Report: Eagles “likely” to change from Vick to Nick


Regardless of whether Eagles quarterback Mike Vick did or didn’t throw in the towel on Sunday after his team lost to the Falcons, the towel reportedly will be taken from him.

Howard Eskin, the sideline reporter for the Eagles’ radio broadcasts, reports that the team likely will switch from Vick to rookie Nick Foles.

Per Eskin, the decision came after coach Andy Reid met with coaches after the Week Eight loss to discuss the quarterback situation.

A third-round pick in the 2012 draft, Foles was taken 13 spots after Seahawks starter Russell Wilson.  If the move happens, it will means that six of the first seven quarterbacks taken in April will be starting in this first seasons.  The only exception is Broncos rookie Brock Osweiler.

And while it won’t be easy for Foles to make his debut on a Monday night in the Superdome, the Saints defense isn’t exactly potent.  Except, of course, when compared to the Eagles’ defense.

77 responses to “Report: Eagles “likely” to change from Vick to Nick

  1. This team will be lucky to go 8-8,it is about to melt down and it will be ugly.Reid is finished.

  2. “And while it won’t be easy for Foles to make his debut on a Monday night in the Superdome, the Saints defense isn’t exactly potent.”

    What better time to start him than against that motley crew Saints D that can’t stop anything? It wouldn’t surprise me if the kid breaks a rookie passing or TD record against that hideous bunch.

    As for being apprehensive about starting a rookie, I think we’ve seen over the last few years that rookies can come in and succeed. That offense has the weapons almost any rookie would dream of having at their disposal. However, he does have nitwit Reid and Moronweg calling the plays so that could be problematic…

  3. Yay!!!

    I dont care if he is terrible. It is change. And nothing will change with the Eagles, until they change.

    Reid is next on the block.

    Lets go Foles!! Were behind you. And I promise I wont boo you if you have a rough go at it. The O line is like a fishing net trying to strain wet spaghetti…

  4. Wow, somebody is desperate to keep their job. I would let vick get one more shot, he hasn’t been playing terribly the past month. Why they don’t use Shady McCoy makes no sense.

  5. It wont matter who the QB is. The O-line is the worst in the league. Andy Ried and Marty’s play calling stinks. This is a last ditch effort for Andy to save his job. His hope is that Foles plays well enough to save face and to convince Lurie that he can coach Foles up and build around him. As an Eagles fan, I hope the experiment fails, and seals Andy’s fate to get fired. Let another team have him. He has had 14yrs to win here and hasnt. Its time to move on.

  6. Yes, this is going to be a disaster. Foles is a statue, which is why he went in the third round. The Eagles have an open dam for an offensive line. I wonder where Andy Reid will be coaching this time next year?

  7. Vick has killed another coach. Sorry Andy, you hitched your wagon to Vick and i’m not sure even a good second half of the season (best case) by Foles will be enough to save your job.

    It was nice to see them use McCoy more but their offensive game plan was crap. It seemed like the plan was to protect Vick (ie. limit his opportunities to create turnovers) moreso than to try to win the game. Vick seems (in his leaks to the media) more concerned with how he’s perceived than how the team did. He’s positioning himself for his next sugar daddy who believes that they are the team to turn Vick’s career around and are willing to throw millions at him. He’s still being paid on potential well into his 30’s.

    At least if Foles throws an interception or makes a mistake, i can reasonably expect him to learn from it, not so much from Vick.

  8. Let me get this straight, people think this is a good game to start a rookie? Against the Saints, coming off a loss? That makes no sense.

    The Eagles pass D is going to get shred by Brees, and then it will be up to a rookie to keep up. I think they should stick with Vick for MNF, he should have a good game against the Saints D… whereas Foles is like a box of chocolates at this point.

  9. Saints are the first team to allow 400 or more yards of offense in 7 straight games since 1950.

  10. The Eagles will inflict multiple injuries on the rest of their opponents players.
    First up is that classless punk Drew Brees.
    He will suffer a career ending injury next Monday night against the Eagles.

