Richard Sherman: I made Calvin Johnson a non-factor


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman dubbed himself Optimus Prime last week because he planned to shut down Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron. And sure enough, Johnson had just three catches for 46 yards on Sunday. So Sherman was proud of himself afterward.

“I mean, you see his numbers – they speak for themselves,” Sherman said. “He was a non-factor. So, you know, that’s how that went.”

Sherman doesn’t deserve all the credit for Johnson’s disappointing day: Johnson had three dropped passes, including one in the end zone, and if Johnson had made those catches, Sherman wouldn’t have as much room to boast about how he covered Johnson.

And, of course, there’s the little matter of the Lions winning the game. Johnson wasn’t a major factor in the Lions’ victory, but second-year receiver Titus Young had the best game of his career, with nine catches for 100 yards and two touchdowns, and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had his best game of the season against Seattle’s secondary.

Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner said after the game that the Seahawks did exactly what they planned to do to contain Johnson, but the problem was they couldn’t contain everyone else.

“I thought before the game even started we were going to do OK against him,” Browner said. “But it’s the other guys that got off. We can’t focus on one player, because we tend to forget that they’ve got stars like Titus Young. . . . I thought we would match up well with [Johnson]. He’s a big guy. We’re big guys. It’s the little guys that we’ll have problems with, because they can get in and out of breaks faster than we do.”

And so while Optimus Prime is bragging about stopping Megatron, the Lions may have provided the blueprint for passing against the Seahawks’ secondary.

87 responses to “Richard Sherman: I made Calvin Johnson a non-factor

  1. Good to know he doesn’t only stay stupid stuff when he plays New England.

    Hey Sherman, let me give you a script for the rest of the season. “We lost the game, so I obviously didn’t make enough plays. We have to play better in order to win the game.”

    See how easy that is?

  2. regardless of how well you play you have to respect the greats like Tom Brady and Calvin Johnson. If you do it with class maybe one day you will be a player of their caliber.

  3. Still producing yardage, but Megatron is off this season. I don’t know what, but something is wrong.

    My fake team is missing his TDs and wishes I would wouldn’t have used a first rounder on him. He was money last year.

  4. Im totally sure he had no safety help at any point in the game. And all the coverage rolled to Calvin surely had no impact on Matthew Stafford absolutely torching the rest of your secondary. And BTW you lost. Great job though, give yourself a pat on the back.

  5. Lions fan here, I had absolutely no problem with the trash talk, changing of the twitter handle, etc. I think its great when player’s do stuff like that it adds to the story line of the game, RS is a solid corner and I enjoy his play. But that being said let it go man, CJ is obviously not himself since he got lit up by Greenway against the Vikings and even then he still dropped 3 balls and 1 TD (as it was pointed out in the article), even with a quiet day from CJ Stafford passed for 350+ yards and 3 TD’s and Titus Young blazed past the entire secondary on his 46 yard TD. Sherman stop talking all that really matters in this league are W’s and L’s the Seahawks got the loss, move on and prepare for next week.

  6. But they lOST. What heppened to all that “we’re a team not one player” talk he spouted at Brady? This guy is a prime example of why teams like this never make it to the SB and their coach didn’t make it in New England.

  7. If the game tape of the Lions passing attack didn’t expose the SEA secondary’s weakness, then Browners “It’s the little guys that we’ll have problems with” comment did.

  8. Sherman realizes that they lost right? He’s also getting pretty annoying talking crap all the time. It would be one thing if they were winning the nfc west, but they aren’t

  9. What a fool for bragging about an individual matchup in a loss where the Lions threw for 352 yards. This is like those defenders that preen when they lay out a guy after he completed a 25 yard rush/reception.

  10. Per ProFootballFocus:

    “The majority of Sherman’s coverage came against Young, and the second-year receiver caught all five passes thrown at him against Sherman for 75 yards and a touchdown. ”

    Keep talking, Optimus Prime.

  11. Clearly, this guy doesn’t get it. Hey numbskull, your team LOST the game. Who cares if you “shut down” Calvin Johnson when your team came out on the losing end?

  12. You lost, dummy. Another clown worrying about his own personal agenda, not even addressing the fact that his team lost. I’m glad this seems to be a recent development in our society, because we’d be speaking German right now if guys were like this back in the day.

  13. Dolphins play Seahawks in a couple of weeks, Sherman will probably state before that game that he can cover all Dolphins WR’s, TE’s, RB’s by himself. Look at the scoreboard man, you lost.

  14. This is his way of trying to become relevant, by attaching his name to star players like Brady and Johnson.

    He’s a non factor, playing for an irrelevant team in an irrelevant city.

    Best to just ignore him.

  15. Calvin blatantly dropped a TD catch BTW. Regardless, good job Sherman. You get a cookie for your efforts.

  16. I love when players boast of their supposed personal successes in a team game…especially after their team lost the game.

    Hey, Dick Sherman, go ask Calvin if he cares that “he was a non factor”…Please continue to give people the insightful glimpse into your true character.

