Garrett says Witten playing week one more impressive than record


All Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten did Sunday against the New York Giants was set an NFL record for most catches in a game by a tight end in league history.

Yet to Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett, it wasn’t even the most impressive thing Witten’s done this year. Witten hauled in a league record 18 passes from his tight end position and set a Cowboys franchise record for catches from any position in a game during Sunday’s 29-24 loss to the Giants. But to Garrett, the simple fact Witten was able to play in the season opener against the Giants despite suffering a lacerated spleen in the preseason is much more impressive.

“Don’t talk about 18-catch games. Don’t talk about the records he’s going to break as a receiving tight end and all that. Talk about that Giant game [on Sept. 5], because it was really one of the more remarkable performances I’ve ever seen as a player or coach in this league,” Garrett said, via Jimmy Burch of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “A guy who was so determined to play, that he was going to play without practicing for the last month with a slightly lacerated spleen. So that’s where it starts.”

For the year, Witten has caught 51 passes for 487 yards and a touchdown. He’s currently on pace for 112 catches on the year, which would be the first 100-plus catch season of his already impressive 10-year career.

20 responses to “Garrett says Witten playing week one more impressive than record

  1. That’s one player I can say I enjoy watching each and every game. Pretty rare lately to say that about a offense player for my Cowboys.

  2. i’m a huge dallas cowboy hater, but i have nothing but respect and admiration for the way jason witten plays the game on the field and conducts himself off of it. a real professional. can’t help but root for the guy.

  3. thekiller678 says:Oct 29, 2012 11:39 PM

    How can you not love Witten. Just plays every game like it’s his last and is the definition of consistency.


    That and other than Vernon Davis he is the only “elite” tight end who can actually block.

  4. I’m a Big Blue fan and for Witten to pull down 18 just shows how damn slow our LBs are !!I can get 3 much faster guys at any SEC school. Pathetic.Someone dial up LT, Carson and Banks, they’re Faster right NOW. !

  5. Witten set a catch record for a TE???

    Romo played so poorly I thought he set his own record instead Witten. Romo’s record: most interceptions without a QB Rating of 42.1!!!

  6. Best TE in Cowboys history….who can forget the play against the eagles where he is running after the hit without a helmet….

  7. When your QB throws 4 INT’s, your offense is on the field a lot… These guys can have the fantasy stats and records.

    They are losers

  8. As a Giants fan I have nothing but respect for Witten. He and Ware are the only two guys on that team that go out every week and just get it done not matter what the circumstances.

  9. Witten, Ware, are Parcells picks, Romo is Sean Payton. Once these guys leave the Cowboys are in real trouble.

  10. rgthrizzle says: Oct 30, 2012 6:11 AM

    I like Witten but he had no production on week 1. Anybody can play hurt and not be productive. Last weeks performance was obviously better

    dude, are you a complete numbskull?, this guy had a lacerated spleen? no production? this man showed the rest of his entitled lazy team how you go play and do what you can for your team, he was out there blocking and running routes and doing the best he could, this guy drips winner, obviously you live in fantasy football land but i like my football real and i think he showed up in week 1 with something more valuable than production, he played with heart! so mr rizzle or whatever your name is go back to fantasy stat sheet or comic book and leave the real football to guys like Witten!

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