Mario Williams expects to play this week

Bills defensive end Mario Williams had wrist surgery last week and spoke to reporters about the operation and the outlook for the coming weeks on Monday.

Williams said that his wrist is already feeling better and, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, that he expects to be in the lineup when the Bills face the Texans on Sunday unless his incision reopens. Per Graham, that’s unlikely so it would seem to be a good bet that Williams will be on the field for the date with his former employers.

The news of Williams’ planned return to the lineup comes on the heels of a report this weekend from Chris Mortensen of ESPN that claims Williams was a no-show at practice last week before texting a trainer and defensive line coach Giff Smith that he was getting a second opinion on his wrist and, subsequently, surgery on the wrist.

Williams will continue to wear a cast on his wrist when he gets back on the field and said that the surgical procedure has given him increased peace of mind about his health after struggling with the wrist for a longer period of time than expected. The Bills don’t have much margin for error left if they want to play meaningful games in the second half of the season, so they’ll likely make their peace Williams’ procedural failures if it leads to better play.

7 responses to “Mario Williams expects to play this week

  1. This team is nothing. I don’t see any development or progress in ability or skill on the defensive side of the ball. I know it is the NFL and to make it says something but there is also something to be said about staying in the NFL. There is no coaching being done. Just play calling.

  2. I wouldnt say there isnt much room for error. We are down in the divison by 1.5 games, and we still have 6 of 8 division games left. There is plenty of room for error in the AFC East. The division is brutal this year.

  3. At least the Bills didn’t get spanked yesterday.
    Oh. Wait. Bye week…
    Good luck in Houston Mario.

    Still I wear my Jim Kelly jersey in front of my Dolfan friends here in Miami.. Lets go Buff A Lo.

  4. Everyone in Buffalo would just love for Mario to have a break-out game this week. The odds of this aren’t real great, but I guess ya never know.

    I’m bothered by Mario informing the team of his intentions for surgery by way of text message. Is the communication at One Bills Dr. so poor that the players feel they can’t have honest conversations with the staff? Or is Mario just that self centered? I’ve had employees take off by way of text message and it always irks me. If you need the time, talk to me like a man. I can be very understanding. I think most bosses would agree.

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