Pete Carroll says 4-4 Seahawks are “so close” to 8-0


The Seahawks are a .500 team at the midway point of the season, but when coach Pete Carroll looks at the season so far, he sees a team that could be 8-0.

Carroll said on 710 AM in Seattle that Sunday’s loss to the Lions was frustrating in part because it was so close to a win he could taste it. And he has felt that way all four times the Seahawks lost this year.

“It’s so close. We’re so encouraged by where we are and what we’ve done,” Carroll said. “Look at these games. After eight games — we could easily be 8-0. We could be 8-0 right now. And I think — I hate to think of it this way — but if you go ahead and you look at us a year ahead from now, when these guys have been through all of this, then all of these edges that we need — these little edges that you need — if they fall in our favor then we have a great football team.”

It’s true that all four of the Seahawks’ losses were by seven points or less, so you could make the case that if you could just change one play in those games, the Seahawks would have won. On the other hand, three of the Seahawks’ four wins easily could have gone the other way as well: Seattle has wins by one point, two points and four points this season. So if you want to make the case that they’re “so close” to 8-0, you have to accept that you could also make the case that they’re “so close” to 1-7.

Basically, the Seahawks are a team that’s good enough to be in every game, every week, but not good enough to put every game away. Which means they are what their record says they are.

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  1. Laughable, this coming from a guy who won a game that was stolen from the other team on National Television in one of the worst calls in recent memory.

  2. Probably depends on how close the Seahawks came to having Lance Easley’s crew call all eight of their games…

  3. Well Pete,

    If you remember, one of those so called games did fall in your favor…..and if I recall correctly, it had something to do with replacement refs.

  4. “We could easily be 8-0.”

    Well, there was that game that you actually lost, but the scab officials gave to you. Did you forget about that?

    The Panthers could make the same argument. In games 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7, one play in each game could have meant a W instead of an L, so “we could easily be 7-1.” But that’s exactly what separates great teams from good teams, and good teams from bad teams – the ability to win the close ones. If Cam Newton throws one pass 3 feet higher in the air than he does, Seattle is 3-5 after losing to Carolina. Almost doesn’t count in football. Seattle is medicore and Carolina is bad, in both cases because they can’t finish games consistently.

  5. Actually, Pete, you should be 3-5, not 8-0 or even 4-4. However, good luck against the viks this weekend, dbag.

  6. The Jets should hire Pete next year after they fire Ryan.

    Then they will continue to have another achieved nothing loud mouth bragging coach.

    Pete, repeat after me, Sanchez is my starting quarterback. Good no you are qualified to coach the Jets.

    Pete wake up, you are what your record is, nothing more nothing less.

  7. They could be 8-0 if they had won all their games. As it turns out the team with the most points when tme expires, wins. Be realistic, Pete.. The ‘Hawks should be 3-5 if you count that Gimme in week 3.

  8. But you’re not Pete so let it go. Isn’t that what the media is supposed to do is speculate while the coaches say “They are who we thought they were! We let them off the hook!”

  9. Fixed:
    “Look at these games. After eight games – we should be 3-5. We should be 3-5 right now. And I think — I hate to think of it this way — but if you go ahead and you look at us a year ahead from now, when these guys have been through all of this, then all of these edges that we need — these little edges that you need — for example, incompetent referees if they fall in our favor then we have a great football team.”

  10. Just think about it for a second. If a team doesn’t lose, then they win. I mean, it’s pretty brilliant stuff there.

  11. Look, Pete, 4-4 is still 4-4 no matter how you spin it. Bears were 8-8 last year, period…Doesn’t matter that injuries to Cutler and Forte derailed our season…8-8 is still 8-8, too.

  12. You could look it at that way if you’re not too bright but your team is actually closer to being 1-7 than the are 8-0. The have won 3 games by 7 points and they lost 4 by 21.

    The Seahawks are about exactly where they should be (4-4)…indeed a tad lucky they aren’t 3-5.

