Report: Vick-for-Nick hasn’t happened, yet


We’ve got a possible controversy over the extent of the quarterback controversy in Philly.  Reuben Frank of reports that Eagles coach Andy Reid hasn’t flipped the switch from Mike Vick to Nick Foles.  Yet.

Per Frank, Reid is “considering everything.”  But decision hasn’t been made.

This doesn’t directly contradict the report from earlier today that, per Howard Eskin, a change is “likely.”  It could simply be a matter of time before Vick is out and Nick is in.

As one source close to the situation explained it to PFT on Monday, several factors favor making the change now.  Reid prefers to roll out new quarterbacks on the road, so they’ll get a chance to establish their sea legs without the local fans on their backs.  Also, the Saints defense is, well, not good.

The only factor that cuts against using Foles now is the high-profile nature of the prime-time game against the 2-5 Saints.  It’ll be televised by Monday Night Football, giving the game more scrutiny that it would realize if Foles were playing at 1:00 p.m. ET on a Sunday, absorbed within multiple other games.

Regardless, it may still happen.  Or it may not.  Either way, Reid is considering it, and he has the luxury of an extra day of preparation to make the change.

48 responses to “Report: Vick-for-Nick hasn’t happened, yet

  1. Use ’em both. Just for the novelty of calling the quaterbacking duo ‘Vick Foles’. Wish Jets would use both their QB’s so they could be called ‘Holy Quacamole’.

  2. it all starts with the O line, they block better then maclin and jackson have way more time to go over top so it creates room for underneath and and secondary routs. vick has time to throw, and your looking at big numbers.

  3. And the Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn QB duo could be called ‘Doubtful and Questionable’.

  4. everyones saying give foles a shot and thats exactly whats going to happen if hes taking snaps behind that o line.

  5. Seems to me at this point, as far as Reid has stuck his neck out banking on Vick, he would give him one more chance…………certainly against the worst defense in the NFL. If Vick can’t get it done against the Saints defense, Reid has no decision to make, it will have been made for him.

  6. No matter what happens, the end result is gonna be the same: a complete blowup of the Eagles organization. Reid, Roseman, Mornhingweg, Mudd, Washburn, Bowles, April, Vick, Jackson, Bell, Watkins, Babin, Graham, Tapp, Nnamdi, Allen, Coleman and all the other stiffs and deadweights the organization has out the door.

  7. They play the Saints defense, so whoever they start will put up enough numbers to look like the right choice and keep the job for a month. So, its a tough choice, can’t change your mind back the next week.

  8. Eagles fan here, yeah this could be a very bad decision. I don’t think throwing a rookie QB in the line of fire with an O-line that could barely block 2-6 JV highschool team is a bright idea, just ask David Carr.

  9. They don’t have anything to lose, i say replace him. Who knows, maybe it will inspire Jerrah to make some changes soon as well. Either way, Reid needs to do something and do it quick

  10. “Vick-for-Nick” may make a few fans happy but it seems like most would rather be “Freed-from-Reid”

  11. Foles was good in the preseason. You know who else was good in the preseason??? Gabbert. Vick gives this team the best chance to win. Sure up the oline before you throw the rookie out there.

  12. I have a couple of comments for what it is worth, probably not much.
    1. Is Foles ready to play behind that offensive line?
    2. Do you really want to change if there is a chance at making the playoffs?
    3. When is Warren Moon going to comment about this talk of benching Vick just another instance of racism?

  13. It has been a good run. Some of the best years of my life, coach. But it is time to move on. It’s best for the both of us. I hope we can both start fresh and have success in our new endeavors. Thanks you for the memories, but we must now say goodbye. So long Andy, it’s been real.

  14. This doesn’t seem like the week for this change. If they lose, lock in Foles to start the next game. Also, I really don’t buy the benching him last year story. I mean for Vince Young, come on. Sell that elsewhere. And last, those who are pitting this as Andy vs Vick, stop it. There is multiple factors in all 3 phases, plus coaching that contribute to this abomination of a season. Who’s playing QB is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titianic.

