NFL says no issues with clock in Dallas, Tom Coughlin still upset


Following Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, Giants coach Tom Coughlin complained that the clock operator in Dallas gave the Cowboys extra time to run a final play. With a day to reflect on it, Coughlin remains upset. But the NFL says there were no issues with the timing.

Speaking to reporters today, Coughlin said the final 10 seconds of the game, during which the Cowboys ran three offensive plays, were, “The longest 10 seconds I’ve ever been around.”

“Three plays in 10 seconds, two of which went to the end zone, seems a little much to me,” Coughlin said. “We’ll have to see if we can get some response from the league on that.”

But the league office told the Star-Ledger that while they are willing to listen to Coughlin’s concerns and review the timing late in the game, the NFL’s stance is that “there were no issues with the clock.”

Having re-watched the final 10 seconds of the game and timed it by hand myself, I can say that the league office is right: The clock started when it should have and stopped when it should have, and the Cowboys were not given any extra time. Coughlin has no reason to be upset.

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  1. I actually noticed the same thing Tom Coughlin did on the last few plays. It seems like the play that started at 6 seconds left on the clock Romo has snapped the ball and has it for at least 2 seconds before the clock starts to run. Not sure if it was maybe just an odd thing that my eyes were tricking on me, but watching the play live it seemed like the Cowboys got extra time, we replayed it (right after the play) and it seemed to be that way too.

  2. I agree and have no horse in the race, I was watching the game and the one play I noted that the clock didn’t start to move right away. Sure enough I rewound the game and counted almost to 3 ( 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi before the the clock started after the ball was snapped.

  3. I have no ties to either team BUT I watched a replay today and twice Romo was ready to throw before the clock started once at six seconds and then when he threw and they stoped clock real quick at 1 second. He does have a point.

  4. Goodness. As if the Cowboys didn’t give you the win enough, you want the league to look into any funny business?

    Move on. I can only imagine had they lost the uproar from him.

  5. After that kind of collapse, he wants to complain about the clock??? Seems like old people are always angry about the wrong stuff…

  6. I question the adding of four seconds after the review of the Bryant catch. The clock had six seconds remaining after the apparent touchdown catch that was correctly reviewed and determined to be incomplete. They were ready to start the next play and then stopped and added four seconds. Not sure why that was done since the clock stopped immediately on the apparent touchdown.

    I would like to see it again for myself to see if the additional time was the correct thing to do.

  7. Its bad enough when these guys whine in the press after losing, but after winning ?

    C’mon man !

  8. So…Coughlin discussing (on two occasions) a valid complaint after winning a game is ok, but Jim Harbaugh discussing asking the league for clarification of the 5 yard contact rule based on the play of the Seahawks DBs is whining and unacceptable?

    That’s bull doodoo.

  9. No doubt that Coughlin is a great coach, but he does have a bug up one particular orifice. He’d get mad at a leaf for falling off a tree before the official start of fall foliage season. Calm down and get ready for a SB rematch!

  10. Why do we give the cowboys so much thought last 17 years they are 133 wins and 130 loss it took them twelve of them just to get to a .500 record they are an averave football team since 1996 when they actually do something important let us know until then they are nothing but a team 3 games over 500

  11. Coughlin and the Giants complaining about anything, especially the officiating, is pretty damn funny.

    Look out though Jerry…Mara may try and take away some cap or draft picks for your transgressions….

  12. Cowboys have been trying to get their home field advantage back. This doesn’t mean they need to act like the New England Patriots.

  13. Longest 10 seconds I’ve ever been around, too. No issue found with the clock and YOU WON. Please stop complaining…

  14. Count down from the last 16 seconds. I did using a stop watch, being overly pro-cowboys. I still got well over 17 seconds every time. The last snap was a joke!

  15. Two things at play in my opinion here, do home teams sometimes massage clock, and replays yeah it happens from time to time not saying it did/didnt in this case. However, Coughlin doth protest to much. Take the win and move on.

  16. Couglin is right to complain. If the officiating is bad, it should be brought to the league’s attention – win or lose.

  17. im a giants fan and i just cant stand listening to T.C complain about one thing after another this year… yeah that was a hell of a long time needless to say nerve wrecking and took another year off my life for 6-10 seconds. but after seeing one TV replay i knew it wasnt a clock error..chill T.C your teams winning focus on the next game and not some clock error that wasnt an error

  18. It was more like 2 plays in 9 seconds, which is completely reasonable, with the 3rd play extending past 10 seconds (as we all know, if the clock expires in the middle of a play you still finish that play.)

    Coughlin is just trying to deflect from the fact that his team got SIX turnovers yesterday and still barely won by just the tip of Dez Bryant’s fingers.

  19. Article 3, Section 2 of the rulebook states that the game clock shall be started on a scrimmage down when the ball is next snapped. Look it up on As stated by several folks above, it was not during the Cowboys last drive. There was AT LEAST a 2 second delay between the snap and the clock starting. Home cooking. No issue? Did the rule change?

  20. Three plays in 10 seconds and “two of them went to the endzone”? Does he not realize that one of the plays that went to the endzone was snapped with 1 second left? However long that play took was inconsequential to his argument.

  21. I also re-watched the final 10 seconds of the game, timed it by hand myself and found that the game clock expired before the ball hit Miles hand in the next to last play.

    of course, I timed the play with a stopwatch, not a sand clock.

  22. Cough lim is a whiner. Not a peep from him last week about how the refs handed him the game…

  23. As I become more and more of a sage, I realize that the NFL does have a lot in common with the WWE.

  24. Maybe you should ask the league about how you fake injuries on the field to preserve an advantage. Or how you put 12 men on the field to gain an advantage and chew clock. How about that Tom?

  25. League staff operate the clock not the home team’s as far as I know, so the whole “home cooking” conspiracy theory has zero value.

  26. When in Dallas you do everything the Dallas way. This is the reason Dallas won so many close games years ago because what ever they did the ref called it good!! Now that we have instant replay we see why Dallas use to win always. Nothing Pleases me more than to see them get caught like they did yesterday.

  27. Tom Coughlin is always whining about the refs or staff in charge of the game. Yet when his team starts laying down with fake injuries, it’s all gravy.

  28. Since Tom Coughlin is a whiney cry baby, maybe other coaches should start whining more or perhaps teams should start looking for whiney cry babies. After all, it is a ‘copycat’ league and it seems to be working quite nicely for the Giants.

  29. Did Coughlin demand an explanation from the NFL when the Giants got off three plays in a 10-second span TWICE in the last two minutes against the Eagles this season?

    Or when they got off three plays in NINE seconds last week against the Redskins?

    Or when they got off three plays in 10 seconds against the 49ers?

    Or when they got off three plays in 10 seconds on their game-winning drive against the Patriots in the 2011 regular season?

    Or when they got off three plays in NINE seconds against the Bills last year?

    Or when they got off three plays in NINE seconds against the Cardinals last year? Or when …

    Need I go on?

    There is nothing unusual about running three plays in 10 seconds or less. It happens quite often when the offense is trying to conserve time.

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