DeSean Jackson: Michael Vick is still our quarterback, and still elite


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson is not among the many in Philadelphia who are losing faith in Michael Vick.

Jackson said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that he believes Vick still should be — and still is — the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

“As far as I know right now, Michael Vick is going to be the quarterback. I haven’t heard of changes or anything like that, so we’re still going with the plan,” Jackson said.

Despite talk that the Eagles need to bench the turnover-prone Vick for Nick Foles, Jackson said he doesn’t see it that way.

“You can’t ever blame it on one man,” Jackson said. “There’s been turnovers and things like that, but as far as Michael Vick and what he’s capable of doing, I think he’s still an elite quarterback.”

And Jackson said the Eagles still believe they can make some noise in the NFC.

“We expect a lot more out of ourselves,” Jackson said. “We’ve lost some games that we feel we should have won.”

The issue, however, is that some of those games they lost and should have won were lost in large part because of Vick’s turnovers. And with Vick on pace for career highs in interceptions, fumbles and fumbles lost, fewer and fewer people are left who agree with Jackson that Vick is still elite.

55 responses to “DeSean Jackson: Michael Vick is still our quarterback, and still elite

  1. Why does this guy get so many excuses? How is a guy that leads the NFL in turnovers elite? So it’s not his fault, he’s just the most unluckiest player in the game that someone elses is causing all of his turnovers. Whatever.

  2. He must be playing Madden ’13 on Xbox. Vick is far from elite. The numbers speak for that. He is an average NFL QB that in his prime made the highlight reel play that lead Sportscenter but he still can’t figure out a defense or what to do once his first read is taken away.

  3. Wow, as an Eagles fan it’s good to see all and any posts on my team, BUT I’m pretty sure other fans of other teams feel, otherwise. Maybe, talk about other teams or do you get off on the Eagles?

  4. DeSean Jackson’s endorsement of Vick should be enough to convince the Eagles’ staff to make the move to Foles. Bottomline, if Jackson thinks sonething in life is a good idea, it’s in fact quite the opposite.

  5. He was “Elite” for about 4 games 3 seasons ago. His miracle at the meadowlands was his peak, and he’s struggled ever since.

  6. Can we place a moratorium on the adjective “elite”? The word has lost all meaning at this point. ESPN’s John Clayton, for example, merrily labels about 75% of all active QBs elite. It’s absurd. I’d label about five or six current QBs as truly ‘elite’, and maybe even fewer, though my definition my be narrower than most.

    That said, Michael Vick is not elite by even the most broad and generous definition of the word. He may be an elite ATHLETE (though, like all of us, his athleticism inevitably erodes a bit with age), but he’s not an elite QB. He’s just not. The question is whether he can ever climb back up to that second (third?!) tier of “at least they’re good enough to win consistently” QBs before it’s too late. Personally, I think his low football IQ may be an insurmountable obstacle that no amount of coaching or preparation can surmount.

  7. Because Jackson speaks for the team, Let’s see Dream Team, Dynasty and elite QB equals 3-4 about to be 3-5

  8. Andy Reid ain’t helping that claim with the play calling. Agressive passing = Turnovers = A Loss
    Conservative Play Calling = No Turnovers = A Loss
    O Line is bad, Defense is bad, Vick is not playing well and Philly is full of fall guys.

  9. Vick was never an elite QB. He’s had flashes of eliteness, but has never been consistent. He’s also relied on physical talent and not put in the work needed to be truly elite, like film study and practice. He still can’t read a defense, hence his tendency to pull the ball down and run instead of passing.

    Once his physical skills start to decline, he’s done.

