Peyton isn’t buying the “Peyton’s back” story line


With the Broncos P.R. department trumpeting the unprecedented achievement of quarterback Peyton Manning during the team’s last four games, it’s easy to get caught up in the notion that Peyton is back.

One man isn’t buying it.

I don’t agree with that,” Manning tells Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “I feel like I’m a different player, in different circumstances.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body – what I can and can’t do.  Somebody asked me if I was doing the same things I did in 2004.  I’m like, ‘Are you kidding?’  That was a different team, and we were on a crazy level. There’s no comparison.”

But it’s not about comparing teams.  It’s about whether Peyton has returned to being a dominant quarterback.  The numbers say he is.  His teammates say it, too, via specific examples of the things he does.

Receiver Demaryius Thomas tells Silver that Manning recently installed a play during practice that included a fade-out route cornerback Champ Bailey described as “unstoppable.”  Manning installed another play that the Saints couldn’t handle — during last night’s game.

And so the point is that Peyton isn’t playing at this level because he has the arm strength of his younger days, but because he still has enough in his body and he has more than ever in his mind.

The combination could be enough to help Manning do what he only has ever done once before in his career:  Win a Super Bowl.

Of course, to get to the top of the mountain he may have to get through his younger brother.  And Broncos-Giants would be the most compelling Super Bowl ever.

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  1. Elway could pull off in football what Eastwood pulled off in movies. The quality and rationality that has gone into the management side of this team is amazing.
    The saints defense is in a very bad spot right now due to off the field challenges, but that just means to be where he wants to be, Manning should have made it look easy.
    And he made it look very easy.

  2. Obviously not a Broncos fan, but Peyton is the man. I hope they win the AFC. Hopefully he has a few good years left. Football wouldn’t be the same without Peyton. Good luck Peyton and to the Broncos.

  3. Greedy Peyton should have gone to SF if he really wanted a shot to win a SB. He is afraid of his kid brother. The Broncos have no shot against the afc’s best teams in the playoffs.

    Michael Silver is one of the biggest Tebowphobics!

  4. I know it is all the rage right now to say, “well, he clearly isn’t the peyton of old, but he is compensating for his weaker arm with the power of his mind”. But I truly cannot tell a difference between 2012 Peyton (the way he has played the past few weeks anyway) and Peyton of, say, 2006.

  5. I think he’s still one of the best QBs in the NFL right now, which is incredible considering what he’s been through, but I still want to see this team beat a quality defense and not notoriously poor pass defenses like the Pats and Saints(28th and 30th vs the pass respectively). He threw those 3 picks against Atlanta and hit some Houston DBs right in the hands aside from playing poorly, so I don’t know how he’ll do against better defenses.

  6. Got to give the Denver line a lot of credit as the Saints weren’t coming close at all to Manning. Clady is a beast again.

    Actually, got to give the Saints a lot of credit too.

  7. He played Atlanta, Houston, at the start of the season, I would live to see Houston play Denver in the 1st round of the playoffs it would be a different story, same with Atlanta both good regular season teams, but once the playoffs come around they are only mediocre at best.

  8. Bronco haters have got to be very nervous about the improvement the team have made recently. If PM can stay on the field then Denver have a chance to go all the way. D can and will implode at times but a first round bye and home advantage is all there for the taking with the schedule softening.

  9. Wow, imagine that…another story about MegaHead. Enough already, the Aints defense is the worst in the league…the frickin’ Chefs beat them.

    He will never lead the Donkeys to a SuperBowl.

  10. So how overrated is Ryan Clady all you Bronco haters? Amazing what a QB who stands in the pocket can do to make some bum like Clady look like a pro bowler.

  11. it’s nice to see a team in afc west make some noise. I’m a charger fan and really really sick of the way charger management has run. So good luck to Peyton and the broncos… until AJ and Norv are gone… Then my chargers will be back!!! assuming the raiders and the chiefs continue to do what they have been doing haha.

  12. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:
    Oct 29, 2012 2:39 PM
    Wow, imagine that…another story about MegaHead. Enough already, the Aints defense is the worst in the league…the frickin’ Chefs beat them.

    He will never lead the Donkeys to a SuperBowl.

    Signed Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers fan. Do you know why there are always stories about Manning? It is because he had 4 neck surgeries, was out of football for 20 months, went to a new team after 13 years with his original team, played a killer first 7 game schedule and he is leading the league in passer rating and is top 3 in every other category. Why does everyone say “what has he done against the best teams in the AFC” He outplayed Brady and Schaub and he plays offense, not defense. He had 0 picks against either of those teams and had chances at the end but the D could not get off the field in one game and Willis fumbled in the other. Haters gonna hate, but give it a rest and at least acknowledge this is pretty remarkable considering where this whole thing started. One final note for the genius’ that say Tebow would be doing the same thing. How does anyone really think tebow would do against ATL, NE, NO and the rest of the forst 7 game schedule.

  13. Really happy to see Peyton doing so well. Not a Broncos fan, if they play the Colts he’s getting boo’d like every other QB, but I hope he can continue playing at this high level for another few years.

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