  13. I would not have thought that there would be such a goofy picture to go along with such a goofy statement, but you PFT guys found one. Congrats.

    BTW, you guys should know that I am “so close” to dating Kate Upton.

  14. And they’re one of the 3 youngest teams in the NFL. It’s headed in the right direction, to say the least.

  15. and you could say similar things about 3/4 of the league. That’s the separation between good and bad teams, and good and great teams. All it takes is a play here or there, can lucky bounce here or there, or a lucky break here or there. Just ask Cowboys fans, who watched their team lose literally by a finger yesterday.

  16. 4-4* Seahawks are so close to 8-0. And also a true blown call from what should be their true record, 3-5.

  17. The Fail Mary, the one point win over the Patriots(nice win) and a four point victory of the juggernaut Panthers.

    Seems to me that the Seahawks are a lot closer to 1-7 than 8-8.

  18. And any logical thinking person should accept the argument that the Seahawks would be 1-7 just as likely as they would be 8-0.

    That goes to show you what the phrase “any given Sunday” really means. And as much as this article feels like a slam on the Seahawks, it doesn’t change the fact that the Seahawks were in every game so far. No team has run away with the game, nor have the Seahawks really run away with any game.

    The Seahawks could be 8-0. They could be 1-7. But they are 4-4, and that’s the reality we all have to live with.

  19. What Pete needs to realize is the only true victory that they won handily was against the Cowboys. If he is stating his beliefs based on their narrow losses couldn’t the teams they barely beat claim the same thing?

  20. I just loved the expression on his face when the lions scored the go-ahead td yesterday. What a guy lol. Anyway lets not forget, you guys got gifted a win.

  21. “And the replacement ref debacle on Monday night…”

    You’re still going to whine about that every time you talk about the Seahawks aren’t you?

    The Ref made the call, the officials reviewed it, the league reviewed it. You have to learn to live with the calls that are made. As a football fan you should know that there are plays EVERY week that could be classified as a debacle. EVERY week the refs play a role in the outcome of games. That’s how it is. Like it or not. The calls have gone against the Seahawks much more than they go in the Seahawks favor.

    After all, it forced the NFL and the Refs to get a deal done. You’re welcome. Now we can all blame the lousy calls on the regular refs.

  22. Pete Carroll is the west coast version of Rex Ryan and just like Jests fans, Chickenhawk fans drink the kool-aid too. Like the post says, the Hawks could just as easily be 1-7 and I find it hilarious that Petey claims they could easily be 8-0 and so easily glosses over the Green Bay game.

  23. Yes Packers fans the monday night game wasn’t close.

    Your right you guys were blowing out the Seahawks then the refs took the game away from you.

    Every other team has lost a game because of a bad call but only Packers fans would cry about for months

  24. Wow all these comments are so stupid, all he did was make the point that they’ve been in EVERY game this year, he didn’t say Seattle should be 8-0, just making an exaggerated point that they’ve been in every game.

    And this replacement ref junk is way too overplayed. Seriously, that wasn’t even close to the worst reffed game by replacement ref’s, I’m sure they affected other games outcomes more than GB game.

    Does anybody remember the phantom 4th Q, 3rd down PI call on Kam Chancellor, on the drive that resulted in the ONLY touchdown the Packers scored the entire game?? Course not! The TD at :00 should not have counted, Seattle didn’t deserve it. But the TD by GB at 9:00 of 4th Q(or whenever it was) shouldn’t have either. So the Seahawks could’ve won that game 7-6 too. One play doesn’t define a game people!

  25. nflfan555 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 4:07 PM
    If peanuts and rice were candy and spice everyday would be Christmas Yea Pete – oh by the way you CHEATED!!!!

    Really? Come on man…yes, the Seahawks were the beneficiaries of a bad call. But in what way is that cheating?

  26. This article is so dumb. Carroll was merely pointing out that Seattle is “a growth spurt away” from being a good team, rather than the average team that they are now. They have had a chance to win every game and if this young team can put it all together- watch out

  27. The Patriots lost 3 games, all by 2 points or less, but they’re not talking about how they should be 8-0.

    A loss is a loss, no matter how big the margin was.

