Chargers finally release Kaeding

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Another piece of the trade that sent Eli Manning from San Diego to New York has left San Diego.

As expected, the Chargers have released kicker Nate Kaeding.

A third-round pick in 2004, Kaeding converted field goals at a regular-season rate of 87 percent.  But he developed a reputation for being less-than-clutch in the postseason.

Kaeding had been pushing the Chargers to cut him before the trade deadline, so that he wouldn’t have to pass through waivers.  The move also allows him to double dip, collecting the balance of his $2 million base salary from the Chargers (i.e., $1.05 million) as termination pay, while also pocketing whatever a new team pays him.

18 responses to “Chargers finally release Kaeding

  1. After watching how their season is unfolding you’d think how clutch he is in the playoffs would matter very little to the Chargers…

  2. Good to see that Eli trade still paying dividends… But hey they got more years out of him than Merriman!

  3. I don’t know why some Giants fans act like this makes anything about the trade worse. Kaeding was money in the regular season and those games did matter since the team went to the playoffs, it’s not like he didn’t help the team greatly. He did choke twice notably but also had a 4-4 game in the furthest the team had gone for the only points scored. I’ll miss him, but injures so many years in a row and his age with Novak younger makes it make sense. Can’t keep two kickers, had to move on.

  4. He was released because of how many games he’s missed between the beginning of the 2011 season and now.

    In that span, Nick Novak’s accuracy has been slightly below Kaeding’s (%79.4 last season, %87.4 this season), and he’s much cheaper. Not much of a loss.

  5. He never should have been brought back this season to begin with. No reason to keep a player who seems to get hurt an awful lot for someone who does nothing other then kick. Novak was solid. Novak doesn’t have the mental baggage like Kaeding. Novak is wayyyy cheaper. He was an open wound on this franchise and I for one am glad to see this chapter closed.

  6. So Wat the Chargers are saying is that the trade was Rivers for Eli straight up????? That’s a great trade. 2 time SB MVP for a guy who blows a 24 pt lead by THROWING 4 INTs.

  7. Can see why you’ll never see a Super Bowl between the Chargers and Eagles…………’re fans are harder on your own players and boo and show less support than any other NFL teams that I know of……..If they have a rough time on the road do you think you’re making it any easier for them when you BOO them or talk about them like that when they’re AT HOME? Wow the race is on…..which franchise will start supporting their team unconditionally and WIN a Super Bowl FIRST? lol

  8. All I can remember are the kicks he made to help get us into the playoffs. Anybody remember what happened last time we axed a good kicker (John Carney)? Do the names Wade Richey and Steve Christie ring a bell? Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes. Although Novak’s pct. of 79.4% in his one full season is not stellar (ranked 22nd in league), certainly well below what we’ve come to expect from Nate, it IS better than Richie/Christie. I guess that’s satisfactory to most of you.

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