Mike Shanahan feels dumb for failed pass to RG3

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During Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, the Redskins ran a trick play on which quarterback Robert Griffin III tossed the ball to receiver Josh Morgan, then ran a pass route and had Morgan throw it back to him. It did not go well.

Griffin didn’t make the catch but did take a hard hit from Steelers safety Ryan Clark, and to add insult to injury Griffin was flagged for offensive pass interference on the play. So why, when the Redskins have been emphasizing the importance of protecting Griffin from taking too many hits, would they run a play where he’s reaching out for a pass and exposing himself to a shot from a defensive back?

Shanahan said today that he doesn’t have a good answer to that question, other than it probably wasn’t very smart.

“After looking at that play, you feel like a complete dumb sh-t because you want him to be wide open,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan noted that he has coached other athletic quarterbacks who caught passes on trick plays, including John Elway and Steve Young. But Shanahan said the play is designed to go to the quarterback only if he’s wide open, not if he’s in traffic.

“I’ve run that play probably 10, 15 times with Elway, probably 20 times or more with Steve Young, and with Robert, what you usually do is against the right defense – which is man coverage – no one usually accounts for the quarterback and he’s by himself out there,” Shanahan said.

But Griffin wasn’t by himself, and exposing him to a hit from Clark wasn’t smart.

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  1. ah why? that was the best play ive ever seen. just get ur entire future and best player killed. no biggie

  2. I know this goes against The Official Narrative, but has anyone considered the idea that maybe it was the running game and John Elway that made Mike Shanahan when he was with the Broncos, not the other way around?

  3. Come on, this is football. RG3 is a competitor and will always want the ball, even if he has to catch a pass. With that kind of weapon, you find a way to get the ball into his hands. 4.3 speed is 4.3 speed, take advantage of it. Don’t quit using your game changer Shany

  4. The Shanny’s just don’t get it. Maybe fire the offensive coordinator? Wait can’t do that nepotism.

  5. It’s easy to sit back and say it was stupid…but if it would have worked you would be calling it an ingenious call that the defense did not see coming…I was watching the game and that play threw the defense off, a better throw would have made that a great call and in result the ‘big hit’ on RG3 would be a trailing Clark. Clark got beat on the play and was blessed by a poorly timed throw.

  6. rg3 almost lived up to his name IRG3 yesterday, too bad the skins are bound to hold down the bottom of the nfc east!!! httr-hell to the redskins, LOL what a joke!!!

  7. Shanahan called the play dumb because it was not executed properly. Given the guy running the play it should not even been called.

  8. That play didn’t fool anyone. RGIII was blanketed by a DB (the one he pushed off), and Clark had coverage over the top.

    It’s not a bad play call, but if there is anyone within 20 yards of the franchise QB, the player should not throw it to him.

  9. @ tdubdizzle

    Um no, ike taylor was step for step with rg3…he needed the offensive PI to create separation and still didn’t have enough position to make that catch…are you sure it was the steelers skins game you were watching?

  10. Should have been flagged. Launched and I believe helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver.

  11. Shannahan comes from the same coaching school as that other imbecile further up north on I 95 Andy Reid or better known as “The Blob”.

  12. Due to the new focus on head injuries, I expect a very short career for Griffin unless Shanahan stops this non-sense.

  13. You are all missing the point. It was not a big deal hit on RG3, he can take it, he didn’t go to the ground or anything. The point of it is that IT WAS A STUPID PLAY TO CALL IN THAT SITUATION!!!!!!
    You do that on 1st or 2nd, if things are going ok, if the field position and tempo of the game is right.

    On third down, for the love of God, you call a play with real good odds of making it work, not a gadget like that. Trying to keep a drive alive when you’re down is not the time to have JOSH MORGAN throw the ball, when you’re QB has a 70% completion rate on the year so far….That’s what’s dumb about it, from a guy who gets paid millions to know what to do! Kills me I swear

  14. gowiththeflodin says: Oct 29, 2012 6:44 PM

    Come on, this is football. RG3 is a competitor and will always want the ball, even if he has to catch a pass. With that kind of weapon, you find a way to get the ball into his hands. 4.3 speed is 4.3 speed, take advantage of it. Don’t quit using your game changer Shany

    ROFL. You can get the ball in his hands simply by just hiking it to him.

  15. Shannahan is smart enough to know that it was stupid to risk his franchise QB,to injury,hopefully he will not put RG at risk again,he is being paid to QB,not WR,you don’t see Brady,or the Mannings or Rogers,Breese going out to catch a pass.sometimes I wonder what Shannahan is thinking.

  16. It was Josh Morgan’s fault for throwing the pass. If Morgan sees that RG3 is not wide open then he should just run the ball. I like the gutsy call from Shanahan. If RG3 is wide open he looks like a genius.

  17. I blame it ALL in those unbelievably ugly uniforms the steelers wore. Absolutely hideous.

    The nfl is all about the money. I know that’s the same as saying “the sun rises in the east” but something like this just reinforces that fact. When these uniforms were worn seriously probably 70 years or so ago the players were forced to work in the off-season to make ends meet, the tickets didn’t cost an arm and a leg, whole families could come to the games, ‘personal seat licenses’ didn’t exist, season tickets were passed from generation because they were affordable.

    The nfl has no respect for those days except to find yet another way to profit from them.

  18. The dumb thing about was it was 3rd and 4, down by 8. Crucial drive and it should have been a bootleg or a quick slant to a TE. Stupid play call. Plus, someone ALWAYS is watching RGIII. Hes not gonna slip into the secondary unnoticed. At least Shanny has the balls to admit he was wrong.

  19. It was stupid, yes, but every other team in the NFL has used, and completed, trick plays against the Skins. Shanny just wanted to try it on someone else. Can’t blame him. If it worked, it would have been the play of the week, and yall wouldn’t shutup about it and how amazing RGIII is. But it didn’t work, and now he’s a “terrible” head coach. Whatever. Next game, please.

  20. Is that why he spent so much time yelling at and berating the official – when a call went against the Steelers of all times? What an idiot. I was hoping the ref would eject *him*.

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