  11. I’m ready for a change. Did I hear Vick asked to be replaced? This team has quit on the coaching staff and I don’t blame them!! Let the new regime begin.. Bring in Bill Polian so he can hire and up and coming (Chip Kelly, Oregon). Go Birds!!!

  12. Per Eskin, the decision came after coach Andy Reid met with coaches after the Week Eight loss to discuss the quarterback situation.


    The conversation was short. Who do we throw under the bus next to try to save our jobs?

    Not that Vick doesn’t deserve it but any kernal of hope Reid has for his job rests on Vick remaining the starter. I do expect whoever the starter is this week to do well. Not because either will play lights out but because the saints defense really is that bad.

  13. Vick said and did all the right things until he got his contract.. Reid is done in Philly and Vick is also done in Philly..

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

    Oh wait wrong quote

  14. Well, I’m just glad the Vick era is finally over. I’ve been waiting patiently for a few years now. The wait is over. I wish reid could stay,but he showed by making Vick his starter that his decision making is extremely suspect. Now the whole firing Castillo thing. He’s a joke at this point.

  15. Reid is pathetic. He has found a new scapegoat and a new excuse for another loss. Now he can blame the Saints game on it being a rookies first game.

  16. If Vick wasn’t always having to run for his life and they could get a run game going, he’d put up the numbers they want to see. IMO the O line, O line coach or O coordinator are the ones guilty here.

  17. One day people will take an example from an entire city of bitter hatred inundating a team such as it never makes it to the top despite a great head coach and plenty of time

  18. So Andy, when Foles goes out there and stinks the joint up does that mean you will replace yourself as head coach?

  19. I think they feel they need to make the change now before the Saints defense gets the opportunity to make Mike Vick look like league MVP.

  20. That’s a funny quote about the Saints defense looking potent compared to the Eagles.

    It’s funny because the Eagles defense is ranked 12th and the Saints is ranked 32.

    Dumb is funny.

  21. Why not try to trade Vick? I’d take him over Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo or Sanchez/ Tebow in NY.

  22. Vicks going to start next week. East coast media has to feed the fire to make the Eagles problems ten times worse than they are. IF Nick Foles starts next week, Andy Reid has officially lost his job.

  23. Will never be benched before mathematically eliminated…..let’s be honest here. Right or wrong the big boy is coaching for the next meal ticket in the illadel.

  24. Everyone keeps saying “Vick wasn’t at fault” .. Which is concerning.. Just because you don’t throw interceptions & don’t fumble the ball does not mean you had a good game!

    Vick has been able to drive this team down the field 1 time in the first quarter to score this entire season. 1 time. The first quarter many many times dictates a lot of what happens in the game.

    I don’t blame Vick for all the faults on the offense.. I also blame the crappiest offensive coordinator to ever be a part of this organization (Morningweg)

    It’s probably to late for Reid to save his job now, but this is a step in the right direction! Vick hasn’t been good since the vikings game in 2010

    I hope the Eagles do the right thing and trade him.. Let him start on a new team & maybe he can turn his game around.

  25. Yes i do agree lets bench vick for the 3rd round draft pick because what Vick did yesterday was inexcusable… playing horrible defense that allow 30 points.
    Ooops Whats that!! this Vick guy doesn’t play defense.. so then why is he the topic of conversation when it comes to benching, is this April 1st or some kind of joke.
    BTW …on a serious note Vick needs to get out of philly before that O-line gets him killed.

  26. well monday will be the last we see of foles causes he will get killed he is a big statue. Every week Vick has been getting the blame none of this is his fault. If there was any other QB in the league behind that line he would be getting a pass, but since it is vick everyone wants to put the blame on him bunch of racist is what i see. I dont see know one on the D name in the paper or talking about being replace and they where garbage yesterday. MOst of you dont know S!@# about the game anyway thats why you making your Dumb comments.

  27. A lot of similarities between Andy Reid and Rex Ryan in all this. Both are going to get themselves canned for sticking with pass-heavy offenses even though their QBs of choice can’t complete high percentages. Both have able running backs being under-utilized for no reason other than they were too stubborn to ditch their schemes for ones that would actually work.