  28. Wow. Just wow. Even when your team suffers a blowout loss you can always count on D-bags like Carroll and Sherman raise your spirits and give you a good laugh. Glad they are with the Seahawks.

  29. What fools you are. He’s right and most coaches would say the same thing in his place. What, you want him to say, “we could be 0 and 8”.

    Yeah, that’s what a football fan want’s their coach to say and believe. I’m sure his players would love that kind of negative thinking.

    And to those who keep calling him a cheat. Grow up and get off the playground it’s getting really tired.

  30. As a Packer Fan; The Dude’s Defense has played good enough to be undefeated….

    That offense thou…. dudes are either putting up mediocre numbers or are handed 1st downs/points by replacement refs.

    Just gotta get a bit more Clicking on that side of the ball and these dudes are big time contenders.

  31. The Seahawks are as close to 8-0 as I am to dating a supermodel. What is it with this team? Shut up and play!

  32. brendank11 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 4:22 PM
    “Does anybody remember the phantom 4th Q, 3rd down PI call on Kam Chancellor, on the drive that resulted in the ONLY touchdown the Packers scored the entire game?? Course not!”
    About as much as I Remember A Seahawks defensive back cheap shotting Greg Jennings way after the whistle… no flag – no flag – no flag – Greg finally (has to) fight back … Flag – Off setting penalties …smh, Erik Walden called for roughing the passer wiping out a clean interception…. an obvious offensive PI call that was instead called a Defensive PI on Shields…. then the two crap calls at the end.

  33. since we’re gonna go with “what ifs” I think they are closer to a 1-7 .. had NE not choke and if Cam newton had he thrown a good pass to that wide open receiver in the end zone in the lat secs they wouldve lost that game too.. Add the GB to it and bang.. 1-7!

  34. Maybe if you would have started Flynn instead of a rookie QB … You would have had a better record.

  35. I enjoy the Packers comments here…of course they forget how dominated they were by the Seahawks – and it was only a few bad calls by the replacement refs that caused the Hawks to need the last second throw to cruch the Packerts hopes.

    I’m sure the Packer fans will gladly play anybody except the Hawks in the playoffs….but, like me, most Seahawk fans would love to get the Packers in the playoffs so we can shut them up once and for all. (if the Packers and that terrible defense even make the playoffs).

  36. Most people get what a crock the “woulda coulda” game is when looking at other team’s records but completely fall for it when it is their own team,

  37. Seahawks fans still think Petey is a good coach. you really want the truth ….. 2 straight 7-9 seasons 4-4 this season and in the last 8 games against division opponents he’s 1-7. oh and Jim harbaugh still owns him.

  38. I actually don’t think Pete would be in trouble for 8-8 record. Fact is, before him and Schneider came aboard, this team needed to be blown up, which they did. Holmgren left the team in terrible shape, with old, underwhelming talent everywhere. The fact is, a two year turn around of this much talent is remarkable and Seattle could very well still be awful if the wrong people took over the organization. Pete makes some questionable mistakes coaching no doubt, but he brings a lot of value with his eye for talent and ability to motivate. Next year is far more important for his job security than this year.

  39. Dave Wannstadt once said his team was only a few plays away from being undefeated. Yes, if those plays are all TOUCHDOWNS!! You are what your record says you are. Beat the teams on your schedule. Win by a point or win by ten points. That’s how you go 8-0.

  40. The Packer whiners are in here…. Quick. Lets make excuses on why the Packers lost instead of acknowledging a better team won! Here is some whine with that cheese!

  41. “After eight games — we could easily be 8-0”

    Except for the fact that you’ve 4 games…actually 5. Shut your piehole Pete and take what you can get.

  42. Whether it’s an act or what he truly believes, Pete Carroll talks like a fan. Fans have a bad habit of knowing all the bad breaks and missed calls that prevented them from winning a game, an forgetting about all the breaks that went their way.

