Eagles cut Jason Babin’s playing time


The playing time of quarterback Michael Vick in the future was a story directly after the end of the Eagles’ loss to the Falcons on Sunday.

That obscured playing time issues that were playing out in the present. The Eagles kept defensive end Jason Babin on the bench a lot more than usual in the 31-17 loss, choosing to go with Brandon Graham and Cullen Jenkins instead of the guy who had nine sacks through seven games last season. He has just 2.5 this year, but said after the game that any thoughts he’d be motivated by increased time on the sideline were off base.

“To me, I have intrinsic motivation,” Babin said, via Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News. “External environmental activity is not going to affect my drive, my desire, my effort, how I go about my business. It’s not going to make me play harder. I’m giving you everything I’ve got already.”

The Eagles had two sacks on Sunday, but they were shredded on third down as the Falcons marched to a 7-0 record. The disappearance of the pass rush is one of many problems plaguing the Eagles right now, something Babin called a matter of poor execution that is “correctable.” It’s high time the Eagles made the corrections because it’s getting close to being too late for any repairs to matter in 2012.

7 responses to “Eagles cut Jason Babin’s playing time

  1. Cuz the dude and his Tats are sooo lame. I cannot believe this guy puts his ear to the ground to try and get off the snap faster. Looks like an idiot and plays like a high schooler.

  2. If you are a Texans fan, you know how much of a unlikeable d-bag this guy is. Never bought the hype with this guy. One trick pony that gets blown up in the run game, and this year he’s not even doing his one trick well. Dismal career until he got with Jim Washburn who lets him line up and that dumbass “wide 9” position, even on running formations, that pretty much gives you a running start to the quarterback. If he can’t line up in the “wide 9” he knows he can’t have success, which is the main reason he had to follow Washburn from the Titans to the Eagles. Those 2 double digit sack years were an anomaly. No other elite pass rusher I watch has to line up damn near 3 yards outside the tackle to have success.

  3. There is far too much emphasis on using sacks as the sole stat for determining a pass rusher’s effectiveness. Pressures (hits and hurries) are equally as important, as they force a QB to make bad decisions. He’s in the top 10 for overall pressures on opposing QB’s, higher than Trent Cole.

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