Jeff Fisher complains about officiating, in roundabout way


Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who has lost to Bill Belichick by a combined score of 104-7 in their last two meetings, addressed the media on Tuesday, touching on a variety of topics.

On the question of whether multiple pass interference penalties against St. Louis cornerback Bradley Fletcher were justified, Fisher was surprisingly candid.

“He’s grabbing,” Fisher said. “He grabbed. When you grab and the ball’s in the air, it’s pass interference. When you grab and the ball’s not in the air, it’s defensive holding. So, in each case, there was hand contact. Sometimes those aren’t called, but I can see what they saw and why they called them.”

Fisher then took a right turn while answering the question, offering up criticism of some calls that went against the Rams.

“I did think that we had a potential offensive pass interference on the ball in the end zone,” Fisher said. “I was a little disappointed — they also missed three roughing the passer calls on our quarterback. Those are 15-yard penalties and they keep drives alive. But, as I said, it’s a difficult game to officiate and they’re not going to see everything, but I’d like to have seen [referee Walt Coleman] do a better job of protecting our quarterback.”

Fisher pointed to three specific non-roughing calls — a hit from Pats linebacker Dont’a Hightower on quarterback Sam Bradford, and then two more occasions on which Bradford was “hit in the face.”

There’s a chance Fisher will be hit in the wallet. The rules in this regard aren’t always clear.  Just like the rules regarding roughing the passer.

29 responses to “Jeff Fisher complains about officiating, in roundabout way

  1. Jeff just be thankful you don’t play NE twice a year like we have to! You get use to it after awhile, and really come to expect it. Will admit it might only happen a few times in a game but those calls, or non calls are usually well placed.

  2. Note to Jeff Fisher:

    You coach for the Rams, not the Patriots, Steelers, Giants, Bears, Cowboys, ect, ect. You won’t get those calls if you’re a QB in midwestern fly-over country. As a former coach in Tennessee, you should know that.

  3. Complaining about roughing the passer penalties and blaming your lack of offensive output on the no-calls is the equivalent of complaining about your weekly expenses and blaming the state for not winning the lottery. Don’t count on penalties to move the chains.

  4. sometimes I miss the replacement officials. at least, with them, the calls were more even. it just seems like players from bad teams don’t get the same calls as teams from(traditionally) good teams.

    maybe I’m just paranoid because my team has been bad for a long time.

  5. Have really seen only the pace of the game improve and the media turn a blind eye since the regular refs returned. The missed calls and bad calls have been alot worse in some situations. At least there is integrity again…. whatever that means.

  6. As a Ram’s fan he has a valid point..on the flip side it wouldn’t have a made a darn difference. They got their butt kicked in every facet

  7. Hey Jeff, you don’t have enough rings to start acting like Coughlin. BTW, the officials could have given you 10 roughing the passer/illegal hands to the face calls and you still would have came up short.

  8. The non…replacement refs are looking old and somewhat confused. A replay of this game shows refs standing right by several infractions by the pats but again THE refs looked confused.

  9. Well the NFL should review to see if indeed 3 calls were missed, in which case they can give Fisher a 3 foul bulk discount. Say just $20k for 3 critical comments. He can get the next 2 complaints for free after paying for this one.

  10. A head coach of all people should know not to rely on the refs to determine the outcome of the game… u make enough good plays to win. Don’t look for help…. just prepare better…

  11. This is the guy who worked with Bill Polian to change the pass defense rules after the Patriots beat both their teams in the playoffs. No personal integrity, either one of them. Take your lickin’ like a man, or put on a pair of panties and be done with it.

  12. Everyone saying it wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome of the game is missing the point. You still don’t want your QB getting teed off on. If he gets hurt, it could affect the result of future games.

  13. Yeah the patriots get all the calls. All the time. Not even close. They aren’t really good at moving the ball up and down the field or anything like that. They just get penalties to set them up. Highest scoring team in league is all due to officiating.

  14. Walt Coleman has been part of the Pat’s organization for years. Money under the table I think. If he is working a Pat’s game, get used to it Jeff. All the replacement refs are better than this bum.

  15. How hypocritical of Jeff Fisher who ran one of the dirtiest programs in the league while at Tennessee to complain about late hits What a laugh.

    He’s right about one thing, ALL of those 3 Personal fouls were obvious calls. None were even close. And if he wants to protect his QB, he’d be better off hiring some professional offensive linemen before he whines to the officials

    And a little point of information for some of the professional Patriot haters that lurk here. Over the last 3 years, Tom Brady has ranked in the bottom 10 of QB’s getting flags for roughing. So the illusion that Brady is being protected is just ANOTHER delusion you keep spewing here that has no merit..

    Envy is such an ugly sin

  16. He should prepare his team better? You can’t prepare against roughing the passer. Fisher was right about those no-calls to Bradford, I saw the game. Potentially losing a QB to injury is a longer-term concern for any coach than today’s game-plan is.

    The Pats would still have won that game, but it’s clear that referee Walt Coleman was not doing a good job of protecting the QB, which is a specific responsibility of his position.

  17. 104-7 in last two meetings against Belichick. Hey Jeff… Remember that time you ran your mouth about Bill Belichick? Yeah.. he doesn’t hold a grudge HAHA.

  18. I just love all you clueless, jealous Patriots haters. The Patriots D linemen get blatantly held on every play and rarely get a call. Every team gets screwed by the refs in every game at some point. Shut your pie holes and root for a real team!!

  19. juanhughjazz says:……it just seems like players from bad teams don’t get the same calls as teams from(traditionally) good teams.

    I think there is some validity to your point. Back when the Pats were in the cellar, teams were allowed to treat them like rag dolls. If the Pats looked crosseyed, out came a flag.

    Then there is Indy, all teams NYC, and Pittsburgh. Those last two SB’s of pitts against the seahawks and cards were gifts from the refs. Very well placed calls and non call alike.

    Goofells family is all NY, so there ya go

  20. Will some of the people who are always claiming the Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Cowboys etc etc keep getting favorable calls from officials, explain to me why that happens because for the life of me your claims make absolutely no sense!!!

  21. funny how after Bradford got pancaked by Hightower he squirmed on the ground acting like both shoulders were broken and he was back in the following series…………hmmmmnnnn?

  22. zimaman says:
    Oct 31, 2012 9:50 AM
    funny how after Bradford got pancaked by Hightower he squirmed on the ground acting like both shoulders were broken and he was back in the following series…………hmmmmnnnn?

    Umm, the refs stopped the clock for an injury. He did not miss even one play. When they stop the clock for an injury, you’re supposed to miss at least one play. So the refs screwed the Pats.
    See how stupid that sounds everyone.

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