LeGarrette Blount’s name emerges in trade talks


Add the name of Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount to the list of players who could be traded before Tuesday’s deadline.

Blount has been named by some league executives as a player who could be moved before 4 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS.

Bucs coach Greg Schiano hasn’t seemed particularly enamored with Blount this season, using him solely as a backup to starter Doug Martin. The eight carries Blount got in Thursday’s blowout win over the Vikings represented the most he’s had all season, but Blount had just 16 yards on those eight carries.

The Bucs would surely listen to any offers, but it’s hard to see why any other team would be willing to give up anything of value to acquire Blount in a trade.

19 responses to “LeGarrette Blount’s name emerges in trade talks

  1. He’d have to go for a seventh round pick. Or maybe nothing at all and they just release him? The Cards would be a good team to go to. He’ll see plenty of carries there and we could for sure use him.

  2. Blount is a good RB. When Tampa realizes that 29 carries a game isn’t going to keep Martin on the field for long, they’ll wish they had used Blount more often. Teach the guy to pick up blitzes and he’d be really good.

    Packers would be a good spot. They need a boost.

  3. He would make a great fit in Indianapolis. However I wound not give more than maybe a 5th round pick for him or a 4th at most. If the Colts can get him cheep go for it.

  4. Against the Saints, the guy got three carries from the one-yard line to try to punch it in for a TD. The Bucs came away without points, because he got stuffed. Blount is a big, strong guy who’s pretty agile for his size, but he has absolutely zero vision or patience. When he gets the ball, he’s going in a certain spot. If there’s a hole there, he’s getting yards, but, if there’s not a hole? He’s still going there.

    Nobody as big and strong as him should fall down so easily. I mean, he’s has some great plays, but those are really few and far between. Add to that the fact that he can’t catch the ball well and is just a massive liability as a blocker, and people are really going to trade for the guy?

  5. If we are gonna trade him, make sure we get a CB in return. I like Blount, but watching him run into the ass end of our O-Line and getting no yards is frustrating to watch. I notice they are playing him for a few plays without playaction, and lined him up as wideout against the Vikings. Problem is, everyone knows his hands aren’t good enough, and he’s out there as a decoy only.

    I say, get a CB for him – one that preferably has a year or 2 on the contract, or one that will be cheaper to re-sign if need be, and add Smith to the active roster, and go with Martin, Ware and Smith.

    Or maybe we can get a starting quality DE or DT.

    A Guy can dream can’t he?

  6. I just don’t get all this RB-trade talk…who would give up more than a 6th-rounder for this guy?

  7. A very promising young player. The Glazers nearly destroyed him by making him a centerpiece for their franchise over their veterans right away. He needs to learn to be humble and not have everything given to him. Time for him to get back to work with new leadership!

  8. Blount might be the dumbest player in the NFL. After Raheem Morris got fired, I think everyone has caught on to the fact that the guy isn’t very bright and will never be a good back in the NFL.

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