Saints defense historically bad, and getting worse

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The Saints are used to putting up big numbers.

But they’re used to doing it with their offense, not a defense that’s leaking at historic levels.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune details the avalanche of evidence that the Saints defense might be one of the worst ever.

The gave up 530 yards to the Broncos in last night’s loss, pushing their season total to 3,323 for the season.

That’s 474.7 per game, more than 50 yards per game worse than the merely awful Bills’ 424.1 average (which is only slightly worse than the Saints season-low of 421 allowed to the Packers in Week Four).

No team in league history has allowed as many yards to start the season as the Saints have en route to a 2-5 start, and they’ve given up at least 400 yards every week, and at least 500 in three of the past five.

So not only are they bad, but they’re getting worse. As Duncan points out, this isn’t a problem of scheme, rather a lack of players that are capable of tackling people, or even getting close enough to them to try.

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  1. Saints just don’t draft well, plain and simple. Look at how many first rounders are on the Defense: Will Smith, Broderick Bunkley, Sed Ellis, Cam Jordan, Akiem Hicks, Patrick Robinson, Malcolm Jenkins, Jon Vilma. Harper was a high 2nd rounder.

    I understand that the Saints didn’t necessarily draft all of these guys, but these are the guys that were brought into this organization to build a defense. Scouting is a problem in New Orleans.

    The same can almost be said for the offense. Thank God we have Drew Brees at the very least.

  2. Thanks Loomis for all of the ‘great’ 1st round picks that you selected for our atrocious defense.

  3. You have ZERO evidence to back up this claim! :-p

    Ummm..the Aints having a bad defense isn’t exactly news!

  4. This is why they had to pay people 10 grand to blow someone’s knee out. Just a bunch of talentless bums and clowns. With a common criminal Vilma as the head clown.

  5. With all the b.s. that Vilma and Co. have offered up as evidence that there was no bounty, the NFL would be correct to offer their post-bounty team defense as “proof” there was a bounty. Without the extra $ incentive to cart someone off, this defense has no desire to play at all, LOL

  6. bathroomben7 says:
    Oct 29, 2012 8:59 AM
    This is why they had to pay people 10 grand to blow someone’s knee out. Just a bunch of talentless bums and clowns. With a common criminal Vilma as the head clown.
    That’s funny since the Saints had the 2nd fewest opponent injuries in the past 3 years of the so-called ‘bounty’ investigation and no knee injuries to speak of…. SB44 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. After watching Vilma play the last two games, Goodell should announce that Vilma’s suspension is lifted and that the Saints are required to play him every remaining game this year.

  8. This was a great team built around the offense. The defense was average when they won the Super Bowl. It was poor last year and got worse as the year progressed (look at both of their playoff games). It’s no surprise that the defense stinks this year.

  9. I thought Cris Collinsworth was spot-on with some of his observations last night. The Saints used to blitz heavily (a good way to compensate for coverage issues down the field) and would adjust their defense at the line, like when they faced Peyton in the Super Bowl. Now, they blitz less often and don’t adjust at all.

    Play after play, you’d see Manning look over what they were in, adjust his play to capitalize on it, and they’d remain in their called D and just hope he’d misread what they were in. No shock they got destroyedt. It also doesn’t help that their emotional leader, Vilma, simply isn’t very good any more. He’d better bring all kinds of emotion since he doesn’t actually help them with his play.

  10. I love it, the same old yaks, offering their opinions on the Saints. The Saints are not as bad as some of you proclaim, because if we were, y’all wouldn’t be interested in having this discussion. The way I see it, day in and day out, you visionaries (sarcasm) offer up your glee at the way the Saints are playing. Roger Goodell was successful in handicapping this franchise and the league knows it. Therefore, with a playoff berth pretty much out of reach, the Saints can focus on playing the spoiler, helping to eliminate pretenders in the hunt for the Superbowl. Having one hand tied behind your back by the commissioner doesn’t create an air of parity in the NFL, but be that as it may, it’s the position the Saints are in, thanks Roger. Sean Payton will return next season, and this season will be just a distance memory.
    2012 Season *
    Goodell *

  11. *Roger Goodell was successful in handicapping this

    thats proved to be pretty true. The messed up thing is that people aren’t acknowledging the fact that handicapping the Saints was a part of his motive. The same players on this saints defense have never looked this bad, there’s a lot of external factors making them play like this.
    The way this has played out has been pretty scary, the comissioner can act independently with the entire power of a business he really has absolutely no part in taking part in. The 32 football franchises do not need him to make the money they do, yet he can act like he is anyone involved in the business’s boss.
    He’s not anybody’s boss he isnt cutting anyones checks, if I wasnt a Saints fan and just a witness, I would still say this is unjust and that goodell should go shove it.

  12. jason and 87, the Saints players and coaches did this to themselves – not Roger Goodell. Don’t cast them as victims for their roles in Bountygate.

  13. By the third quarter, the players werent even interested in being there. Yeah they are historically bad.

  14. Cags give it a rest. If you still believe the tired case the NFL is dragging out there then you’re just as delusional as the saints fans who believe that the NFL didn’t want the saints to play in the Super Bowl so they made all of this up.

    The bottom line is they exaggerated hearsay, went on the word of shaky, biased witnesses and never left any wiggle room so they could back out of this gracefully in case the sh- hit the fan. So they went full in and levied punishments more fitting for murdering a fellow teammate than what they’ve thus far shown to be true.

    I’d be the first one to criticize the entire saints organization if I truly felt that what they did was above and beyond what other teams were doing and if I felt like the NFL had a mountain of irrefutable evidence but its just not there, and the only people who will believe it are those who want to believe it because its not their team.

  15. I am a Saints fan yet I see this in a different light. The Saints organization was always interested in building their offense – look at all the hype of we have 5 running back – loaded with talent, yet the line can’t open a hole for a runner to run and gain yards. (something missing)
    Mark Ingram runs the ball for 1-2 yards then hits a brick wall going no-where – what happen to his drive and runnnig ability? The whole team got dependant on Brees passing and saving the day – well even as good a Brees is – he only throws 3-5 yard passes. You could be 3rd and 12 for a 1st, he throws a 2 yard pass out to the flat or throws behind the line of scrimmage. (can’t make a 1st like that) What happen to the 15-25 yard zinngers he used to throw? As for the defense – the new system with Spagnoloa is not working, they need a system that changes up defense instead of the same of BS every play.

  16. so does this put to rest the 2011 MVP debate?

    1 guy nearly went undefeated with a really bad defense…

    Another guy can’t even beat teams with 1 win on their records.

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