Giants defense has some injuries to deal with


The Giants escaped Dallas with a win by a fingertip, but they didn’t get out unscathed.

Two starting defenders were forced out of the game in the second half with injuries that could affect their status for the Week Nine date with the Steelers. Middle linebacker Chase Blackburn left in the third quarter with a hamstring injury and did not return to the contest.

Safety Antrel Rolle was hurt in the fourth quarter when he landed on his head after trying to break up a pass to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant on the sideline. Rolle was evaluated for a concussion by the Giants medical staff, according to the Newark Star-Ledger, but the Giants’ swift departure from Dallas meant that the results of that evaluation were unknown.

While Rolle’s injury is obviously a bad thing, the Giants actually would have been likelier to lose the game if he made contact with Bryant. Rolle launched himself toward the receiver and came very close to making contact directly with Bryant’s head while the Cowboy was defenseless. A penalty would have given the Cowboys a first down at the Giants’ 30 after the two-minute warning on a drive that wound up ending with Tony Romo’s fourth interception of the game.

Because of the storm bearing down on New Jersey, we’ll probably have to wait a while for any updates about the condition of either player.

7 responses to “Giants defense has some injuries to deal with

  1. Rolle actually pulled up on the play to avoid laying Dez into the middle of next week. By doing so, HE was the one who got concussed. Gotta love Rog’s defenseless receiver rules dontcha?

  2. Love the way Blackburn plays but I am much more concerned about Rolle. The secondary is bad enough I don’t want to imagine a game without him, even though Stevie brown has a ridiculous amount of picks

  3. with the new quick pass patient offense, Big Ben is gonna chew that defense apart, injuries or no injuries.

  4. hines86for6 says: Oct 29, 2012 2:23 PM

    with the new quick pass patient offense, Big Ben is gonna chew that defense apart, injuries or no injuries.

    Not with that offensive line, he won’t.

  5. Rolle should be fine, but Blackburn’s hammy may keep him out until after the bye, from what I’ve been hearing. Rivers (AGAIN, YAWN) went out late, and Jacquian is not ready. The LB corps bothers me, because you better believe the Steelers will add wrinkles for Heath Miller after seeing the total ineptitude in dealing with that STIFF named Jason Witten. When guys like Boley and Coe can’t even run with him, much less gain position to make a play on the football, you know you are in trouble when it comes to coverage on TEs down the field.

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