  10. Lost my power and most of my shingles in the storm last night.

    Really needed a good laugh and now I got it

    Elite QB in the NFC Arron Drew and Eli

    Elite QB in the AFC Payton and Tom

    RG3 and Andy Luck are better then Vick

  11. i’m no Vick fan – but i don’t see Andy Reid going with a rookie in a must win game. And i do believe it is a must win game because they are playing the worst defense in the NFL Monday night, and if they lose and go to 3-5 in that division/NFC it’s over. That’s why i think Vick gets one more start. If they lose to the Saints I think Foles comes in before a 6th loss

  12. Jackson needs to go as well. Having guys like like him is bad for a locker room. It’s guys like him who play for their own stats and their own ego. He’s the kind of guy who thought Young was a great addition. It all breeds an atmosphere of “me first, and the problems are someone elses fault,”

  13. Of course Michael Vick is not elite. DeSean Jackson said he is? Consider the source and move on. Oh, by the way, we Texans fans told you Eagles fans not to get giddy over the trade for DeMeco Ryans, and we’ve been proven right. Ryans is a serviceable ILB at this point in his career, but that’s all. He’s no longer a beast, and his beast days have been gone for awhile now. Too bad, b/c I like Ryans a lot and I like the Eagles, but the Texans knew what they were doing when they traded him away.

  14. It is about race always have always will know black QB will get the support like a white QB. Look at romo numbers 4 INT leads the league in turnovers where is his article up here look at sanchez numbers how about fitzpatrick or weeden or bradford or kolb or skeleton, Rivers where are the hot seat for these guys none why they get passes every week. Cam is getting the vick treatment and RG3 will get it to when he’s not performing well so dont say its not about race cause it is.

  15. Maybe all you clowns didn’t watch Vick play in 2010 when many analysts were saying he could contend for the MVP. I’m not saying he belongs with Brady or those top guys, and I’m not excusing his pedestrian performance so far, but when he’s hot, Michael Vick is definitely a force to be reckoned with….

  16. The problem isn’t Vick, it’s Andy Reid. He’s been making the same mistakes for years. Changing QBs, O-line and D-line coaches, D-Coordinators and everything else hasn’t fixed the problems of a flawed offensive philosophy, using the same gameplan week after week, failing to make in-game adjustments and mismanaging the clock. Reid is the common denominator and it’s time for him to go. He benefited from having some great players on the team when he got here, solid drafts from guys like Tom Modrak, an excellent D-Coordinator in Jim Johnson and now that Reid has gotten rid of anyone who ever had more power than he does and it’s his finger prints on every player, every gameplan and every decision, the team is crumbling. Now he’s scrambling to save his own job and he’s willing to throw anyone he has to under the bus.

  17. DivaSean, like all bratty children, needs to be seen and not heard. Seen producing, cutting down on the showboat nonsense, and going over the middle the way a WR needs to.

  18. Of course DeSean supports Vick – they’re the premier members of the ‘I don’t have to play hard cause you’re not paying me enough – until you pay me enough – now I don’t have to play hard” club.

    Jackson’s ole block/whiff on Samuel in the Atlanta game with about 5 minutes to go – when McCoy should have had a long run – should be a fine-able offense. Vick and Jackson both need to sit down – better yet – leave town. After 40 years of following the Eagles, can honestly say… who cares? Hey – they don’t care. Why should we?

    Good for the blood pressure. Sad for a franchise that used to stir passion.

  19. All I know if Vick wouldn’t have turned the ball over so many times the Eagles would have 3 more wins.And I remember watching the offense in preseason with Vick before he got hurt the offense was stagnent but when Foles came in the offense was on fire.The bottom line is this offense is perfect for a guy like Nick Foles and not Mike Vick.

  20. Wow a lot of critics for a guy standing up for a teammate, I guess everyone would be happy if he said Mike sucks. But wait then everyone would say man he’s a bad teammate.

  21. Or if vick actually had time to set his feet, he would be making a lot better throws, and eagles offense would actually take off, instead the o line sucks and he has no time, changing a quarter back won’t help, clearly vick is the better QB

  22. Wherever Michael Vick ends up, I hope he takes D-Jax with him. That kid has sucked for the last three years. We don’t even use him in the Punt Return game anymore and whenever he gets the ball you can bet he will go straight to the ground with it, IF he catches it. I wish they’d give Avant his play time. He’s twice the player DeSean Jackson is.

  23. Look people.. Stop crying about Desean’s comments. What is the guy supposed to say? If he wasn’t supportive of the QB and said the opposite you people would be crying about that to. Desean Jackson isn’t the problem with this team and he has made plays when he got catchable passes thrown to him. The problem is the Eagles offensive line is so bad that they don’t have time to go long and they bad coaching on the Eagles have not found a way to get this kid the ball.

