Romeo Crennel doesn’t know why Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries


Why did the Chiefs only give their best offensive playmaker, running back Jamaal Charles, five carries in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders? Good question. Just don’t expect their coach to provide the answer.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel was asked after the game why the Chiefs didn’t get Charles more involved, and he said he doesn’t know.

“Now, that I’m not exactly sure either,” Crennel said after the game, via Dave Skretta of the Associated Press.

The Raiders were holding Charles in check, limiting him to just four yards on those five carries, plus six yards on three catches. So perhaps Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll decided that the Chiefs had to try something else.

But if that’s the case, you’d think Crennel, even as a defense-oriented head coach, would be involved enough to know that. Saying after the game that he doesn’t know what was going on offensively doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in Crennel’s leadership. Or in his future.

21 responses to “Romeo Crennel doesn’t know why Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries

  1. how did Romeo ever get another head coaching gig??

    Now, that I’m not exactly sure either

  2. “Romeo Crennel doesn’t know why Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries”
    And that sums up the Chiefs season in a nutshell. Romeo doesn’t know.

  3. I’m not sure how you can be such a great defensive coordinator and such a terrible head coach. I’ve been a Chiefs fan for quite a while and I’ve never felt like the Chiefs have been as clueless as they are right now. I guess if nothing else, this hopefully gets Pioli and Crennel out of there and we can stop pretending that the Patriot Way can work without Belichick and Brady. Draft a legit QB, assemble a respectable coaching staff and get something going before all of the talent on this roster (and there is a lot of it) gets too old to do anything.

  4. The head coach has no idea why their best offensive player didn’t get the ball more than 5 times? That is enough to look for a new head coach. He is either clueless or lying because he is afraid of the truth being known. Romeo is a good guy but should not be a HC.

  5. Crennel doesn’t know why charles got only 5 carries, Crennel doesn’t why the chiefs are 1-6, Crennel doesn’t know which of his QBs is the number one guy, well basically Crennel doesn’t know how to be a head coach.

  6. As a Raider fan I was cheering the day they announced Romeo Crennel would be the HC. I hope they give him the full Norv Turner scholarship and keep him for another 5 years.

  7. Go back and check his post games from Cleveland. They are riddled with “I don’t know”.

    I wonder if he wakes up in the morning and wonders how he got there.

  8. Romeo is still trying to figure out whether to go with Brady Quinn or Derick Anderson at QB.

  9. O Romeo Romeo….

    I do miss this guy a bit. Horrible head coach, but his pressers are usually good for a few laughs.

  10. We Browns fans can really only say one thing right now….Good luck with your season Chiefs fans. Romeo isn’t going to take you anywhere. So many weapons and nothing is happening. Sounds a lot like past Romeo led teams….

  11. Charles only got the ball 5 times rushing because the raider D was stuffing his ass!! The chefs chalked it up as a loss. And tried to test our secondary.

  12. Tough stretch coming up for Scott Pioli.

    Wednesday is Trick or Treat Night and he will have to deal with a multitude of candy wrappers from the kiddies.

    Thursday night the Chiefs get killed in San Diego.

    Friday starts his bye week as in “Good-bye, Scott!”

  13. It should be apparent to everyone by now that being a great coordinator and being a great head coach do not involve the exact same skill set.

    Yes, many coordinators do turn out to be great coaches, but many don’t. These guys go out, fail, get a coordinator job, do great, and then everyone seems to forget what happened previously.

    I call it the Norv Turner Theory, although it could just as easily be named the Wade Philips Theory.

    Which is why, mark my words, Philips will absolutely, at some point, get another head coaching gig as a reward for turning around the Texans defense.

    Have the Harbaugh brothers taught us nothing about experience as a coordinator being overrated as a requirement for a successful head coach?

  14. reality police says:

    Have the Harbaugh brothers taught us nothing about experience as a coordinator being overrated as a requirement for a successful head coach?

    No. Because if you ask John Harbaugh the same question he will give you the exact same answer Romeo gave. He doesn’t know why Ray Rice only got 9 carries against Houston. At least Romeo has coaching skills that he can fall back on once he gets fired and if he needs to get more involved with fixing that defense he can. John Harbaugh can’t fix anything that’s wrong with the Ravens because he has no clue. Up until this year the special teams sucked every year he’s been in Baltimore and that’s supposed to be his specialty

  15. What a coincidence, as I don’t know how Romeo Crennel ever got another head coaching gig.

    Let’s get real: They’d just changed starting QBs because of problems there…then the new starter goes down on the third drive of the game. Either one of those things would cause any other coaching staff to decide to run the legs off their stud RB. But with the Chiefs, they just look at each other blankly after the game and try to figure out why Charles barely broke a sweat.

    It’s time to fire everybody in sight and start over from scratch. Random selection could find a better coach than Romeo.

  16. Anybody who became a head coach after working for Bill Belichick has been a bust (Crennel, McDaniels, Mangini, etc).

    Now, that I’m not exactly sure either.

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