Larry Fitzgerald evaluated for concussion, doesn’t miss a play


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald took a hit and went face-first into the turf in Arizona on Monday night, and although he got up looking woozy, he didn’t miss a play.

After diving for a third-down pass and taking a shot on his way to the ground, Fitzgerald took some time to compose himself, picked some grass out of his facemask and then walked off the field.

On the sideline he was shown being attended to by the team’s medical staff, and ESPN reported during the broadcast that he was evaluated for a concussion, that he was sniffing ammonia and that his balance was being checked.

But it was a quick evaluation: Fitzgerald was back on the field for the Cardinals’ next offensive possession and didn’t miss a single offensive play.

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  1. Too bad he is wasting his career in AZ. Would be a perfect Patriot, but Pat’s would never pay him.

  2. Sniffing ammonia? Is he being bled by leeches too? Ammonia capsules can interfere with a proper neurological examination. If they’re actually using them on the sidelines, the team doctor has a lot of explaining to do. Ammonia capsules are what they USED to use, before they knew better. The league should be looking into this, and taking action against the team with big fines if they’re using any substance to cover up concussions. I mean million dollar fines.

  3. What difference does it make if he had a concussion? It’s already happened, the damage is done. Get in there and play!

  4. If he needs smelling salts, he’s concussed. These team “doctors” need to be independent of the team because it seems like if he’s not on the field… the doctor will get fired.

  5. “took a shot on his way down?”

    Not in the head! Yeah his head slid into the ground, but it wasnt a big impact or anything. He’s fine.

  6. Look at that- Fitz may have been concussed a second time- Maybe it will take a huge star like Fitzgerald suing the league before the NFL decides to take head injuries seriously enough to make independant league doctors making the call on concussions.

  7. The NFL’s crackdown on concussions in a BIG JOKE. It is no more than a prepared statement from the public relations department to make the gullable fans and nieve casual fans happy.
    Let’s be serious, if a guy can barely walk or is slow to walk off the field and has to smell ammonia snacks then that is probably the first real sign a guy has a concussion. If the NFL was serious about this publicity stunt of a concussion policy then any player regardless of position or star status would be throughly checked out by someone not affiliated with the NFL before that player starts smelling ammonia or atleast before the player goes back in the game. Let’s be honest, is smelling ammonia really a medicial procedure in this day in time?

  8. What a waste of a career, playing for that pathetic team. Hope he can play on a real tea, before he hangs up the cleats.

    In other news, Ted Ginn continues to show the coward he is, jumping out of bounds at the first hint of contact. The he skips along like a schoolgirl as if he actually has accomplished something. He wouldn’t be tolerated on a team that actually needed a returner/receiver.

  9. The history of football was written by men who played through unimaginable pain and were looked at as gladiators & all for chump change compared to what players make now. Can you imagine Fitz’s “issue” even being an issue in a game 20 years ago?!?! Now a defensive players grazes a QB’s helmet with his pinkie and it’s 15 yards. It’s a shame that the things a player like Deacon Jones use to do to an opponent will get you fined and then eventually suspended. Football’s best years are getting further and further in the rear view mirror.

    I’m only 38 and football is drastically different than when I was 18, twenty years ago. When a Hall of Famer like Rod Woodson says that he couldn’t play in today’s NFL, the powers that be should listen.

  10. Clearly concussed. He shouldn’t have been allowed to play for the rest of the game.

    He is a great guy. Known and loved in Hawaii for the way he’s supported the Hawaiian young boy that suffered brain damage playing football.

    Fitzgerald gave unstintingly of his time in helping to raise money for the medical bills and also visited the boy several times when he was being treated in an Arizona hospital.

    He is a very good man.

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