Cardinals could have interest in Bryant McKinnie


With Bryant McKinnie having been demoted out of the starting lineup in Baltimore, and with the Cardinals in desperate need of help on the offensive line, could the Ravens trade McKinnie to Arizona?

It’s a possibility explored by Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who writes that the Cardinals have some interest in McKinnie.

When the Cardinals started 4-0, they looked like they could be one of the pleasant surprises of this NFL season. But the Cardinals are now 4-4, and their lousy offensive line is a big reason that they’ve lost four straight games: Arizona has given up 39 sacks, by far the most in the NFL this season.

So if the Cardinals are serious about making a playoff run, acquiring a starting-caliber offensive lineman before Thursday’s trade deadline would be a wise move. The question is whether they’d want to give up anything of value for a player like McKinnie, who’s undeniably talented but also has a reputation for being more trouble than he’s worth.

If McKinnie does end up in Arizona, local strip clubs would be wise not to extend him a line of credit.

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  1. 5 of their next 8 on the road, first two are at Green Bay and at Atlanta. The second wild card looks attainable for a lot of teams in the NFC, but I’m not sure the reeling Cards are one of them.

  2. Why would anyone want him? He is lazy, fat, undisciplined and entitled! Does that make for a good addition to any team?

  3. He would be a big upgrade from what Cards have – and basically getting their act together and putting up 20 point is all there is needed to be an most games (maybe more like 30 the next two games), so the opponent has to be more take more chances on offense and thereby giving more opportunities for turnovers. Sure the schedule is hard, but New England away was pretty hard too, whereas St. Louis and Buffulo – not so much….However doubt it would be more than a late round pick

  4. Everything said about McKinnie here is true…he is lazy and undisciplined.

    Having said that, Baltimore would be foolish to trade him, as the Ravens have no depth at Tackle themselves. Oher is an average player on the Left side, and Osemele is a rookie on the Right.

    If either of those two goes down, they will need McKinnie to step in, or their season is in trouble, especially with the way the Baltimore Defense has played thus far.

  5. As somebody who lives within sight of University of Phoenix, I can honestly say these kinds of moves are exactly why I’m a Chargers fan.

  6. proudliberal85392 says:Oct 30, 2012 8:30 PM

    As somebody who lives within sight of University of Phoenix, I can honestly say these kinds of moves are exactly why I’m a Chargers fan.


    There’s an actual University of Phoenix?

  7. Whether he would benefit the Cards or not is open for debate. Whether or not the strip clubs or restaurants in the great Phoenix area would benefit is not.

  8. Even if they’re interested, they won’t be able to talk to him. I’m sure dude has turned off his phone from all the collectors and scrip clubs calling all the time.

  9. The Cards have given up more sacks in the past 2.5 years than any other team in the NFL, and yet they have refused to address the problem, what with the great braintrust of Whiz and Graves making the decisions.

    They squandered their first-rounder this year on Michael Floyd, mediocre receiver out of Notre Dame, who has been in the witness protection program ever since he arrived.

    They say Fitz needed another receiver to counter him. If that’s the thinking, they should have paid Anquan Boldin or Steve Breaston and perhaps concentrated on improving the O-line.
    But, that makes too much sense for this organization, which makes one believe it was Warner + Todd Haley that made the Cards respectable for one brief, shining moment.

  10. Oh please sign him Arizona and then get him in the lineup this week so Clay can take him to school just like he did when Bryant was a Viking.

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