Bears could get Alshon Jeffery back sooner than expected

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A Bears offense that could use the help may be getting it sooner than expected.

A source told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune that wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will miss this week’s game against the Titans, but could return the following week against the Texans.

“I wouldn’t even try to guess when he’s coming back,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said Monday. “I just know he’s making progress and we’re hopeful.”

Jeffrey has been sidelined with a broken right hand since Oct. 7, but he’s still second on the team with 184 receiving yards and third with 14 catches. His size makes him a good target in the red zone, where the Bears have sputtered lately.

15 responses to “Bears could get Alshon Jeffery back sooner than expected

  1. Getting him back in time for the Texans game would be an incredible boost.

    The coaches realizing that Bennet is a better receiver than Hester would be an even bigger boost.

    Just sayin….

  2. Someone with 180 yards is the leading receiver of an NFL team half way through the season? No way.

    I respect the Bears’ record, but in no way do I respect their offense. Wow that’s bad.

  3. No he is second leading receiver on the team just like it says. This guy named Brandon Marshall is the leading receiver. Jay will welcome him back bc then they have two huge receivers on the outside and you can have Earl in the slot. Finally the Hester experiment on offense needs to end ASAP!

  4. Brandon Marshall is their leading receiver with 50 receptions for 675 yards and 4 TD’s. Alshon is the second leading receiver.

  5. @htowntexan… Assuming you can read, the article states Jeffery is ‘second’ on the team in receiving yards. And for the record- Marshall has 675 yds.

  6. Ashlon would be a great addition back. As far as the Bears ” O ” they will pick it up. Got away from Forte a bit in the 2nd half against the Panthers and truth be known Hester had a key drop ( like in almost every game ) Bennett will be fine, so no worries
    The second half of the season is where most real teams seperate themselves and I know the Bears will….1st test those Texans and I bet my boi Jorge Bears will win….24-17!!!!!!

  7. I’m one of the few & rare people that still think this offense can do wonders.

    Having Forte line up behind Cutler, with Marshall on one end and Jeffery on the other. Bennet in the slot and Hester can be used in his own package…I think they can be solid.

    But I don’t think it’s good Jay/bad Jay that will make or break this offense, it’s not if Marshall will not drop some passes, or Hester being productive, it’s our offensive line.

    They really determine it all. Give Jay a few seconds. What’s not recorded in the stat book is the amount of hits Cutler is taking.

    Being sacked is one thing, but there are SO MANY plays where Cutler runs for his life, dances around to get the ball away and gets pummeled.

  8. htowntexan says:
    Oct 30, 2012 4:02 PM
    Someone with 180 yards is the leading receiver of an NFL team half way through the season? No way.

    I respect the Bears’ record, but in no way do I respect their offense. Wow that’s bad.


    Obviously the article wasn’t read but what’s even more mind boggling is the number of thumbs up this comment received.

  9. The drop off to the second receiver is atrocious.

    This will be the last game Chicago wins for awhile.

  10. hey at least they have a semblence of an idea how to use him … my chiefs don’t have a clue how to use a similar player and first round pick jonathan baldwin. good luck to ya bears fans!

  11. If the O line can pick up the pace, Cutler won’t have to scramble for his life, or worry about getting hurt. The rest of the team, especially the defense, seems to be on track. When Cutler is under pressure, he needs to learn to dump the ball off on a quick slant. It appears to me he is trying to make the big play, instead of trying to get a few yards and go on to the next play.

    And to the non believers of the Bears, our passing attack has never been the bread and butter of this team. The ground and pound game is coming together, and when the wind is blowing 35mph in Chicago, lets see how your pass attack holds up,,,, or should I say how many INT’s the defense can set. A new record??

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