Rex Ryan reiterates that Sanchez is the starter


With the Jets entering a bye week, it’s the perfect time to switch from quarterback Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow.

With a night to process the team’s latest ugly loss, coach Rex Ryan disagrees.

Ryan reiterated on Monday that Sanchez will remain the starter.  “Offensively, the problems aren’t one man,” Ryan said Monday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “If it was one man, that would be easy to do.  But it’s not on one person.  Sometimes, we’re accurate with the football [and] we drop some passes.  Sometimes, the pass might not have been as accurate as we wanted it to be.  Then there’s times when our protection let us down.”

And there also are times when a team simply needs a change.

“At times, Mark looked pretty good,” Ryan said regarding Sanchez’s performance against the Dolphins.  “When he had time to set his feet, he was fairly accurate with the football.  We had some drops in there.  Had that big drop [by Stephen Hill] in the end zone.  I think Mark’s our guy.  I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.  I’m confident in Mark.  We just got look at it as a whole. . . .

“If it was one guy, I think it’s easy to say we’d make that change.  But I think Mark gives us the best chance to win.  That’s how I feel.  Can Tim be successful?  Yeah, absolutely.  We’ll look at that as well.  But in my opinion, Mark as the starting quarterback gives my football team the best chance to win.”

Rodney Harrison and yours truly will take up this question during a special edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network at 5:00 p.m. ET.  Rodney has a strong opinion on it.  As he usually does.

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  1. The Jets came within one missed Dan Carpenter field goal in week 3 of being swept by the lowly Dolphins. They have sunk so, so far. Rex is on his way out.

    On the other hand, Miami appears to be a couple of good drafts away winning a playoff game. Philbin is successfuly instilling a new culture in Miami. They aren’t the most talented team, but the team maximizes their talents.

  2. Rodney Harrison doesn’t think much of the Jets football team, he said it last night.
    He didn’t have time to set his feet because of the Dolphin defense, maybe Rex forgot that.
    Sanchez was sacked 4 times, fumbled twice, and threw some terrible balls, what more needs to happen before Tebow is in there??? Sparano needs to be fired, he sucks.

  3. “At times, Mark looked pretty good,” Ryan said regarding Sanchez’s performance against the Dolphins. “

    Yeah, in the last 8 minutes when Miami was playing prevent and the game was over.

  4. Ryan will be out along with Sanchez. Its proven you need a good QB..Sanchez has3 and 1/2 season now…point blank the line. has trouble and can’t get a run game going. But the elite qbs can audible into a different playcall when you have eight men in box and you can switch to a shotgun play or move protection…Sanchez can’t execute under pressure …..he throws. into triple coverage all the time … he’s not good enough period…..Ryan’s loves him a will be back to defense. year….

  5. J-E-T-S = Just-Enough-To-Suck!

    J-E-T-S = Just-End-The-Season

    Love Incognito giving the JETS the BIG Kiss Off!

    Saprano is still helping the Fins win a few games

  6. Rex must be tired of 2 things for sure; questions about Tebow and losing. The Tebow part is easy to fix. Let him play and either sink or swim with him. Give him as many opportunities as Sanchez got. As for losing, that could potentially stop with Tebow. Who knows?

  7. The Jets organization is on a downward spiral. From GM to coaches…. Crazy how fast the went from an up and coming team after Mangini left to pure poop..

  8. Rex is not very smart or just stubborn. Your better of not saying anything just keep quite and let team play talk for you. Percentages now days say that a Qb has to have athletic ability and play where your not able to set your feet, those plays where your able to set your feet don’t come on every play.Especially with all the athletic ability on the defensive side of the ball now days. A Qb must also make plays on the run and move in the pocket and make plays and be accurate as well. Qb Sanchez just doesn’t make plays. So it’s best just to stay quite and make a moves with silence. T bow may not be the answer but you have to start looking for one now and you should already know this by just football knowledge. A head coach should have football knowledge in all phases of the game. Sanchez is not the answer remember he was a starter at Cal for only one season.

