Matt Ryan’s family concealed their Falcons colors in Philly

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan grew up in Exton, Pennsylvania.  That’s not far from Philadelphia, and so he had plenty of family members in the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

Knowing how Philadelphia fans can be, they were discreet.

Per CBS Philly, Ryan’s family members concealed their Falcons colors and Ryan jerseys on Sunday.

It’s a smart move, and it’s not specific to Philadelphia.  In many NFL cities, fans of the home team don’t take kindly to fans of the road team.

Even when the road team is led by a hometown boy made very good.

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  1. Philly fans suck. Period. My uncle is a Bills fan and they’ve traveled to an away game at pretty much every stadium (Did SF this year). My Aunt basically obliges this activity for him. Not her thing.

    A Philly fan spat on her at a game. Seriously?

    I travel to a lot of games, but won’t be going to Philly. Shame when you have to hide your colors in what’s supposed to be a game so you don’t get assaulted. Your team should show half of much of whatever it is that causes y’all to act this way and maybe they wouldn’t always be making excuses on Monday.

  2. Philly fans, especially Eagles fans, are notoriously aggressive and sometimes violent towards visiting teams fans to the point that security actually has to escort the visiting fans out for fear of their saftey. There’s a reason there’s a courthouse right there on the property.

  3. It’s mainly because the people in Philly do not have much going for them in life other than being hostile to others.

  4. Can’t say that I blame them… Pretty angry Philly fans over there these days plus they really don’t have the best track record for being civil. They booed Santa Clause for gods sake…

  5. Put some more undercover police in the stands dressed as the rival team colors and Arrest the drunks who make 99% of the stadiums attendance look awful.. It’s the minority that’s the problem not the majority

  6. That’s shameful. The NFL needs to move the Eagles to a town where the fans are somewhat respectful.

    No one should have to fear for their safety because of the outcome of a freaking game.

  7. I’ve never understood the thinking of tne fan that hurls insults, curse words and threats. I mean I LOVE football and my 9ers, but it just is not worth fighting about. That is why when I go to sports bars to watch games I usually end up striking conversations with fans of other teams. The one thing we all have in common is our love of the game….just the color scheme is different.

  8. I have gone to an Eagles/ 76ers game wearing opposing colors, unless you are one of those a-holes who is looking for a fight/ attention no one cares!

    You will get a few verbal shots (especially if the home team is winning), but that is about it.

    …But hey, I get it – someone threw a snowball at a drunken Santa 50 years ago.

  9. How ridiculous. How hard is it to crack down on fans that can’t behave like humans? Start throwing people in jail for assault. Call it a hate crime, even.

    Stay classy Philadelphia. You suck.

  10. Hey Philly fans are classy. The same city that a Phillies fan threw up on purpose on a little girl. At the old Vet an Eagles fan thought it would be funny to leave a cup of vomit under my friend’s seat. He was horrified when she chased him down and return the full cup to him. Philly has very classy fans that makes watching games a joy

  11. They were wise to do that and agree with what everyone is saying here. I went to a Hockey game in Philly 2 years ago. I didn’t wear my team color. I use to live there for 3 years and told my wife not to. Well we were sitting right next to a few other fans of ours and you know what I never have feared for my safety ever watching a sporting event ever till then. They ended up having security stand next to our group the whole game. At one point a 250 pound guy was running up the stairs towards us and I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He ended up putting his fist in the face of a 20 something young woman, She couldn’t have been more than 110 pounds. She had made the mistake of cheering for the visitors. I told my wife after when I seen him running up I was ready to get in a fight, because he looked like he was going to start something. His fist came within inches of the woman’s face. I knew they were bad before when I lived there but it has gotten worse. Worst things is, I know , that some of the fans like the reputation. Which is really the sad part. I hope that city never wins another major title in any sport. They don’t deserve it.

  12. Philly fans nearly beat the Redskins mascot to death one year. I’ve been to the Vet and watched as Philly fans threatened to beat a man if he stood up and cheered for the Cowboys one more time, in front of his family. Stay classy Philly.

  13. As a Bills season ticket holder, I can’t speak for Philly, but I’m a firm believer that anybody who gets into a fight at an NFL stadium is looking for a fight. Nobody just gets randomly jumped for cheering for their team, even if its the away team. Its the drunken hyenas that get in the face of the home fans, showboat and pretty much asked to be clocked in the grill.

  14. Listen to how pathetic you all sound. Every city has bad eggs. Shall we talk about the stabbing at in SF this year? Or Brian Stow? THE SHOOTING in Arizona during the raiders game? People get way too drunk at these events. And it’s encouraged. If you got the balls to call an entire city classes an disguising, than that makes you both classes and disguising. The vomit incident was a New Jersey man. I was berated at a FedEx field bathroom and almost jumped for wearing visiting colors. Give me a break.

