No developments on Tagliabue hearing

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With the hearing previously set for today canceled and Hurricane Sandy disrupting pretty much everything in New York and Washington and all points in between, the parties are still waiting to hear when, and if, former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue will take up the question of whether the player suspensions will be upheld.

Tagliabue was expected to contact the parties Monday to reschedule the October 30 hearing.  There have been no developments in that regard.

Judge Helen Berrigan could, theoretically, issue a ruling at any time regarding the effort to prevent Tagliabue from handling the internal appeal, given his employment with the law firm that represents the NFL in multiple matters, including a defamation lawsuit brought by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma against Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The suspensions of Vilma and Saints defensive end Will Smith won’t become effective until Tagliabue issues a ruling upholding the discipline — and unless Judge Berrigan decides to not delay the ruling pending judicial review of the decision.  Thus, Vilma and Smith will be available to play on Monday night against the Eagles.

With the Saints hosting the Falcons six days later, it remains to be seen whether Tagliabue schedules the hearing for Tuesday, November 6, or whether he waits until Tuesday, November 13.

Brown linebacker Scott Fujita has been placed on injured reserve with a neck injury, so the timing doesn’t matter in his case.  As to free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove, who currently faces a two-game suspension once he signs with a team, the sooner this ends, the better.  No team will sign him until the situation is resolved.

In hindsight, it would have been prudent for Hargrove to drop his challenge and serve the original eight-game suspension, since he would have already missed eight weeks of the season.  He’d now be free and clear to sign with a new team.

14 responses to “No developments on Tagliabue hearing

  1. There was some concern that Tagliabue might be taking orders from Goodell. When he talks to him on the phone, he keeps saying “Roger …Roger…Roger”.
    That isn’t cause for alarm in itself, but when he concludes the conversation by saying “10-4, over and out!”, it raises eyebrows.

  2. I understand the league wanting to have Tags hear the appeal, but isn’t it obvious by now they lacked the requisite evidence to levy the suspensions set forth by Goodell. If they did, the case would be heard by a completely unbiased arbitrator and settled already.

    I know the league has no obligation to appoint an unbiased individual but, at least to me, this joke is continuing to show that Goodell blew it in the first place

  3. Based on Vilma’s performance the last two weeks, Goodell or Tagliabue should rescind his suspension and require the Saints to have him on the filed for every defensive play.

  4. Based on Vilma’s performance the last two weeks, Goodell or Tagliabue should rescind his suspension and require the Saints to have him on the filed for every defensive play.
    Based on what I saw Sunday night, that’s true.

    However, this isn’t a matter of salvaging the Saints’ season now. This is personal. Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person has made it that way with his “Evidence? I don’ need no stinking evidence” vendetta.

  5. gtodriver says:
    Oct 30, 2012 5:08 PM
    Earth to Saints fans – there is NO vendetta from the NFL against your team.
    Earth to gtodriver – there is no way that Goodell is righteous in his accusations.

  6. This has been the worse period of my entire life of being a Saints fan. And, trust me. I’ve seen some horrific things. I can remember sitting in tulane stadium for the 62 to 7 whipping at the hands of those damn falcons. And, for those of you who think that you’re true Saints fans you’re not. I was honored to be in the dome when Big Ben was born. Others Saints fans remember Alfred Jenking second lining into the end zone after he caught the ball. And, don’t forget about the Monday night melt down lead Oak 35 to 14 before seeing our boys blow the lead. But, through it all you took comfront in the fact that we were controlling our own destiny. But, this year was lost when we lost our coach. I can’t wait for it to end. In the mean time I hope JV and company drag this out the entire year. Because, no matter what the haters say this was wrong.

  7. Within moments after Goodell famously announced that he had 50,000 documents of evidence against the Saints players and coaches, he began backfilling and covering up every shred of supposed evidence he might have had. In truth, he has none that any reasonable, fair-minded person would rely on to destroy coaches, players and a whole team.

    Like “hor2012” this has been my worst year as a Saints fan. I sat in Tulane stadium one year when the Saints had a 20-0 lead on the Cardinals with 8 minutes to play…and lost. So I’ve seen the bad times.

    But now I’m having a recurring dream. Every week or so I have the same dream. In my dream I’m sitting in the courtroom just outside the bar rail, right behind the chair in which Roger Goodell is sitting. I can see the back of his tailor-made Armani suit pants. That’s when jury selection starts in Vilma’s defamation suit. As each juror is called to take a seat in the box ( a waitress, an accountant, a roughneck, a stevedore, a nurse, a UPS employee, a retired school janitor, etc ) there appears a dark brown spot on the back of Goodell’s fancy pants and it gets larger and larger and larger and….

  8. Please. Just because people are of the opinion that credible evidence exists to support the NFL’s allegations doesn’t mean they “hate” the Saints. It just means that there are people out there who have a different opinion than those on the side of the suspended players. Nothing more.

    The Saints organization promised to never again operate a bounty program; the head coach and general manager admitted the NFL’s allegations happened under their watch; the former defensive coordinator provided a written statement detailing the operation of the program; and Cerullo corroborated the fundamental details of the program.

    Significant evidence exists. Whether one finds it persuasive is a completely different issue. But the evidence is there. To think otherwise is nothing short of delusional.

    As far the the cases before Judge Berrigan are concerned, including Vilma’s defamation action, just remember the NFL’s motions to dismiss have not yet been ruled on. Judge Berrigan could very well dismiss them all because the players have no claims against the league or Goodell recognized by law.

  9. hor2012 says:Oct 30, 2012 5:44 PM

    And, for those of you who think that you’re true Saints fans you’re not.

    Hor2012, I assume that you believe “you’re [a] true Saints fan.” Oddly enough, by your logic, that means you are not a “true fan.”

    Really, you should let go of the notion that only those who watched games in Tulane Satdium can ever be a real fan.

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