  9. its official, jets fans can go crawl under a rock and resurface next year so the fans and the coach can tell everryone how great they are while the rest of us laugh.

  10. As a Fins fan, I want to reiterate that we, Fination, wants Sanchez to remain the starter!

    Why is it that the jets were bad, and not the Dolphins were good? Our team dominated every aspect of the game, yet the stories of today say that the jets were bad, the jets failed.

    How about that we were great yesterday?

  11. Why is Tebow there then? They don’t use him, and they won’t give him a chance to play. Another brilliant chapter in Jets decision making.

  12. Rex simply can’t accept reality, and soon the Yets will be looking for a new coach and a new QB!

    Thanks for the laughs New York Yets and Rex! Still ain’t won nothing yet! NOTHING!

  13. I’m so sick of people saying its all on Sanchez have u seen who he is throwing the ball to?!? He has NO help no running game Greene is not the answer Sanchez is a good QB in my opinion he will more than likely not be a jet for long an he will get another shot with a different team an thrive mark my words

  14. No matter how much Sanchez sucks, Tebow isn’t any better so there is pretty much no option. The mistake they made was giving Sanchez an extension last year instead of finding a new QB.

  15. “When he had time to set his feet, he was fairly accurate with the football.”
    Because when your QB has time “Fairly Accurate” is what wins games! Not!
    The Jets are screwed.

  16. I still believe Rex Ryan is the man for this job. The personell just CAN NOT execute and has absolutely no chemistry what so ever. He is a defensive mind coaching a team whos offense cant stay on the field if their lives depended on it.

  17. I agree with Rex. The whole team is in disarray. Kicking the QB is not solution. The only solution will be kicking the two men responsible for ALL of this mess -the GM & Coach Ryan.

  18. Maybe someone should ask Rex exactly why they acquired Tebow? Seems this is the exact set of circumstances for which he was brought to the Jets.

  19. The Jets are a sinking ship. Traded for Tebow to help the team, let him play one or two plays that produce positive yards, then pull him right back out. Even a casual fan can see this offense has no direction…and for a coach who is supposed to be a defensive genius, they give up a lot of points to mediocre offenses. The Dolphins looked like a Super Bowl team !!

  20. The Jets need a good RT and RG on offense in the 2013 NFL draft. They should ship Howard back to the Rams. For weeks the jet fans wanted Wayne Hunter out. The Jets pick up another one more worse than Hunter, No wonder the Rams were very happy to dump RT Howard on the Jets.

  21. The problem isn’t Sanchez, it’s Sparano. True, the talent on the Jets isn’t good, but he definitely makes things worse than they have to be. You telling me there isn’t a WR on the team better than Tim Tebow? You have a sub par QB, and you’re giving him a backup QB with no receptions in college or pros to throw to?

    Tony was terrible here, and I couldn’t believe it when the Jets hired him. But they did, and you get what you signed up for.

  22. SANCHEZ is not the problem. Just 2 years ago that O-line was said to be the best in football with Furguson and Mangold and even Keller at TE. I thought 2 years ago Bart Scott (missed the game) was supposed to be a beast at LB. Problem is that the Jets from 2 years ago got old real fast and Rex and Mike haven’t been supplying fresh talent to take over when necessary. You can see it happening at the CB spot. Kyle Wilson should be a “shut-down” corner right now, instead he commits holding on every single pass play longer than 15 yards. Coach em up REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Most over rated QB in the league. This guy just sucks. Why cant the Jets figure that out by now. I figured it out before he got drafted at such a high draft pick. The Jets deserve whatever losses and controversy that comes with sticking with a sucky QB.

  24. With a bye week, followed by a game in the far-off remote wilderness of Seattle, I could see Tebow starting in their next game.

    Can you imagine the furor in the NY papers if Sanchez goes out to play his old college coach and gets beaten by a third-round rookie?

  25. @Harry. the jets didn’t get RT Howard from the rams they got Jason Smith. RT Howard was signed as free agent at the end of last year. get your facts correct before you start
    saying something you know nothing about. the jets need a total overhaul. from the GM down to the ball boy.

