Bucs expected to miss Eric Wright, but won’t say why


The Buccaneers are preparing to play without cornerback Eric Wright, but coach Greg Schiano isn’t talking about why.

Of course, after yesterday’s report that he’s facing a suspension for failing an Adderall test, the reason seems clearer.

“Before we get started, with the story that broke yesterday in reference to Eric Wright, per the league guidelines, I really can’t discuss it and neither can Eric,” Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “I’m not trying to be evasive at all, but that’s what comes down from the league and that’s where I’m going to be.

“You saw he was on the bike. He has an Achilles [injury] coming out of the game that is a little bit of a concern. Didn’t know about it after the game, really didn’t know about it until recently. But I think the injury, he’ll be okay, but I can’t predict.”

Sounds like a four-week injury.

Wright would be the second Bucs corner suspended for Adderall, as Aqib Talib is scheduled to return Nov. 5.

Asked if he thought the team had a problem with Adderall use, Schiano only said: “No.”

But the do have a pass defense problem, whether they want to talk about it or not.

8 responses to “Bucs expected to miss Eric Wright, but won’t say why

  1. Buc fans could not understand why Schiano kept 12 DBs after training camp. Seems like a pretty solid idea now. We have two knucklehead CBs who always find trouble.

    Aquib Talib – shooting at people, fighting team mates, punching a cab driver in the back of the head – while he was driving.

    Eric Wright – caught with 136 extasy pills, accused of rape, crashing his car and getting a DUI this offseason, held out of training camp due to mystery illness.

    Now each have drug suspensions to add to their rap sheets. Idiots…

  2. Typical Darin… Had to take his shot at the end. I’ll bet someone’s a little mad his Panthers lost this weekend, so now it’s time to take some shots at division rivals. I don’t normally post about writers, but his “objectivity” doesn’t exist.

  3. Dear Meand,

    This may not be the worst thing that could happen. The Bucs have been coming together, but the pass defense has been the open sore. They have to fix it to have a chance against Atlanta. Maybe new blood, after Leonard Johnson’s performance, will be just the thing.

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