Texans add DT Terrell McClain


A guy who wasn’t fit to be a part of a bad team has made his way to one of the best teams.

The Texans filled a need on the defensive line by signing former Panthers cast-off Terrell McClain, according to Tania Ganguli of the Houston Chronicle.

McClain was the first pick of the third round by the Panthers in 2011, making his release earlier this season a mild surprise. But he also hadn’t done much to warrant hanging around, other than having been drafted high. He had a cup of coffee with the Patriots since then, lasting less than a week.

He fills the spot created when injury replacement David Hunter went on injured reserve.

4 responses to “Texans add DT Terrell McClain

  1. Good luck, Texans. Dude was nothing more than a speed bump for us. Of course, with the entire universe alligned against everything sports-related in North Carolina the way it is, he probably will make the Pro Bowl.

  2. C’mon dude, dont be bitter, sometimes some of these guys need a change in scenery, not to mention having a defensive coach like Coach Phillips is really gonna help him get back into stried. Bottom line, the Texans picked up this guy for reason, this team is moving the needle forward not backward and therefore I’m sure he knows that if he doesn’t work out for us, we can easily just let him go. But if he knows any better, he should know that this thus far will be the best opportunity that he will get from a team with aspirations to making the Super Bowl….

  3. I think being a Panther fan from 1995 to the present, having to endure Rae Carruth, 2001, Fred Lane’s wife, 2010, 2012 and never experiencing 2 winning seasons in a row entitles me to be as bitter as I want. Actually, I think depressed is a better description than bitter. We just don’t have a lot of reason for hope here. At least when Siefort was coaching, we could be entertained by a wandering story about how a football season compares to the life of a wildebeast while wondering if we would ever win a game again.

    You make a good point about coaching. Phillips is a defensive mastermind, so I’m sure he’ll get some value out of McClain. I don’t think Sean McDermott is a bad DC, but Phillips is one of the best in that role.

  4. DT will be addressed in the 2013 NFL Draft for the Texans. Shaun Cody is not a factor and Earl Mitchell has not stepped up into the starting DT position. Hopefully the Texans will draft 2 DT’s. I like Star Lotulelei from Utah and Jesse Williams from Alabama.
    Until then, Terrell McClain has to do. Stay healthy my friend.

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