Power rankings, midseason team MVP edition

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The power rankings were delayed a bit today, due to the unexpected fill-in duties for Dan Patrick this morning.

But now that the show has been completed and lunch has been eaten (I always have my priorities in mind), it was time to compile this week’s 1-to-32 list of teams.

And given all the talk about league MVP through eight weeks of the season, I’ve named a team MVP for each franchise, after eight weeks of the regular season.

For some of the teams at the bottom, I considered giving the honor to “none.”

12 responses to “Power rankings, midseason team MVP edition

  1. Yeah… They were there a second ago. Probably saw where they had the Vikings/bears, and decided it was too high.

  2. Going back to the end of his first season in Chicago, Da Bears are 25-9 in games Jay Cutler has started, so his being your Bears MVP makes sense…But I’d also like to show the defense some love and nominate Peanut Tillman and Tim Jennings as co-MVPs along with Jay.

  3. Chicago has a pro bowl QB and most Chicago fans love him… Jay Cutler is the Best player on the team. MVP sounds about right to me. YA KNOW THERES A FOOTBALL GAME IN FEBRUARY.

  4. chi01town says: Oct 30, 2012 6:08 PM

    “Chicago has a pro bowl QB and most Chicago fans love him… Jay Cutler is the Best player on the team…”

    I love Jay, but there are too many good players on the Bears to single out one…Still, good to see Jay Cutler getting some love.

  5. Steelers defense is “ordinary” without Polamalu?

    He’s played 5 quarters of football this season and the Steelers have the league’s #2 defense without him.

  6. love the commenters who try to hate on the falcons because of the schedule. Guess what? The niners,giants and bears also have only beat one team with a winning record and the giants have lost 2 to teams with losing records. So what?? any team can bet you any given sunday. In response to the comment above about atlanta should be glad they arent facing manning now, lets see peyton and the broncos beat the steelers week 1 and he threw 2 tds and had 250 yards passing. Week 2 was atlanta and then week 3 he threw for 330 yards and 3 tds in a loss to one of the best defenses in football, Houston. So

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