League office shuts down again on Tuesday

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As Hurricane sandy inches closer to land, the league office in Manhattan will be closed for a second straight day.  The NFL’s headquarters will remain closed from Monday into Tuesday.

That development has prompted, as expected, a delay of the trade deadline, from Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET until Thursday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Business is still being transacted remotely, but a potential loss of power to New York City could put the league at a standstill, from the standpoint of any moves that need to be approved by 345 Park Avenue.

As the reality of this historic weather event sinks in, here’s hoping that everyone uses common sense and stays safe.

7 responses to “League office shuts down again on Tuesday

  1. I hope that everyone uses common sense and doesn’t go out playing in the hurricane.

    I also think that it’s fairly obvious that New York should not be rebuilt after this storm. It’s too costly and if people want to choose to live so close to the coast then that is their problem right?
    snicker:: Just kidding, I just find it funny how many people from the east coast were so quick to blame New Orleans because it got hit by a hurricane. It’s not so easy to say those things when it’s you in that position is it?

    ALSO let’s see how many people truly evacuate after that is the blanket excuse that is used when the gulf coast is hit by a storm “well they told you to get out”.

    Again, not so easy when it’s you is it?

  2. Just saw a video from Atlantic city of some idiot who brought his whole family out in it to take a look. While the news guy could barely stand up.
    Good thinking….

  3. Great. Now when the Giants win the Super Bowl are we going to have to hear how they were inspired by Sandy survivors for the next 6 years like we’ve had to do with NO?

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