Reggie Wayne’s words help push Colts over .500

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The Colts kept veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne for many reasons, primarily to give rookie quarterback Andrew Luck a reliable target.

But Wayne added extra value Sunday, by giving his young teammates a talking-to at halftime of their 19-13 overtime win over the Titans.

Down 10-3 at the half, Wayne had seen enough.

Sometimes you have to do more than lead by example,” Wayne said, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

“I was [upset],” Wayne said. “There was no false enthusiasm on this one. I was [upset] because I knew what we were capable of. We should have had a lead at halftime and we were behind.

“I felt like we needed a little fire. I had to speak up.”

It must have helped, because the Colts won their first road game since December 2010, by locking down the Titans and cutting out the mistakes that plagued them in the first half.

“Reggie told us to look at everybody and see if we wanted to fight for each other,” center Samson Satele said. “It just fired everybody up. I was looking around and thinking, ‘I don’t want to leave here with a loss.’

“Not after that speech Reggie just gave.”

Wayne and the Colts are in an interesting spot. While they were generally considered on the upswing, they’re sitting at 4-3 at the moment, level with the other wild card-level teams. They’re two games behind the Texans for the division lead, and no one thinks they’re catching up.

But no one thought they’d still be in playoff contention, either.

Maybe no one but Wayne, anyway.

12 responses to “Reggie Wayne’s words help push Colts over .500

  1. I know all the U supporters are going to jump up my rear, but with the kind of personalities that University has produced over the years (great athletes yes… great guys with their heads on straight, not usually), I can’t believe he came from there. He’s the type of player everyone respects and is in awe of. It looks like he made the right choice not following Peyton.

  2. What’s the deal with Indy? They go from perennial playoff team to the worst team in the league and one year later they are back in the playoff race?

    Oh that’s right SUCK FOR LUCK!

    They should be on probation for a year for helping destroy what little credibility Goodell has left the league.

  3. Suck for Luck????

    Hey, nflgreedleague – YOU lose all credibility when you claim that the Colts lost any games on purpose last year. Do you even watch the NFL? Did you even read what the Colts players like Mathis, etc were saying last year while they were losing?

    Playing a ‘must lose’ game in week 16 last year, the Colts scored 10 points in the 4th quarter against division champ Houston to WIN 19-16.

    That win came just one week after the Colts beat the Titans in what turned out to be the reason the Titans didn’t make the playoffs, and just two weeks after the Colts lost to a far superior Pats team by only 7 points.

    You should be put on probation for making some inane comments.

  4. This Colts team is fun to watch. I was at Lucas Oil for the Brownies game (Cleveland fans travel well for such an abused bunch and they were mostly cool, good on ’em) and the Colts defense this year has a meanness to them that has been lacking in the past decade.
    They are not going to win the Super Bowl and may not make the playoffs, but they have already won twice as many games as last year and twice as many as many expected them to win all year, so I’m going to just enjoy the w’s while they are coming, and enjoy the intensity with which these Colts play.

  5. .. Yeah, Reggie must have given that speech to the REFEREES before the game, as you could clearly see that , if not for the refs saving the Colts @$$ all day – then by not reviewing the fumble , that the speech didnt do too much for them .

  6. Hey andyduhpro18

    Yes, I watch a lot of games and I am sorry that your obvious homerism has clouded your vision. They FACT that Indy gave up on last season from the owner on down is pretty much a forgone conclusion. They even gave up on Peyton Manning. But now you have your new “man”.
    Good… “luck” with that, until your owner wants a high draft pick again, ha!

  7. A lot of divine intervention for IND so far in the 1st half of the season.

    Looks like we have a playoff qualifying game w/ MIA coming to IND in Week 9. No one would’ve said that before Labor Day.

  8. Help from the refs > Reggie Wayne speech.

    The Colts had the worst head coach in the league over past few years and paired it with the worst qb in the league last year. You aren’t going to win many games with that combo.

    It’s a testament to Manning for carrying that sorry team for so long.

    They would be contending for Home Field Advantage if Turdsay didn’t send him packing like a fool.

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