Report: Jared Cook requests trade

The trade deadline is Tuesday and there might be a tight end on the market for any team looking to pick one up for the second half.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that “indications” are Titans tight end Jared Cook has requested a trade away from the team. Cook is making $615,000 in the final year of the deal he signed after being drafted with the 89th pick of the 2009 draft.

Wyatt points out that Cook has played on less than 50 percent of the team’s snaps in four of the Titans’ eight games this season. He’s also been an infrequent target in the passing game, although he was in position to make a game-winning catch in the final moments of regulation in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Colts. Matt Hasselbeck overthrew Cook, though, and the Colts won the game on their first possession of the extra period.

Cook has 28 catches for 373 yards on the year, putting him on pace for a less productive year than many predicted for the tight end coming into the year. While another team might think they could make better use of a player that’s flashed some potential, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll pay up enough to make it worth it for the Titans to pull the trigger before the deadline on Tuesday.

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  1. As a Titans fan this is so disappointing to see. But I can see where he’s coming from. He’s one of the best offensive players we have but they never devise ways of getting him the ball. This is a HUGE indictment on OC Palmer and HC Munchak. They didn’t have trouble finding ways to get CJ the ball when he was uber-unproductive. You’d think a TE that poses matchup problems for opposing defenses would be a no-brainer.

    But, I hope the Titans don’t do it because they can’t get what he’s worth (they gave up a 2nd round pick to move up in the 3rd round to take him, so they basically spent 2 picks on him). I’d wait it out and try to get him more touches this year, especially with Locker coming back. If he won’t resign, I’m franchising him.

  2. I’ve been hearing about how much potential this guy has since before he was drafted. At some point, can we (he) stop blaming the team/coaches and put the blame where it belongs?

  3. “wittersworld says: Oct 29, 2012 1:22 PM

    I’ve been hearing about how much potential this guy has since before he was drafted. At some point, can we (he) stop blaming the team/coaches and put the blame where it belongs?”

    You mean the coaches that aren’t involved in getting him the ball? Have you even watched any Titans games? They never call plays towards him. Guy is a matchup nightmare and one of the best weapons they have. When they do target him he does well. Good try though.

  4. Cook is an awesome weapon being wasted with the titans.. Good guy never causing problems.. Maybe the titans will have a lapse of logical thinking and send him to green bay for the ultimate whiner and tool finley..

    Just wishing, but green bay would also accept a coupon from burger king for finley ..

  5. “I’ve been hearing about how much potential this guy has since before he was drafted. At some point, can we (he) stop blaming the team/coaches and put the blame where it belongs”

    Ummm…not so much. The man is a beast and should be getting 10 targets a game. He is the fastest most athletic TE in game and they just don’t use him. If he played for NE he’d have 80-90 catches a game. Titans offense seems pretty predictable with run run play action to WR. Hopefully this either wakes Muchak up or they ship him to a team that will actually use him

  6. I don’t know why more teams don’t employ more TE’s than they already do. Running a three to four TE set would almost be impossible to cover. The Patriots are loaded with starting TE’s and have one of the more accurate QB’s in the league, I have no clue why Belichick doesn’t run a 4-5 TE set with Brady able to put the ball only where his guy can get it, speed is not always better. Most Cornerbacks are less than 6-0 ft tall, most Tight Ends are 6-5 ft +, major advantage. As for Jared Cook, I’d take him, he has major potential.

  7. #89 pick of the 2009 NFL Draft. New England traded this selection to Tennessee for its 2010 second-round selection: Brandon Spikes.


  8. The Titans should trade him for a stud young center on anyone elses roster.

    I can’t believe Munchek can’t get this O-line to preform better. Maybe trading a malcontent that trips over his tenner shoes for a real center will help. Michael Roos is the only upper round draft pick on the o-line at a second rounder. He hasn’t been here that long but I see his skills diminishing this season. Maybe he’s had it up to his jersey numbers with being the best o-lineman and no one else on the line even comes close. Dave Stewart seems to get a stupid penalty at the worst possible moment. I don’t even want to think about Valequez or Harris, they should be on someones practice squad.

    I’m sorry Tennessee but your 4-3 defense requires better defensive linemen then you are putting out there. Maybe a switch to 3-4 defense with atheletic LB’s like most every other team with a winning record.

    There are many holes on this team and everytime Bud gets involved (the Peyton Manning train wreck) it sets the team back 3-4 years. The more I watch the Titans and other NFL teams like the Cowgirls and the Redskinnies I become more and more of a college FB fan. No owners to muddy things up at the college level.

    My passion for NFL football has died with the Titan record over the last several years. A record that has deteriorated from a lack of management and from poor drafting decisions. Been a fan since the early 70’s, suffered though loser rebuilding years, I buy the NFL Sunday Ticket just to see the Titans play weekly. This is my last NFL Ticket year Bud. They can’t lower the price enough to keep my business.

    Sorry Bud, your the main problem with this team, still.

    I sure have enjoyed my Sundays this fall. The fishing has been awesome.

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