    As a San Francisco Giants fan, I heard a lot of my fellow fans talk about how Miguel Caberea’s home run last night was lucky because of the wind; I guess they forgot about the break we got with the ball hitting 3rd base.

    All fan bases do it, and most individual fans have probably been guilty of it, so I don’t really blame Carrol, particularly if he’s just trying to tell the fans what they want to hear in order to keep his job if the Seahakws finish with a poor record. But his logic is obviously absurd, and taken sincerely, unconsidered, and unreasonable.

  43. Pete is a perfect match for the Seahawks and the young team they have. That college mantality is working great with a roster full of 1st-3rd year players. In professional football it is all about motivation, and like it or not, Pete Carrol is a master motivator. Seatlle has gone from a complete disaster 4 years ago, to a team that is feared and respected around the league. Are they championship caliber yet? No, but are they a bunch of guys who give it their all on every play, you bet! I’ll take that any day of the week and twice on Sunday. For us Seahawks fans, we are excited to have a team that is competitive week in and week out.

    Lookout in the second half of this season as well, We have 5 of the last 8 at home. This team can realistically go 10-6 this year, and we haven’t had that in Seattle since the super bowl debacle. If you want to talk about some piss poor refs, that game takes the cake!!!!

    So to all of the Packer fans, we know what it is like to get jobbed by the refs, and for the first time since that super bowl, the hawks finally had a really bad call go their way. It happens, at least it didn’t happen to you guys in the Super Bowl.

  44. Pete is a good dude and has helped alot of kids,but come on Pete,this is the NFL,and rookie QBs do not start their career 8-0,it has never happened,lets get real.

  45. Given what he took over after the Reign of Error that was Tim Ruskell, Pete and John have done an amazing job to get this team into a position where they had a chance to win every game. Defense blew the Detroit game-75% failure rate in 3rd down will get you beat every time.

  46. Keep talking haters, the seahawks are 4-4 and thats that. Also packers fans, how many super bowls have you guys been robbed of because of awful officiating? None, our only shot at a ring was stolen so shut up and take the loss like men.
    PS even though im a seahawks fan i gotta say, saying you could be 8-0 when your 4-4 is kinda like saying you were only three goals short of a hat trick

  47. Just think,,,4 more wins & we are undefeated and and and,,remember back in high school, I could throw a football over that mountain….

  48. If anyone actually watched the Seahawks play you would understand his comments. In all 4 games they either were driving for a winning score or gave up a score in the last minute of the game.
    Yes with some luck they could be 8-0, but as many have pointed out without the luck they have had they could easily be 1-7.
    I must admit I really enjoy that their only decisive victory is over the Cowgirls.

  49. They’ve been in every game due to a truly dominant defense and other teams have been in the games due to the Seahawks one dimensional offense. Now people are adjusting to the defense and exploiting zone gaps in the middle, away from the corners/safeties and they’re moving the ball consistently. Meanwhile the Russell Wilson is steadily improving game-to-game and the offense is looking a bit more balanced.

    If they take care of 3rd downs on defense (which have been… disturbing) and keep improving on offense, there isn’t a single game from here on out that they shouldn’t be favored in.

  50. Pete Carroll is like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite – “Back in ’82, I used to be able to toss a pigskin a quarter of a mile.”

  51. @ steveo88

    I’ve watched all their games and they’re 4-4 for a reason, it’s b/c they’re mediocre at best! And aside from 1 dominating half by the Def against the Packers, they’ve been mediocre when it counts! Also, they should be 3-5.

  52. This article is so dumb. Carroll was merely pointing out that Seattle is “a growth spurt away” from being a good team, rather than the average team that they are now. They have had a chance to win every game and if this young team can put it all together- watch out
    Yeah dude totally..and if the Brown can put it all together – watch out too.

    That’s a BIG IF buddy. And you could say that about any team. Knock it off.

  53. nflfan555 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 4:07 PM
    If peanuts and rice were candy and spice everyday would be Christmas Yea Pete – oh by the way you CHEATED!!!!


