Rex gives Jets entire week off for bye, Hurricane Sandy


At 3-5, it’s not that the Jets don’t need the work.

But coach Rex Ryan said after their embarrassing 30-9 loss to the Dolphins that he was giving his players an entire week off.

They were only going to work Monday and Tuesday anyway, but because of the approaching Hurricane Sandy, he changed his mind.

I care about our players a great deal,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of “They need that time to be with their families and make sure everybody is out of harm’s way. As much as I’d like to bring them in, that’s not going to happen. I care about our players too much to see them go through that, so they will not be in.”

Players are required to get four-day breaks over the bye by the CBA. But Ryan is traditionally generous, giving his guys six days off each of the past three seasons.

While it might also give him time to make changes to the coaching staff, Ryan shook that suggestion off.

“We’ve got to really look at ourselves,” he said. “At this stage, you evaluate what you’re doing, offensively, defensively, everything. Do we need to tweak things? Do we need to change things? You have to take a good, honest look at that. At the same time, you have to move forward as well, working on Seattle and [St. Louis] as well.”

Giving them the time off will likely draw a visceral and hysterical reaction from fans, who think players should spend every waking moment watching film instead of, you know, having lives.

But as disappointing as their season has been, stepping back for a moment might also be the best thing for them.

18 responses to “Rex gives Jets entire week off for bye, Hurricane Sandy

  1. Coming off two losses you’d think he’d have them training their arses off in this weather!

    It’s time to stop pampering the players and be their coach.

    Also please make sure that they keep their mouths shut, and if they cannot, have your PR give them each a note on how to handle an interview with a reporter!

  2. I actually agree with Rex here. They could probably benefit from a full week off. Sometimes in sports it helps to relax and not press.

  3. This beatdown illustrated the superior coaching for the Dolphins. Anyone thinking the jests are heading anywhere but the AFC East cellar is fooling themselves.

    These teams are going in totally different directions.

  4. Coach. Ryan quit talking along with players and get your team to focus on performance …You preach on how good our defense is.You were out performed yesterday……Sanchez is not the answer period wake up or you on your way out..The fanbase is over it don’t be blind anymore put renowned in and draft a new quarterback ……

  5. 6 days off?? Looked to me like it was 7 days after the way they played yesterday. But that is ok GO PATS!

  6. Coach Ryan lost his team last year and appears to have lost his team this year. Some extra time off won’t repair the damage. Coach Ryan is an example of the Peter Principle, which is one rises to the level of one’s own incompetence. He’s a good assistant coach and, much like Raheem Morris, any positive results for a season or two was more by chance than design. It is time for the Jets to move on from both Coach Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Jets — you’re in a hole. Stop digging.

  7. Why doesnt Rex just consult with Belichick or Coughlin before making a football decision? The only decision i would trust Rex with is what to order at “The Greasy Spoon”.

  8. Rex Ryan has never won a game after a bye week. Traditionally giving the players 6days again will result in another traditionally lost game against the Seahawks.

  9. That is the right move by Rex Ryan. His team needs a discipline lesson but the storm trumps that right now. He also swallowed some pride during that post-game presser and is one of the few people that gave the Dolphins credit.

  10. I think he ought to pack up his office while they’re gone cause this guy is living in Fantasyland saying “this is the best team I’ve ever coached”. If it’s the best team he’s ever coached and they play THAT bad, there can only be 1 other problem…..REX.

  11. Well at least the Jets will go one week without dumb penalties, terrible offensive line blocking, confusing play calling, and trash talking their future opponent. Actually their big mouths will keep talking just like 3-5 teams do when they’re not winning. Just think if Metonio Holmes was still in the locker room. Oh boy.

  12. I think the owner of the jets needs to start talking to some football people outside of the jets front office. It just seems like every one in the jet organization just takes there pay checks every week and can care less about winning football games. I feel bad for the season ticket holders who paybig money to watch these clowns act like there trying to win. Fire tannboums and Ryan bench the idiot Sanchez and just give renowned the damn ball.!!!!!!!

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