  28. Vick has been and always will be overrated. He isn’t smart enough to make the right decision and his past proves that much. I don’t think he is the only reason the Eagles suck, but he isn’t helping. Lets see what we have in Foles. The Eagles aren’t winning anything this year. So if Foles can play great you build around him, if he sucks (as I suspect he will) you then know you need a QB. I would rather find out now then count on him next year and find out he sucks then.

    My real question is who will be the new coach next year?

  29. Micheal Vick is not the kind of guy you want in the fox hole when things are going bad. The guy is not a leader, and this move needs to be made. The two biggest mistakes of Reid’s career have been hiring Juan Castillo as d-coordinator, and hitching himself to Micheal Vick. It’s probably too late to save his job now, but it’s time to find out if Foles is the QB of the future. We already know that Vick is not.

  30. Reid isn’t going ANYWHERE. Lurie’s remarks at the end of last season were LIPSERVICE. He gave Reid too much power over the years, and is virtually afraid to get rid of him. He needs to go NOW. NOT wait. Pay him to stay home. Things CAN’T get worse.

  31. Landry Jones sucks. The only QB worth drafting this year will be Geno Smith and he will be no RG3 or Luck. If Andy would of just left his pathetic team lose out last year, then that punk fraud of a quarterback would have already been replaced by RG3. What a mess…

  32. It isnt the O-line. people. Watch Vick in the pocket. If he stays in trying to be a pocket passer, he takes 4-5 seconds to progress through his reads. Half the time he decides to scramble from the pocket so the linemen dont know where he is and ends up getting hit.

    The hits Vick takes are soley on Vick. The O-line cant use a blocking scheme when the QB either takes too long to read the play or runs away from his protection. Yeah,

    Vick is just that bad. If he werent, he’d have as much a chance of getting benched as Brees. What Vick once had is gone. Partly because he has lost a step and partly because the NFL has adjusted to that particular style of play.

  33. bathroombenlovemachine says:
    Oct 29, 2012 2:31 PM
    The Eagles will inflict multiple injuries on the rest of their opponents players.
    First up is that classless punk Drew Brees.
    He will suffer a career ending injury next Monday night against the Eagles.
    Wow if all Eagles fans are as classless as you sir, sign me up!
    I’m sure you have a long list of female suitors interested in flushing the toilet after you and picking up all the trash you leave behind everywhere you go.
    Remember to change your underwear at least once a week and Axe body spray is not to be used as cologne.

  34. Sad!! Vick isn’t the problem with this team. It’s their line, their coaching and his play calling. It’s PAINFULLY obvious to anybody watching that he is TERRIBLY underutilizing Mccoy. If Vick can’t escape the pressure and avoid hits, do you think Foles can? Only way to keep him upright is completely change the offensive philosophy. My question is: Why not do that with VICK back there??

  35. “And while it won’t be easy for Foles to make his debut on a Monday night in the Superdome, the Saints defense isn’t exactly potent. Except, of course, when compared to the Eagles’ defense.”

    Saints fan here: sorry, but no. The Saints D is absolutely the worst in the league. The Eagles D is somehow much better.

  36. Vick is not a good QB but he is a highlight reel player. Those highlights are why he has lasted this long. He is out there because there is potential for something great to happen and everybody keeps waiting. The problem is that one or two great plays do you no good when the ball is turned over regularly or the defense can’t make a stop. Like I said, Vick is not a good NFL QB but he is not the only reason the Eagles are playing bad. The O-line is garbage, the defense is not finishing off plays and playcalling/personnel packages on both sides of the ball have been situationally wrong all year. Reid’s run is almost over. He’s burned out and so is his team. A change is coming and it is sorely needed.

  37. Makes perfect sense. Vick is done. He is a turnover machine. He can’t win games with his arm and doesn’t run a 4.2 anymore. I’ve seen him try to run and caught from behind by linebackers and some d linemen. That never happened in his prime.