    In what way, shape or form did they cheat?

  54. All you have to do is mention Pete Carroll and people go crazy. Hate all you want, but Seahawk fans love what he’s done with the team that Holmgren and Ruskell absolutely butchered. And what’s with the classless comments? Reggie Bush took money from agents while in college, so that makes Carroll classless? He gets happy when his team wins games? That’s classless? He’s optimistic about the future of his young team, that’s classless? Get a grip people.

  55. Hey Petey, you’re in luck. This year the NFL will institute the So Close Superbowl based on teams that felt like they should have made the real Superbowl and didn’t.

  56. Sounds like the Seahawks need a good stomping to get that 8-0 notion out of PC’s head. Too bad it won’t happen against the Vikings. Won’t it?

  57. Funny thing is Packer fans will actually cheer for the Seahawks to beat the Vikings despite what happened only a few weeks prior. They’re that shallow and obsessed with the Vikings.

  58. bahahahahahahaahahahahaha pete carol trying to save his job, what a homer. well pete if you didn’t pay your college players and get caught cheating you wouldn’t have had to leave the college ranks. now before the seahawk fans blindly starting telling us that he retired and went to the nfl. he left before they kicked his arse out! your team is mediocre everyone knows it. when you can dominate a team with a winning record then start talking, or even better win something and then start talking. homer

  59. Is it really any different than what Reid spouts off every week? If you cant see that THESE Seattle Seahawks are on the verge of something special..
    Youre wasting hours on Sunday. And It is really sad to witness the greatest fans in the world, (packers fans) totally at a loss for ways to get over a call. Sad.
    Did you watch the first half like the rest of us?

  60. webehighrollin …

    Fraud of a game? Try watching the super bowl when referees gave the world championship to the steelers. in front of everyone.
    One call does NOT constitute a fraud of a game my friend. Its just a call.

  61. And Pete Carroll is “so close” to being an NFL coach.

    I’m a SEA fan and I think saying things like this is nuts. Close doesn’t count, dope.

    I hear Mike Holmgren wants to coach again next year.


  62. As a die-hard Cubs fan, I like Pete’s logic…Take away those 101 losses, and my beloved Cubbies were 61-0.

  63. And the Vikings lost nine games by a touchdown or less last year. Does anyone believe they were close to being a 12-4 team rather than a 3-13 team? That’s what seperates the teams in the NFL; the good teams win those games instead of losing them.

  64. Frazier28/7 says: Oct 29, 2012 7:43 PM

    “Funny thing is Packer fans will actually cheer for the Seahawks to beat the Vikings despite what happened only a few weeks prior. They’re that shallow and obsessed with the Vikings.”

    Right, it can’t possibly have anything to do with GB and MN being in the same division and tied at 5-3, can it? No, of course not.

  65. Every year there are games in which the inferior team suddenly doesn’t drop passes, QB’s like Tebow morph into good form, and the breaks suddenly fall their way for them to beat better teams. Can’t say that’s what’s happened in the Seahawks’ losses. So Pete doesn’t think the Seahawks have far to go, but of course that’s true for many teams, it’s how to get there?

  66. jjb0811 says:Oct 29, 2012 3:59 PM

    Job security is #1. He’s an average pro coach and a 4-4 record shows that perfectly.


    Actually Pete Carroll is a defensive coach, and Pete Carroll’s defense ranks among the best in every statistical category. The offense with a bunch of scrub wideouts is the issue, not Pete Carroll. Carroll has been great at finding and coaching up lots of young talented players. Get a clue dude…

  67. This clown needs his acl blown out on the sidelines so sherman can take credit for that two.. Seattle you have turned into a bunch of clowns.. 3-5 not 4-4 talking so much smack .. I hope percy harvin puts up 3 td and 250 yards on you ..