  15. and this one time at a game in Philly, there were actual impalings and crucifixions in the stands, and the 3rd Reich had a luxury suite at the stadium, and there were razor-blades in the apples from concession stands, and Walter White was cooking meth in the bathrooms where Mike Vick was fighting dogs in the stalls…

    but seriously, probably a good call on Ryan’s family not to wear ATL colors there…

  16. “… small groups of onlookers went on the rampage early Monday morning, lighting a bus on fire, throwing bottles and injuring several people … Police scanners described a group of as many as 100 rioters setting fires, smashing windows, throwing bottles at police and damaging cars. By 2:30 a.m. police were reporting that the rioters had scattered, and city crews were cleaning up the burned material and broken glass from the streets so that they could be reopened in time for the morning rush hour.”

    Sf more sad news. Lets throw bottles at cops. Should we talk about Vancouver losing the cup and what happened? Stabbing at candlestick. Shooting in Arizona. Drunk fans are everywhere. But let’s talking about snowballs and battery’s and new jersians who vomit on girls.

  17. There’s no place worse than Buffalo the wife and i were verbally attacked for 4 hrs while wearing Vince Papale jerseys. then returned to our car in the parking lot to find that many CLASSY bills fans decided to use the exterior (thank god it was locked) as a porta potty because it had Pennsylvania license plates. have been to Giants,Jets,Redskins,Ravens games on many occassions without incident. and have been to 70 or 80 Eagle games and have witnessed nothing but people chiding the opposition as one would expect. do i think isolated problems happen ABSOLUTELY but they happen everywhere.

  18. I’m tired if hearing how bad Eagles fans are. Not too long ago, the Chiefs had to have a special security detail to protect the Eagles fans from physical violence. In another city, an 8 year old boy was assaulted for wearing the opposing team’s jersey. I am a long time Eagles season ticket holder and I would never wear my jersey to an opposing team’s stadium. There are a lot of “opposing team fans” strategically placed in the Linc who are actually undercover Phila PD. 68,000 fans at a home Eagles game. Most of us are respectable, law-abiding citizens. A few knuckleheads ruin our reputation.

  19. Haha, I find this really funny. It’s funny to me, because, while other fans on the west coast are killing and stabbing people at the stadiums, Philadelphia fans still get a bad rep. And why do people continue to bring up the “Santa Clause” story. That was decades ago!!! And it wasn’t even at the Vet. Sure the Vet was a terrible place to be if you were a opposing fan, but the Linc is not that bad, trust me I’ve been to atleast 5 games the past 3 years. Everybody get off their high horse and stop pretending like this doesn’t happen in 85% of stadiums in all of sports.

  20. I have been to Eagles games, Flyers and Phillies game as a visiting fan. Always wore my team colors too. I have never had any problem their. As long as one does not act stupid, try to make a scene or generally try an insult the home team you will never have problems their.

  21. see thats the problem right there…..a opposing team’s fan attends the game but can’t cheer for his team out of fear. pretty sure you ain’t gettin your tail kicked in dallas, green bay or houston if you do that. it shouldn’t get to that point. do you see just how retarded that sounds? a paying customer can’t root for their team because some drunken idiot wants to be macho in front of the home crowd. there is nothing cool about that. it seems to be more prevalent in philly than in most other places. sick of philly fans defending it too…you’re freaking grown-ups, try acting like it.

  22. In my 34 years of fandom, I never cease to be amazed at the ability of people to lie, embelish, and spew hatred.

    Ive had season tickets for the Eagles from 1991 until 2011. I couldnt afford them this year, so I let them go.

    Never once, in 20 years of attending every single game, have I seen a single person get spit on. Never once, in 20 years, have I seen a person get assaulted, or shown violence in any way whatsoever, that was not being an a-hole about it.

    Face it. If youre visiting a stadium, and your team is beating the home team, what kind of reaction do you expect when you get all snotty and get in peoples face?

    In 20 years of games, and tailgaiting for 4+ hours EVERY SINGLE GAME, I have NEVER ONCE seen a visiting fan had anything done other than being chanted a-hole.

    Not once. Ive visited 23 other NFL stadiums. And every single one except Buffalo and Miami were all almost exactly the same. Buffalo and Miami only filled 40% of the stadium though, and their fans were very very accomidating. I enjoyed those 2 stadiums very much.

  23. jbowman374 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 9:44 AM
    Philly fans nearly beat the Redskins mascot to death one year. I’ve been to the Vet and watched as Philly fans threatened to beat a man if he stood up and cheered for the Cowboys one more time, in front of his family. Stay classy Philly.

    And you didnt have the balls to stand up and help the guy? Stay classy jbowman374

  24. Completely ridiculous. This happens everywhere and it’s pathetic. I was at the Eagles vs Bills games last year and wore my eagles jersey. I had people in the parking lot talking noise. I had drunk kids trying to fight me and my wife. On they way inside everyone was screaming dog killer at me (wasn’t even wearing a Vick jersey). Once inside the people sitting around me where screaming and trying to start fights. When I went to go the bathroom a guy told me I better not go to the bathroom with my jersey on, that I’d regret it. And on the way out people stood in front of my car so we couldn’t leave while a police officer watched. I hate the BS stories that this only happens in Philly.

  25. For every philly fan that does that something stupid and acts abhorrent and akin to a drunkard buffoon (there will be a line out the door, wrapping around the Earth), put each offender in the cage with a MMA’er and expose the cowardness of philly fans. You deserve everything you get with the dog killer.

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