    Might as well see what Folks has got…If the answer is nothing than It’s good to know since Philly will be making big off season changes anyway.

  38. The Saints defense is the worst in NFL History. The Eagles could sign McNabb off the street, start him, and his performance against the Saints would be enough to merit a $100 million extension. No matter who the Eagles start against the Saints it will look brilliant.

  39. Please tell me those of you who are trashing the O-Line while proclaiming McCoy needs the ball more have a secret plan for that working? How can a bad line that can’t stop a slinky from pressuring Vick open holes for him to run through?

  40. I like Foles since his Junior year at AZ. Something about him makes me think he will be a good-great NFL QB.

    He’s go a lot of it factor, and he just makes plays. Looking forward to watching him once they bench the dog prince.

  41. otistaylor89 says:Oct 29, 2012 2:21 PM

    OK, how come Brock Osweiler can’t get on the field!?! Bust!

    Only way Osweiler starts this year is if FrankenMannings head falls off and cannot be bolted back on-that is unless the Broncos wrap up a playoff birth early with nothing to play for by week 15 or so.

  42. The Eagles’ offensive problems can be traced to a terrible offensive line. It’s similar to the Chargers’ (my team) Philip Rivers. He started “going bad” when the team lost Pro Bowlers Marcus McNeil and Kris Dielman to injuries. Hopefully, Philadelphia will get Jason Peters back soon along with some stability on the O-line.

    Nick Foles has a strong arm but the knock on him has always been his lack of mobility. If he is inserted into the starting lineup, he will get killed. For now, the Eagles need a running quarterback, not a quarterback running for his life.

  43. The problem isn’t Vick (I can’t believe I’m actually defending him) but Andy Reid. Who’s Reid going to scapegoat when hes gone?

  44. Hmmm I see the racist, biggoted, HATER commenters hiding behind their computers to talk “ish” are alive and strong. U bee-atches are pathetic! Mike Vick, being benched for a ANY QB is a complete JOKE. He is a pro bowl QB, should have won MVP 2 years ago, and the Eagles are losing due to. A. Defense is sofT, and cant cover any body(to hold a lead), B. O Line SUX..period., C. Play calling is horrible. D. YOU lames, with no confidence support in YOUR home town team, and never have gotten over the dog thing OR your internal racist bias.

    Vick is NOT the problem, YOU are.

  45. Falcons fans have been predicting this since Vick got back in the league. He’ll show you flashes of amazing play, followed by weeks of mediocrity. Same old Vick, was just a matter of time

  46. All these comments and no comment about a dream team or a dynasty?

    Forget Tiki, I’m flabbergasted.

  47. @phillyfans – enjoy 7 more years of growing pains and no championships to come of it.

  48. Long overdue. Foles will turn this season around like Vick could not. He moved them in the pre season when Vick couldnt and he’ll do it again now

  49. Did I read that on e comment right? Vick is faring poorly because people are racist?

    While making my critique of Vick, I wasnt even thinking about his race. I dont make a habit of looking at the color of other peoples skin and then using that as part of my judgement of them.

    Anyone who uses the word “racist” these days is a racist. It isnt the 1950’s anymore. Believe it or not, racism is a thing of the past.

    Here is a little something to chew on if you think race factors into everything. Do a simple internet search for Mike Vick. Check his personal history, his career stats. ask yourself if all his publicly known life is hall of fame caliber. Then imagine if he were a white QB. Think he’d be where he is right now? Starting QB in the NFL with a 100 million dollar contract? I highly doubt it. Race factors in 0% of the time will 99% of the people. Especially fans of NFL Football.

  50. It is about race always have always will know black QB will get the support like a white QB. Look at romo numbers 4 INT leads the league in turnovers where is his article up here look at sanchez numbers how about fitzpatrick or weeden or bradford or kolb or skeleton, Rivers where are the hot seat for these guys none why they get passes every week. Cam is getting the vick treatment and RG3 will get it to when he’s not performing well so dont say its not about race cause it is.

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