Report: Lions trade for Mike Thomas

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With receiver Nate Burleson gone for the year, the Lions were believed to be prepared to fill the void internally.

They’ve now opted for external help.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Lions have acquired veteran receiver Mike Thomas from the Jaguars.  Terms of the deal are not yet known.

Thomas, a fourth-round pick in 2009, has only 13 catches for 80 yards this season, in seven appearances and three starts.  His best season came in 2010, when he caught 66 passes for 820 yards and four touchdowns.

He’ll be leaving Jacksonville, and then promptly returning.  The Lions play the Jaguars at EverBank Field on Sunday.

46 responses to “Report: Lions trade for Mike Thomas

  1. Money Mike!!! 🙂 Welcome to Lions country, sir. You get to finally play with a good QB!!! Now my favorite NFL team has a fellow UA alum to go along with a Wyomingite in John Wendling. Love it!!!

  2. His numbers will probably go way up ( compared to what they are “way” up might not be much) playing next to Johnson. Fantasy desperation pick up.

  3. Those savvy Lions, picking up a player from the team they’re playing next.

    Good teams do that for a little extra info to maybe enhance their game plan. The Lions, on the other hand, will let Thomas call the D for this game.

  4. @crownofthehelment

    If they need to give up a third-round pick to get an edge on the Jacksonville Jaguars, then they’ve got way bigger problems than WR3 or WR4.


  5. This guy showed so much promise, but then completely mailed it in after the contract extension. Maybe a change of scenery does him well. Good luck M80

  6. -lions offense awakens with solid WR performances against a (reportedly) good seattle pass defense

    -so lions go out and trade for mike thomas, an underachiever and mediocre player at best

    makes sense.

    if matt millen were still running things.

  7. Jags just needed to unload the big contract they gave him last year. It doesn’t matter what they got for him.

  8. Kinda wish they would look at Steven Jackson, you can probably get him at a good value, and I think he still has some left in the tank… This just seems unnecessary in my opinion… I thought that’s why we drafted Broyles??

  9. The Lions pay a late rd pick at $700k for the rest of the year and $1.35m next for a fast slot guy? OK! he gets more expensive in 2014 and 15 at $3.5mish…

    Justin Miller got cut to find a spot for him…

    Hmm…maybe Burleson’s leg injury is worse than thought…Broyles has looked good coming off his knee surgery and looks to be the long term slot guy…

    Mayhew/Schwartz do this…they load up a position ( TE, DT) with a ton of talent then play them all….

    Maybe the Lions go no huddle the rest of the year!

    Would MUCH rather see him returning kicks than Logan and his 1 TD 13 fumbles….Schwartzie gave Logan the “we still believe in Stefan Logan” soundbite….hopefully it was the PC kiss of death….

  10. He can’t catch. Thank God he’s gone. What did Gene get for him? If we got a ham sandwich and a free tour at the Ford museum in Detroit, they overpaid.

  11. Wow, this isn’t a huge deal. We were down to THREE RECEIVERS. We don’t need a blockbuster trade, we just need a veteran body who can go in if we’re desperate and catch the ball. Stop over reacting saying this isn’t what we need or what a bad trade it was. I’m sure this is a 7th round pick swap for this guy. It brings some depth.

  12. Can trading for an underperforming wide receiver from the worst passing attack in the NFL be considered an upgrade?
    I do not think either team improved with this trade.
    I think it would have been easier for the Lions to just sign Plaxico Burress considering he probably would have been at a low salary and give the Lions more production.

  13. hes going to be a RETURNER… u guys are the same fake fans who cried about the titus young pick and the broyles and here u are chanting how great they are…pah-thetic!

  14. From a Jag fan …

    I’m sorry for the fans in Detroit. That guy folds and hacks.

    But … good luck in Detroit M80 … hope you can turn your career around.

  15. papacrick says:Oct 30, 2012 4:58 PM

    Receiver is the last position the Lions need an upgrade at.

    As a Jags fan – I can tell you that ehile he won’t be a season changer – the dude ain’t bad.
    He will help Detroit and this is former Jags GM now Detroit VP Shack Harris influencing Detroit.

    They probably figured can’t make D better so we better at least be able to try to take some pressure off Calvin and score some points.

  16. I’m a Jags fan who hates M80 because he’s been a dog with fleas ever since he got his new contract, but I really think this might work out well for Detroit. Playing with Stafford and alongside Johnson might give Thomas some motivation to actually try, and when he does he can be a heck of a slot receiver. We all loved him after his first couple seasons; it looked like he was going to have a great career. The talent is there, and if Thomas gives effort he can be a real asset for Stafford.

  17. There was a lot of talk the lions would take him in ’09, but they went with Derrick Williams in the third round instead–we know how that worked out. As a depth and special teams move, you’ve got to like the play by Mayhew.

  18. Is Matt Millen still the GM in Detroit? Grossly horrible move. This move was made to take detroits focus off of their pathetic MLB team.

  19. Good player and he’ll get 4-5 catches for 60-80 yards a game and maybe 7-8 TDs the rest of the way. Would have been a solid player here if Blaine actually had time to drop back and throw the ball.

  20. Maybe we’ve finally faced reality and were going to stop trying to run the ball behind a horrible run blocking line and go 4 wide. Here’s our 4th.

  21. Welcome to Detroit Mike. This is your big chance to rack up some numbers – make it work.

    I think Thomas our new returner. It looks like Stephan Logan’s days are numbered.

    The buzz is that Thomas’s speed makes him a legit threat 4 WR sets. That will help in shootouts — which we seem to have every week.

    It’s obviously no coincidence we picked up a member of the Jags just before a game against the Jags. It’s the NFL. Whatever it takes to win.

    Also … word from all the Detroit papers is that the Lions are still trying to acquire a starting Safety in a trade. I’m kind of bummed to say it, but I think Cliff Avril is probably being shopped. Reality is that the Lions won’t have the cap space for him next year. His market value right now is pretty high.

  22. Not a fan of this move. Seems like we would be able to gap the loss of burleson with current guys on the roster, especially pettigrew and scheffler – run more two TE sets. The draft pick is more valuable to me than a 4th wideout given the severe needs at DB and OL. The only way this looks good is if Thomas becomes a great returner to supplant Logan. I don’t like this one bit…..

  23. Seriously – are you all really that ignorant (even my fellow Lions fans)??? The Lions are a passing team. Teams that pass as much as the Lions often run 4-WR sets (and even 5-WR sometimes). Tell me, fellow Lions fans — who would you rather play at WR #4, Stefan Logan? Brian Robiskie? Kasim Osgood??? Give me a break. The Lions are a pass-first team, and if they start losing the ability to do that, they’re going to go down hill. Megatron, Young, Broyles and Thomas will continue the formidable WR group that the Lions need with Burleson out for the year.

    You’re only fooling yourself if you somehow think that this trade means that the Lions don’t need secondary help. Everyone knows it. But they still had to replace that empty spot that Burleson left when he got injured.

    Seriously…..y’all are a bunch of children.

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