  17. I actually have no problem with pre-game trash talk, but for the love of God, can we put a moratorium on players from losing teams trash talking AFTER the game? First it Cromartie from the Jets, now this guy.

    Win the game or can it.

  18. Umm Mr. Sherman, hate to be the one to break it to you, but, it’s not you bud. The Madden Curse is alive and well. So deflate that Hugh head of yours and shut up!

  19. So you take credit against Tom Brady cause he’s a qb and you’re a corner. Then you take credit (in a loss) because Calvin Johnson only had 3 catches (with 3 drops). How will you try to take credit next week against the Vikings? If A.P. Rushes for less than 75 yards are you gonna say it’s because you shut down Percy Harvin so the Seahawks were able to stop the rush?

  20. Congrats to Sherman for his 2 game Bragging After a Loss streak! Too bad the NFL doesn’t keep stats on that. I wonder if he would be challenging a record if he tells us about how he bullied Percy Harvin in a losing effort next week. Either way, I’m rooting for it to happen. Keep the streak alive, Sherm!

  21. This guy is fast becoming an NFL top 5 tool. And since his team lost he’s essentially throwing the rest of his team under the bus by bragging about how good of a job HE did. OBVIOUSLY the rest of the team just wasn’t up to the task.

  22. i guess he needs to tell his teamates to step up there game cuz he obviously is the best right? this dude is a total douchbag, and by the way you should focus on winning something before you talk a bunch of crap. hell your not even a winning team anymore???

  23. Not sure Sherman had anything to do with Calvin dropping a wide open gimme TD on the last drive. Sherman was beat and beaten badly.

    That was on Calvin, 100%.

  24. Funniest part about this is he was covering Young more often than Megatron and Titus stole his lunch and sat in the endzone eating it. Way to brag about shutting someone down when your main assignment most of the game ripped you apart. What an idiot

  25. This is the entire premise of how Detroit’s offense is built: either leave a DB alone on Calvin and get burnt by him, or roll all the coverage his way and get burnt by everyone else.

    Unfortunately for the Seahawks, yesterday was the first time this season when everyone executed properly. The fact that Calvin played kind of poorly with unforced drops and the game plan still worked only makes Sherman look worse. CJ will take the win all day every day over personal stats, which also makes him better than Sherman. But, if stroking his own ego is the only way he can soothe the pain of the loss, I won’t take that from him. Keep on strokin’, Richard!

  26. What a self-absorbed prick. Last time I checked Football is a team sport. There’s no point of bragging if you “performed well”, but still ended up losing the game.

  27. Sherman, a safety, and a linebacker all made Johnson a huge factor, which is why Stafford was able to throw to 7 other receivers for 320 yards. Broyles TD and Young’s game winner were because CJ drew so much attention.

    Playing at home allowed Stafford to easily audible and communicate with his young receivers. This was only the Lions third home game of the season and the young receivers and running backs will take what they learned on the road.

    CJ will appreciate Sherman making him a non-factor now that opposing defenses will have to account for Stafford.

  28. It’s nice to see he’s so proud of himself for his individual accomplishments in spite of his team losing an important game.

    Reminds me of a wide receiver doing an elaborate touchdown celebration when is team is behind 35 to 7.

  29. This guy was bragging after Brady threw for 388 against Seattle. Now he’s bragging after a loss. Guy’s a good player, but needs to stop chirping and find a little class.

  30. So does this mean that the decepticons still won the war? I haven’t watched that dopey cartoon for 20 years.

  31. Just another me, me , me, guy. He doesn’t have to say anything, other than what will assuage his own ego. Maybe he is on his own fantasy team?

  32. It was Sherman who got beat for the long touchdown by Young. If he wants to blame the safety for being late then he should say it. He really needs to shut up. When he talks after a win he comes across as a loud mouthed braggart. When he talks after a loss he just comes across as possibly the dumbest individual to ever attend Stanford. (How did he get in?)

  33. luv this guy sherman .. megatron did not have the game he is capable of having .. had a way-below-avg game. good job sherman .. cannot ignore the numbers .. numbers don’t lie.

    cause we all know that stafford wants to pass to megatron .. so the lions are better and they won the game .. but sherman did a great job on megatron.

  34. OK just read quote. He was not a non-factor. Just like Randy Moss, he drew a tonnes of attention from the safeties and even OLB at times leaving everyone else singled covered. Sherman played a pretty decent game but The Lions one. Shut the mouth and start focusing on the next game.

  35. Megatron’s been playing injured for a few games. He didn’t want to use it as an excuse but he did mention that with his injured knee, he couldn’t make his breaks, which also contributed to why he couldn’t get to the pass in the endzone in time.

  36. “Look at me, look at me”
    Ugh. Trash talking is getting stupid and for some reason many fans enjoy it as much as the game itself. Are there any “teams” left, or are there just a bunch of individuals wearing the same clothes? There is very little teamwork mentality in sports today. Most players (especially “skill” players) are simply out to become a famous name and turn that into a better paycheck. What seems to be lost on some of these clowns is that players get paid for contributing to the team and helping to win. Nobody gets paid for trash talk.

