Seahawks may need help at receiver


The Seattle Seahawks may need to hit the free agent market in search of a wide receiver.

The Seahawks receiving corps is banged up after the team’s 28-24 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Doug Baldwin missed the game with a high ankle sprain and is a long shot to play this week against the Minnesota Vikings, according to head coach Pete Carroll.  Braylon Edwards’ knee swelled up before the game and led to him being inactive, with an MRI needed on Monday.  Ben Obomanu suffered a sprained wrist and is also seeing a specialist.

That leaves the Seahawks with just three currently healthy receivers in Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, and Charly Martin. Carroll didn’t know the prognosis on Obomanu.  Carroll said he thinks Edwards will be OK, but the Seahawks won’t know for sure until later in the week. Either way, the Seahawks are taking stock of their possible options if necessary.

“We’ve got to find out what’s the deal with [Obomanu] and we’re not going to know about Doug and the likelihood is not great for Doug so we’re looking at our options here,” Carroll said.

Rookie Jermaine Kearse has been on the practice squad most of the season and would likely be the first option for Seattle if they needed to sign someone to the active roster but the Seahawks may elect to sign a player off the street instead. Terrell Owens, Deon Butler, Lavasier Tuinei, and Phil Bates were receivers that were in camp with Seattle and are familiar with their system.  They could be possible options if the Seahawks find themselves shorthanded.

21 responses to “Seahawks may need help at receiver

  1. Hey Seattle, call up one of those has beens you brought into camp like Antonio Bryant, T.O., or Kellen Winslow. Pete Carroll and Seattle is such a joke. I hope Seattle loses the Seahawks like they lost the Sonics. Crappy people, Crappy city, crappy sports = Seattle

  2. Panthrobro = Sandusky supporting pin cushion!

    Find somewhere else to troll chimo!

    Bitter about watching Seattle outclass the Panthers at home!

    Johnathan “Snoop” Stewart is from Washington near the Seattle area. He at onetime held the Washington State Highschool all time rushing record. Way to disrespect his mother, father, & extended family! Classless terd.

  3. U seem upset. I’m not a Seahawks fan and don’t know much about the people,and the city itself,or the sonics but the Seahawks are a good football team. It’s hard to argue that.

  4. panthrobro must be one bitter, pathetic person.
    Glad to see by the votes that almost everyone agrees.

    Seattle is a fantastic city, with down-to-earth people who love their sports teams. We haven’t had much success over the years, but our day will eventually arrive.

    With the state and city councils passing votes on a new arena, at some point Seattle will have the Sonics back, and an NHL franchise as well.

  5. We needed help long before the injuries started. I really like the way this team is heading, but Rice has been the only thing close to consistent they’ve had all year.

  6. Chad Johnson should change his name to Plaxico Burress to increase his chances of getting a job in the near future?

    And glad to have you on board Curtis for the late night news for those of us on the East Coast that don’t sleep much! Good activity and write ups lately!

  7. benjaminseikar says: Oct 29, 2012 10:53 PM

    Obo is going to be fine. It’s his time to step up and show what he can do


    He’s had that opportunity every year for the past 4-5 years.

    He’s a mediocre receiver that stays on the team for special teams versatility.

    I like the guy, but that’s what he is.

  8. Hey buddy, easy to talk crap like that behind a computer screen! I take that personally and I think people hate on us cause our city is badass, our stadium is top notch and even though our Hawks are 4-4 and have room for improvement, our team is competitive and fun to watch. So, you can suck it!! Dick

  9. I don’t know whats wrong with Deon Butler but I thought he was as good as Doug Baldwin who is digressing this year. Kellen Winslow would probably do better than the ball dropping TE Evan Moore. Don’t think he’s even caught one ball since arriving.

  10. i would love to see them bring back deon butler,think they should have kept him and released hands of stone edwards, give deon a real chance not just a limited role

  11. They’ve needed receivers from day one. What they have when 100% healthy is quadruple garbage. Wilson will never reach his potential with that hodgepodge of wideouts.

    They at least should have kept T.O.

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