  15. Vick simply wasn’t the reason they lost this week. Atlanta scored the first 6 times they had the ball. Reid could have pulled it off after week 6 when he had the bye (and the justification) to prep Foles.

  16. I hope Nick doesn’t get the starting job. Not now. Throwing him head-first in this mess is probably not gonna help his career.

  17. According to Eskin, Reid’s also considering making Tony Danza the field goal kicker after watching the Disney film from years ago.

  18. I’m still waiting to see if Desean Jackson is worth the contract he got received. He hasn’t done much of anyting since getting his $$$$$.

  19. Saints-Phi for all the marbles next week. One team might turn their season around. The other may become irrelevant for years. Giants’ fan here rooting for a 6-6 tie.

  20. Of course Romo will throw 5 picks this Sunday but still no mention of a hot seat for him. This as he’s playing for one of the most overrated and underachieving franchises in the last 15 years.

    But for Vick, the pitchforks are out every 48 hours…

  21. Look, the fact of the matter is, in 2 years, Vick has not shown any improvement. He is not nearly consistent enough to win the Super Bowl, or even to make the playoffs. He’s short and can’t do 3 step drops as passes are batted down. The Eagles are 11-15 in their last 26 games. I can’t get worse. We know Vick is not the answer, so what exactly is the risk in giving Foles a shot. He could be Tom Brady, he could be a complete dud. But we know Vick isn’t the answer and isn’t progressing, so the choice is not hard. Foles for QB at New Orleans, please!

  22. akfinfan says: Oct 29, 2012 7:35 PM

    I’m still waiting to see if Desean Jackson is worth the contract he got received. He hasn’t done much of anyting since getting his $$$$$.

    He is on pace for a career year and hasn’t had 1 drop yet.

  23. Foles had a good pre-season so now he’s going to be a star? Like Kevin Kolb? I remember Ryan Leaf about how easy the NFL was after carving up San Francisco in a pre-season game. Michael Vick was ‘the second coming’ two years ago and single-handedly took Philly to the post-season. Ya might wanna not write off the entire season until you’re mathematically out of it. Regroup, refocus, and make a run. Or, is everybody sulking around there pointing fingers? If that’s the case, the ‘change’ in personell needs to be in the head coaching department.

  24. Reid is a master at misdirection. Why are we talking about a QB change? The QB isn’t the problem, it’s the head coach. If Reid changes QBs, it’s only to create the illusion that he can turn this team around, with more time to develop the rookie.

  25. The time is right to make this move. Vick isn’t progressing. Reid will definitely lose his job if he sticks with Vick. Foles outplayed him in the pre season and can only outplay him now. Vick inspired nothing to this entire team in his time out there. Maybe he is the “Coach Killer”

  26. Foles could actually make the line look better, by being able to read the defense and blitzes, and get rid of the ball quicker. 3 step drops and throw, something Vick doesn’t seem able to do.

  27. Long overdue. Vick has no future in Philly and Ried is on his way out. Why not see what they got in the kid.

  28. Wow just read a report saying Vick called the wrong audible twice on Sunday so they want to bench him. LOL so who’s fault were the other fifty some plays that didn’t work? Grasping at straws my Birds are slowly circling the drain. Let’s go Sixers I guess

  29. Nice to see you’ve stopped the silly fiction that you have an inside source who is privy to Reid and Vick’s innermost thoughts.

  30. Eagles fans. CHANGING QB’S won’t matter your team can’t block anyone he eludes many defensive players unless Foles comes in throwing 1 step drops his slow a** will get sacked at a ridiculous rate. He couldn’t out run some of the slowest defensive lineman.

    BTW Foles wasn’t even good IN college why would he be ready so fast when he hasn’t had any length of success since HS. PLEASE START MAKING SENSE. Its not like your sitting on a franchise QB you don’t know if Foles with be good or absolutely stink the place up.

    Your still in it don’t pack it in. .

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