  26. Those who say Sanchez is not the problem should spend some time watching other professional teams with decent quarterbacks. I think you’d be surprised at the talent gap.

  27. It is ONE MAN. One very large man name Jabba The Rex. Poor coaching by a man that would rather expend his energy blubbering to the press than watching film and properly preparing his team to play.

    Yes you are responsible for the team’s poor play and being in a further hallucinogenic state more than you already are will not help matters.

    Good luck fatso!! You deserve every bit of criticism you are getting and will receive in the immediate future.

  28. In the Jets’ 30-9 loss to the Dolphins, Sanchez had a Total QBR of 12.1. Since coming into the league in 2009, Sanchez has had 12 games in which his Total QBR was under 15 – most in the NFL.

    Those are the facts!

  29. Sanchez isn’t the only problem for Gang Green, but he is the 2nd biggest behind that ignorant blowhard of a head coach they have.

    Sanchez is an enormous bust, and while Tebow is far from being a better pocket QB than even “sanchize” (hey, whatever happened to THAT nickname?), they might as well put him out there and run some spread option stuff. That offense really can’t get much worse.

  30. Next week Rex is gonna want an apology from Pete Carroll for, you know, the whole Reggie Bush thing.
    Shut up and start coaching ya goof!

  31. Where is the advantage of bringing in TEBOW. They have had him come in all year and he has not once thrown three passes in a row. They know he has some problems under center. All the hype he is a winner is fine but this is not your son’s high school game.

  32. Cant blame Rex for sticking with Sanchez. What are his options? I suppose people questioning Rex about his love for Sanchez is warranted.

    I dont think Rex says what he thinks – that Sanchez is not the answer. But, you have to wonder what his options are. Start Tebow? Tebow is just a tick worse than Sanchez, and Sanchez is sub-par at best.

    The Jets better use their first rounder to get a QB before thay run out of talent and a decent QB is all for naught.

  33. The problem isn’t Sanchez, it’s they need more Dolphins. It’s a good thing they had 3 ex-fins or it would have been worse. Easily their 3 best players of the day were Clyde Gates, Lex Hilliard and Yerimiah Bell. Seriously though, between Sanchez getting knocked around, dropped passes and wrong routes, they didn’t have a chance. When the Jets keep people out of his face he’s not bad, problem is it just never happens. If I was the Jets coach, first thing, cut Tebow. JUST FOR THE OBVIOUS REASON, ITS A DISTRACTION! Once he’s gone, the talk about ends! Lastly, until they can protect Sanchez, run it, run it, run it. When you do pass, it’s ok to run a screen or a draw to slow them down. The Jets problem is not the players it poor decisions at the top. Sometimes you have to throw in the towel before the fighter dies!!

  34. Tell me something Rex. Why in the hell did you trade for Tebow anyway? To use him on special teams? Any questions you are getting were expected by anyone with a brain. Sanchez had one of the worst QBRs in the league for three straight years. Your pain is self-inflicted.
    People seems to forget how stubborn and sometimes idiotic his father Buddy was. He comes by it naturally. We all remember his saying when he released Cris Carter while head coach of the Eagles. “All he does is catch touchdowns!!”

  35. Tebow will get his chance. I would love to see him bite the dust. Then what. Sanchez is pissed and would want to be traded, the Jets have no QB that can win and Rex is in the middle.
    My take is Sanchez still outshines Tebow in practice. That has to be the bottom line.

  36. Tebow can be an extra hard runner at qb which is a dimension the jets dont’ have with sanchez. Sannche can throw the ball better but is LAZY. I remember Trent dilfer— Couldn’t throw and everyone piled on like a bunch of hyenas, but you know.. he has a superbowl ring. The year after, they got elvis – buy a vowel and couldn’t win snot and havn’t won since

  37. Rex needs to realize that his offense is missing a PLAYMAKER, and Sanchez isn’t a playmaker. Perhaps Sanchez is a better ‘passing QB,’ but Tebow is far superior when it comes to making a play. Put the playmaker in, it’s obvious your pet project Sanchez isn’t able to lift this team from the dump.

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