Chiefs quarterback job still belongs to Brady Quinn if he’s healthy

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Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel might not know what’s going on with his team’s running game, but he knows that Brady Quinn remains the team’s starting quarterback.

That was Crennel’s message after Quinn left Sunday’s loss to the Raiders with a head injury. Crennel said that Quinn, who was 2-of-4 for one yard and an interception before getting hurt, will remain in the starting lineup as long as he is healthy enough to play.

Seeing as how the Chiefs play Thursday night in San Diego, that could be a pretty big hurdle for Quinn to clear. If Quinn is diagnosed with a concussion, he’ll have to pass the tests required by the league’s protocols and that might not happen in enough time for Quinn to start against San Diego. Complicating matters is the fact that Matt Cassel took some big hits after replacing Quinn in the lineup.

“First of all, we have to see about Brady and what his situation is and whether he can go or not,’’ Crennel said, via the Kansas City Star. “Then we’ll evaluate Matt and his situation and also we’ll evaluate [Ricky] Stanzi. I’m not ruling out anybody. I have to look at everybody. I know time is a constraint that I have to work under, but the first thing that has to be done is to see where Brady is. If he’s not available, then I need to see about the other two and then make a decision.”

Good picks are in short supply for Crennel when it comes to this decision.

15 responses to “Chiefs quarterback job still belongs to Brady Quinn if he’s healthy

  1. The chiefs should sign Vince young dude is better then what they got. Reunit him with jamaal Charles. at this point they should trade for tebow even

  2. We know Cassel and Quinn are both terrible. Just let Stanzi captain the ship until the end of the season and see if he’s worth keeping around.

  3. “Quinn, who was 2-of-4 for one yard and an interception before getting hurt, will remain in the starting lineup as long as he is healthy enough to play.”

    Absolutely agreed with the coach.

    I mean, Quinn had a 50% completion rate, for 0.25 yards per attempt, and a 25% interception rate.

    It’s not like he was sufficiently horrible in that small sample to feel comfortable concluding he’s not the answer, I mean – Whoa, wait, what?

    In just 4 throws, he turned over the ball after gaining just 1 yard?
    Wow, just wow.

  4. If Quinn starts for K.C. then Thursday night’s game should be a matchup for the ages.

    The incompetent brown-nosing HC of the Chargers (who ruined a good QB) vs. the clueless QB with six-pack abs for the Chiefs.

    I guess someone’s gotta win but the suspense will be leaving me on the edge of my seat.

  5. Good. Any team with Brady Quinn at QB is a lock to bet against and play fantasy players against. Watched the game yesterday on one TV with the Giants Cowboys on the other.

    When a team fires a coach and the interim finishes strong, they should show him the door, too. Never works out. Lloyd Carr only exception.

  6. The Chiefs are a mess after many “experts” picked them to win their division. This team has shown no signs of turning their season around. Crennel is a nice guy and decent DC but HC is beyond his abilities. If Quinn has been deemed the starter then the decision has been made concerning Matt Cassel. If Quinn can’t go then start Stanzi. The kid is a gamer who apparently doesn’t practice well. They could do worse. Most fans can see that Quinn is not the answer and Stanzi may surprise some people. Either way, the Chiefs will know if they need either one or two QBs next off season.

  7. I’m glad to see he got the coach’s vote of confidence. But I thought his injury was a result of one of his own passes hitting him in the head.

  8. Crennel reminds me of Wade Phillips…great DC but horrible HC.
    Why I am still fan of this team after over 20 years, I will never know. smh.

  9. Ok, I just dropped the mic there. Really, really, Romeo. No wonder the good people of Cleveland couldnt wait to get rid of you lol.

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