Joe Philbin: Tannehill feels “optimistic”


Early reports on the health of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn’t make it sound like the knee and quad contusion he suffered against the Jets was anything too serious and nothing coach Joe Philbin said Monday sent a different message.

It didn’t send one that it was all systems go with Tannehill for Sunday’s date with the Colts, either. Philbin stuck to his policy of not discussing injury information until the release of Wednesday’s injury report, which means we’ll have to wait to hear about any results from Tannehill’s MRI. Philbin said it was too early to predict what would happen in terms of snaps in practice or Sunday’s game, but did say that Tannehill was in good spirits after the game.

“Yeah, he was optimistic on the plane. You would hope your players are,” Philbin said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I don’t know much, but it was a good conversation on the plane.”

Philbin said he never thought about putting Tannehill back into the game on Sunday and had plenty of praise for the work turned in by Matt Moore in a relief performance. The offense functioned well enough that the Dolphins would feel comfortable heading into a game with Moore under center, something that could weigh into the decision if Tannehill’s injury shows any sign of limiting him in the short term.

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  1. peytonsneck18 says:Oct 29, 2012 2:42 PM

    I hope T-Hill does play, gives my Colts a better chance of a win!!

    You obviously haven’t watched Tannehill play, or perhaps you just looked at the season statistics and judged based on that. Prior to this week when he left in the game’s first 5 minutes, it was three straight weeks of increasing comp. % and QB rating. Beyond that, Tannehill is running a no huddle attack, playing with poise, and exhibiting an absolute gun of an arm. Underestimate him at your own peril.

    If he can’t go, Matt Moore is as good a backup as you’ll find. In any case, Miami is coming up there to kick you “your Colts'” respective asses. I think you hear us knocking, and I think we’re coming in.

  2. peytonsneck18 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 2:42 PM
    I hope T-Hill does play, gives my Colts a better chance of a win


    Wow did you think of that all by your self? How do you figure your run defense is a shambles and the fins have a pretty good running game to throw at you. In addition I don’t think there is a drop of with either Phins QB under center both are about equal T-Hill got the nod so he could get his growing pains out of the way weren’t we all surprised when that happened after week 4. The fact is this will be a really good game and I expect it to be very close with the phins coming out on top because of their defense.

  3. Haha Peytonsneck, you still must be injured..Already talking after we beat down the jets, like 72 siad, how cute!
    Tannehill or Moore will do just fine. Did you happen to catch our Defense? Dream on Pony.

  4. Colts fans have more reason to talk smack than your pathetic franchise. We actually WON a Super Bowl in the last 30 years. Dolphins are so terrible they can’t keep an owner or keep fans in the seats. Colts set a record for most wins in a decade.

  5. Our Rushing Defense isn’t the best but far from terrible. We have held Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson and Chris Johnson all under 100 yds. All 4 RBs are better than Reggie Bush with a bum leg or any backup RB you have.

  6. The “new” Colts have proven nothing- if you want to add classlessness to that list, go right ahead.

    Last I checked the Dolphins owned the Colts when they were in the AFC East.

  7. Wow never realized how obnoxious colts fans are.. I guess how quickly they forget how we owned their behinds when they were in our division

  8. toneystoney,

    weak argument based on incorrect statements.

    The Colts did not set a record for most wins in a decade but the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS did.

  9. tonystoney says:Oct 29, 2012 3:43 PM

    Colts fans have more reason to talk smack than your pathetic franchise. We actually WON a Super Bowl in the last 30 years. Dolphins are so terrible they can’t keep an owner or keep fans in the seats. Colts set a record for most wins in a decade.

    It’s not about the team’s success (or lack of) that’s so amusing. It’s the Indiana fan trying to talk a big game that’s so funny. You can’t do it. You tried in the NBA Playoffs last June, and it was such a weak attempt.

    We deal with Jets/Knicks/Patriots/Celtics fans on a daily basis down here. Doesn’t matter how good or bad they are, THOSE FANS know how to bring the smack talk. You guys just have too much “Aw Shucks” in you to be taken seriously, no matter how good the Colts have been and no matter how good they probably will be.

    Just be happy that you had Manning for 13 years, and will have Luck for the next 13; and leave the trash talking to the big boys.

  10. Yep just looked it up .. The “pathetic” Dolphins are 46-24 all time vs the colts lmao … Boooom Owned!!!!!

  11. Hai Colts fans,

    I remember the last time some team did a bunch of trash talking about the ‘Phins. It seems like it was just yesterday.

    Oh, wait: It was. And we killed them, 30-9.

    See you Sunday!

  12. It’s a shame they feel the need to field their young QB before he quite ready, Matt Moore is a better NFL quarterback right now and gives them the best chance to win.

    They could easily have been 6-1 with Matt Moore running the ship.

  13. As a Fins fan the W’s are so refreshing but I will continue to be HUMBLE like the team itself. Reggie Bush and Pouncey reacted well to the bad blood from the Jets and at this point will not let the Colts of all teams get us into a shouting match. We are focused on the playoffs and getting better each and every week. FINSup!!!!!!!! remember fellow fins fans….”don’t argue with fools, people from a distance can’t tell who is who” THILL get well soon!!!

  14. Excuse me we “only” set the record for most Regular Season wins in a decade. That’s great that you “owned” us in the AFC East but what did that get you guys? Oh yeah ZERO Championships! You should be lucky that we relocated divisions because Peyton Manning would have embarrassed your team, seeing that he was undefeated against Miami after leaving the division. As for 1972 I’m not “trying to talk trash”, if I was you would know it. I would have your orange turquoise wearing ace crying to world press to block me. So go back to your yacht you privileged rich chump and don’t mess with NapTown.

  15. Er. tonystoney, if that is your real terrible name. We have 2 Championships including the only perfect season in NFL history. And we crushed Peyton Manning when he was in the AFC East forcing him to relocate to the terrible AFC South with such amazing competition as the expansion Jags and Texans.

    When Luck gets absolutely mauled this weekend and Cameron Wake is doing the power stomp on his facemask, remember all these posts you made and hang your head in shame, son.

    Miami 24, Indianapolis 14

  16. Nap Town? You end your smack talk rant by calling yourself Nap Town? Even your little nickname is cute. I’m imagining Andrew Luck and TY Hilton in those Anne Geddes baby photographs dressed like Ladybugs or little chickens or something.

  17. Yes you have 2 championships but none in the last 30 years which if you read the arguments above was my point I was getting across. Everyone talking about how the “Fins” ( which is a lame name ) has always crushed Peyton. 1st Peyton is 5-7 alltime that’s not getting crushed 2nd how you did against the colts is irrelevant because it didn’t get you anywhere. Your team including your beloved Dan Marino still got ZERO Championships! And while you guys are bashing Peyton I seem to remember the team and city on their knees begging for Peyton to choose to play for the “Fins”. Lol what a joke. As for NapTown that is the nickname of Indianapolis. 1972 you are terrible at smack talk just give up and go back to your yacht you rich chump. Your fans are pathetic your team is pathetic which is why you can’t keep an owner or sellout a game unless you use gimmicks to get people to show up.

  18. And to threaten me with Cameron Wake is laughable and sad at the same time. Luck has already survived much better pass rushers and defenses than Wake and the “Fins” lol that still gets me how you guys think that’s a great nickname alternative to your sissy Dolphins, FEAR THE DOLHPIN lol what a joke. Luck has already faced Jared Allen and Clay Matthews far superior pass rushers than Wake. Just put on your manly orange and turquoise jerseys and go back to your yacht and watch your team lose so your fan base can once again abandon your team.

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