  37. Hey “Optimus Prime” you let Titus Young catch 9 of 9 passes thrown at him for 100 yds and 2 TDs! Not to mention a total of 8 Lions had a reception and YOU LOST! You are not putting anyone on an “island” idiot. Just another no name idiot running his mouth for no good reason.

  38. BTW This game was a text book example of what the Lions SHOULD be doing on offense. They exploited the coverage that was shown to them, they spread the ball around, and when Calvin Johnson was “shut down” they fed the ball to other receivers. I hope teams keep “shutting down” CJ like this because it will continue to give Detroit some wins.

  39. Charles Tillman made him a non factor. 3 for 34….last I checked that’s the best to date. I could be wrong but Peanut had a tighter hold on Johnson than Optimus…

  40. From Browners comments to Dufus-head’s comments, seems like Browner “gets it”.

    Make me wonder how much Browner enjoys his teammates idiotic view of the world and his perspective on what matters in the NFL.

    This is a Pete-pumped-n-jacked Carroll team, if there ever was one

  41. Lets get a little smarter people, and not let the media twist words for a story. Sherman was asked after the game if he thought Johnson was a factor, he wasn’t really and Sherman responded accordingly. Yes, the Lions won, he didn’t sat they didn’t. Did he give them credit? Who knows? That part of his intetview hasn’t been published on here for us to read. You know, cause it doesn’t make for a juciy story. One a side note, Sherman is a great young corner in the NFL, he likes to talk and have fun. He also backs it up most plays. Since when do grown Men whine so much about football, some of you are getting as soft as the league.

  42. demanding safety help and double coverage every game means he’s a factor EVERY game..the difference here is the other receivers and stafford finally woke up to take advantage of it!

  43. So Megatron dropped 3 passes, and also let it be known that he is often the subject of double coverage. This guy is gonna be the next T.O. if he keeps it up (and that will only lead to trouble).

  44. Lions were 12 for 16 on 3rd down conversions. The week before Gore dominated with a 8.2 YPC. So while Seattle’s D rolls all their coverage towards Megatron or VD, the rest of the team feasts and the Seahawks have no answer (except on twitter) Soon the Seahawks at 4-4 and 0-3 in the division will be a non-factor.

  45. It has not been in the press much, or made a top story,but you can notice a knee (gimpy) on Calvin.
    I doubt if he has 4.3 speed right now so corners can man up on him….
    I think there’s a chink in his armor right now,:
    Madden Curse…….(who Knew?)

  46. Haters. Do any of you bagging on Sherman stop to even consider the context of this statement. He was being interviewed and was asked the question. He answered it. It’s not like he interrupted a press conference, pushed someone out of the way to steal the mic and belligerently ranted and raved about shutting down Calvin Johnson. Besides, he’s backed his talk up. The dude can play.

  47. Richard Sherman…not to be confused with the Richard Sherman that got burned by little Titus Young for 75 yards, LOL!!!

  48. @sweetnlow44 – Sherman doesn’t deserve all of the credit. Heck, he doesn’t even deserve MOST of the credit. Sherman wasn’t the only one guarding Megatron all day. Sherman was on Titus Young several times…..and oh yeah, Titus Young beat Sherman for 9 catches for 100 yds and 2 TDs. (And don’t forget that Young is smaller, slower and weaker than Megatron). Don’t get too high on Sherman…..he’s extremely arrogant. He’s going to become a liability for that Seahawks team, and I’ll enjoy watching it happen.

    Besides, if Sherman was smart, he would have been a little more humble when answering the question that he was asked. He should have given some credit to his teammates (and to Megatron’s dropped passes). Sherman said “the numbers speak for themselves,” but they really don’t. That proves how ignorant Sherman really is. The “numbers” don’t show the passes that Megatron SHOULD have caught but dropped, which would have given him 3 more catches, who knows how many more yards, and at least 1 TD. Sherman is overrated.

  49. Not hard to be good in coverage when the refs let you absolutely mug the opponents receivers. The Seahawks and “Sneaky Pete” have been getting away with murder this season.

  50. man that was rough watching stafford and company march down the field with little effort, slice and dice, embarass, and cap off a 84 yard , 5 + minute drive on our defense. Then i wake up the next morning, check PFT and see Sherman STILLLLL talkin’ mess. Sherman, you’re one of my favorite hawks but you guys were under the surgery knife. as a hawks fan i say with all due respect, man, please shut up.

  51. Talk all the trash you want sherman… Remember when you talked trash to Brady?? How many rings does Tom have?
    How many do YOU have?

    End of story!

  52. Nothing like boasting about your performance while your team lost. Optimus Prime is just another example of an athlete who cares more about his personal stats than his team’s performance.

    That was not a very good defensive effort against Detroit Mr. Prime.

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