  24. @EaglesFan29 are you serious?? You really wanna bring up race when my qb Tony Romo gets slaughtered by the media more than any other qb in the entire NFL and no he doesn’t whine or complain about it

  25. Elite? It should read “Delusional” Why make ridiculous comments when your team has dropped 3 in a row after BARELY winning the other games. Makes no sense….Eagles players and fans live in their own world, I guess!

  26. Are there any life long Eagles fans that find it as hard to watch this team play as I do?

    I can barely stand watching until halftime and I never remember feeling this “out of touch” with a team since before McNabb took the reigns.

    Even when Peterson and Hoying were QB going 5-11 those teams played (and lost) as a team.

  27. Ok – by no means am I saying that Vick is elite – but weren’t a lot of these same comments being passed around about Eli in 2010?

  28. Six of Vick’s picks came in three wins. Only two picks in the four losses. The Eagles have generally overcome Vick’s mistakes, its Vick who has been unable to overcome a lackluster defense. And can we put the myth of his being “injury prone” to rest? Vick is doing a great job just surviving behind a revolving door Offensive line.

    The Defense is not making plays or coming up with turnovers. Special teams have been consistently terrible. But most of all the Eagles miss Jason Peters, who was the best player on the team. 16 of McCoy’s 19 TDs last year came running behind Peters.

  29. The Eagles were ahead LATE in the 4th quarter against the Steelers and they drove down the field and kicked a game winning field goal. They were 10 points ahead with a little over 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter against the Lions and the lost. So they had leads late in the 4th quarter against 2 teams INSPITE of Vick’s turnovers and somehow Reid wants to bench Vick. Wow? By the way, I am not an Eagles fan but after watching the national games that the Eagles have played in, Vick is not the problem. Try O-line, Defense, and lack of a running game.

  30. Bottom line: Vick got paid, he does not care anymore. It happens all the time. why they didn’t just franchise tag him on an annual basis, that’s the eagles for you.

  31. What else is Desean going to say? Get off his back, he’s just being a teammate. If he would’ve said anything else, we would be talking about how Vick lost the faith of his locker room. Wake up people!!!

  32. kbp64 says: The Eagles were ahead LATE in the 4th quarter against the Steelers and they drove down the field and kicked a game winning field goal. They were 10 points ahead with a little over 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter against the Lions and the lost. So they had leads late in the 4th quarter against 2 teams INSPITE of Vick’s turnovers and somehow Reid wants to bench Vick. Wow? By the way, I am not an Eagles fan but after watching the national games that the Eagles have played in, Vick is not the problem. Try O-line, Defense, and lack of a running game.

    This is the only intelligent comment I’ve read in regards to this matter.

  33. Vick has NEVER been elite in any sense of the word. Jackson defending him to others who are critical, is part of what is wrong with the Eagles. No one is taking responsibility for anything and no one is holding anyone else accountable. Good luck running things that way.

  34. eaglesfan29, absolutely NOT about race. Vick is taking heat party because of his play. Other parts of the critique involve where he is as a player, and where he has been portrayed to be by the media.

    Be realistic about it. Vick has never really been a good QB. There are dozens of QBs who have played in Vicks time that have been better. Some of them have been black.

    If anything, Vick supporters tend to use reverse racism a lot. But really, Vick just doesnt have it and rarely has had IT over his career. What has he had? 2 good seasons? His career stats are terrible. I dont care what color a QB is, stats like Vick has put up would have 99% od QBs riding the bench or out of the game entirely. If anything, Vicks race has given him more opportunity than other QBs in the NFL.

  35. Please trade DeSean “Mr Overrated” Jackson! He doesn’t have a club and is one reason why the locker room is heartless! Go get Dwayne Bowe!!!!

  36. Vick and Jackson are two of a kind: athletic players; not too bright; both let head games screw them up; neither will ever reach their full potential. Two emotionally immature young men who were given way too much money way too young.

    Sorry, but that’s the way I see it

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