  68. Some serious Pete Carroll hate on this site. Always say he’s a cheater. Do any of you believe that what happened at USC isn’t happening at other programs in college?? I’ll admit those win and losses are what separates the good teams from the bad ones. Right now we our middle of the pack but also improving each week as a young team. Seahawks can get 10 wins this year PC and his coaching staff need to make the adjustments

  69. oh boy, ive read enough of the hate. please start playing violins and cue in the “seattle should have lost the green bay game” complaints, the cheap little pete carroll low blows, and the consistent hate for the hawks i see on here.

    its obvious a lot of people who comment on here clearly don’t watch seahawks games. Whats pete carroll supposed to say? “we should have lost those games!” get outta here! seattle has been competitive down to the last minute EVERY GAME, even with all the dumb mistakes! He’s confident in his team and i agree with what he says! 4 losses:

    vs arizona- if edwards or baldwin catches that td pass seattle wins.
    vs the rams- take away the special teams fake punt and 62 yard fg, seattle possibly wins
    vs san fransico- catch the dropped passes, seattle gets 2+ touchdowns and possibly the win
    vs detroit- if sidney rice catches that wide open pass, seattle has a extra FG or TD possibly making the game a win.

    now i admit, as a fan the whole “we coulda shoudla woulda” talk is a whole bunch of chatter. truth of the fact is we are 4-4 (and btw there were bs calls that coulda set the green bay game either way, so blaming the refs is irrelevant, get over it. GB should have put the game in a position to not have it come down to the last play anyways). Make fun and take shots at carroll all you want, but he should feel happy about what is going on in seattle. Take holmgrens last year (lame duck), take the team mora had, and compare it to what pc has done with seattle, all within 3 years! all losses this year have been below seven, all within reach!

    b4 pc took over, we would have been blown out of all those games before halftime. He took a undersized defense with vets who were sucking up cap space and roster spots yet not producing, known for being burnt toast against every defense in the league, and were plain out soft, and turned them in to a top 5 d. He turned a mess of a o line into a line who now has a top 3 RB, and by the way drafted a pretty impressive rookie qb in the 3rd round. yeah seattle has holes, but pc has all right to feel like the seattle seahawks should have won those games they lost. Seattles a young team and boneheaded mistakes (like dropping passes and alot of time coaching mistakes) cost them most games, moreso then other teams quite honestly.

    the pc bashing is just plain out ridiculous. The USC jokes and GB jabs are old and worn out already. PC inherited a TERRIBLE 4-12 team, and within 3 years has done a pretty darn good job of turning things around imo. Every week i see improvements being made, and improvements needed (pete you’re killin’ me on the play calling, zone defense, and time management). this team is growing and learning from mistakes, and soon enough they will turn those close games into wins. continue the hate. GO HAWKS

  70. I believe the Seahawk fans and Carrol should be reminded everyday about the way they ” won ” against Green Bay .
    WHY…because of his BLATANT denial of the obvious.
    Yes calls are a part of the game, but in this case it was so obvious it made national headlines. Yes , nightly National news.
    A little bit of being humble and contrite would have gone a long way
    He was a dirtbag coach at USC….look what he did to that school….he is a living Legend in his own mind.

  71. Yeah they could be 8-0 and they could just as easily be 1-7. “If” and “Could” means nothing. They are 4-4 bottom line. They only game they won handily was against Dallas. They do have a great defense but their offense is inconsistent at best. They are a team that may or may not make the playoffs and even if they go, I don’t think they win any games unless it’s at home.

  72. nickynick04 says:
    Oct 31, 2012 9:45 AM

    He was a dirtbag coach at USC….look what he did to that school….he is a living Legend in his own mind.


    What, taking a mediocre program and turning it into a yearly 11 game winner and getting back to back national championships on top of yearly conference championships? Yeah, look what he did to them.

    The NCAA is a joke and the sanctions were absurd.

    He was an inexperienced head coach during his first go-round in the NFL but he left with a winning record and two playoff births. Not too shabby.

  73. Wait wait wait. Now Packer fans are complaining about the Seahawks and it’s okay.

    But when the Seahawk fans were complaining about the superbowl they kept being told to get over it.

    So, shouldn’t they have to get over it?

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