when a player gets hit his head comes down and the helmet ends up moving toward the head. It’s football.

    2 million Papa John’s pizza’s should be the fine. Send them to the Saints so they can stop their whining.

    Send a few of those to mdd913 also.

  11. Did John Fox also decide to take a closer look at the horsecollar tackle on Darren Sproles? Sure there was no flag, but Fox seems interested in being the safety police…

  12. Just another story to support the fans that see that Manmning and Brady get better treatment on calls. No flag but Denver is looking into it…really.

  13. @jedidev
    That wasn’t an illegal horse collar because he didn’t take him all the way to the ground with it. He slow him down and put him off balance, then the tackled was made. Watch the replay.
    It was a good no call.
    As far as the hit on Manning goes, me, as a Broncos fan thinks that it should not be penalized as well. However that is what I think. The wussy NFL league these players are in now, thinks differently. And if they are going to call it for one, they have to call it for all. It’s pathetic. It’s football… let them play!

  14. There is not need for a flag on this play, and at some point Florio is going to ease off his sickening ball washing of all things Peyton

    BTW – for all those fans who want to toss in Brady into the same mix, the facts don’t match the hype. Brady is in the BOTTOM 10 of QBs who get flags for roughing.

    QB as a group get too much protection now, and I rail against most of the ticky tack calls they get now. The only flags that should be called now is the ones for a late hit… a hit with the TOP of the helmet, and unnecessarily going for the legs.

    IMHO hits with the FRONT (facemask) of the helmet SHOULD be allowed, Its actually the safest position for the defender to be in. The real problem with the helmet is when they use the top of it as a weapon. Then its dangerous to BOTH the players.

    The game would be much safer the day they make hits with the top of the helmet not only a personal foul, but you can’t return for a full quarter of the game.

    I think they should allow

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