Skelton still the Cardinals quarterback

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A four-game winning streak has become a four-game losing streak in Arizona.  And the man who started the last two losses and threw a decisive interception in the overtime defeat preceding the last two losses will continue to be the quarterback.

That’s what coach Ken Whisenhunt said a day after the Cardinals mustered only three points at home against the 49ers.

Whisenhunt addressed Skelton’s status not in conjunction with the potential return of Kevin Kolb from a rib injury, but in connection with the possibility that sixth-round rookie Ryan Lindley will play.

I don’t know where the Lindley [push] is coming from,” Whisenhunt said.

Though we’re aware of no coordinated “push,” it’s not surprising that folks would be wondering whether Lindley will get a chance.  After all, Whisenhunt ultimately went with a couple of rookie in 2010, after Kurt Warner retired, Matt Leinart was jettisoned, and Derek Anderson proved that he’s the answer only if the question was “Who’ll be the first guy benched this year?”

That season, Max Hall started three games and Skelton started four.  So why not Lindley now?

The alternative would be to try to upgrade the position via trade.  But no quarterbacks are believed to be available.  Unless the Eagles decide not only to bench but also to part ways with Michael Vick.

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  1. Cards have NO room for Vick’s enormous contract… or anyone’s for that matter if I’m not mistaken

  2. It doesn’t take a genius to see that no qb can survive with that offensive line. You could put Brady or Manning (either one) back there, and the results would be similar.

  3. Kolb is a good QB WHEN he has time to throw. No QB is going to be any good behind that offensive line. The Cards need to spend every offseason penny and draft pick on upgrading the OL or else they won’t compete for a while. Which is a shame considering how good their defense is and their receivers are.

  4. They’re looking really silly. They had a good quarterback on their roster in Richard Bartel. They can re-sign him now and they should. He’s better than Skelton.

  5. raynman49 says: Oct 30, 2012 7:53 PM

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that no qb can survive with that offensive line. You could put Brady or Manning (either one) back there, and the results would be similar.
    probably wouldn’t play as well as they are but to say they would fair even remotely close to any QB on that roster is beyond idiotic

  6. Maybe Lindley is taking lessons from Tim Tebow – trying to undermine the starter while maintaining plausable deniability.

  7. “Skelton is our starter” is code for “We want to put ourselves in a good position to draft Geno Smith.”

  8. No, not Vick. No no no no no. Skelton won all those games last year when the line was a little better. Too much pressure on any QB there to get it to Fitz. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great but you see it all the time. Eli was just quoted as saying life was easier without having to force it to a vetern. The best QBs are always praised for spreading the ball to multiple recievers.

  9. “I don’t know where the Lindley push is coming from.”

    Skelton: 73- 126 for 746 yards. 57.9% Completion Percentage (completes one more pass per ten than Tim Tebow)
    5.92 AVG…… 28 yard long pass….. 1TD/4INT/2FUM
    QBR: 17.5
    Passer Rating: 64.5

    I realize the line is not playing well, but those numbers are where the Lindley push is coming from. Skelton holds the ball too long, makes bad reads and ALWAYS throws the ball high (Ask Early Doucet).

  10. It doesnt really seem to be skelton’s fault, he is pressured too much with his weak line. They probably would be better off with a more elusive qb — one with feet.

  11. Porto-John-Skelton should not be on an NFL roster. His accuracy is the worst among starting QB’s and Whisenhunt looks more foolish every time he pencils him in as starter. Lindley should get a shot….It doesn’t get worse than John Skelton.

  12. Skelton’s career stats: 284/527 for a 53.9 completion%!!!! 14 td’s vs. 20 INTs …These are horrific statistics ….For those who blame the offensive line …Kevin Cobb in 2012: 109/183 59.6% completions. 8 td’s 3 picks. Whisenhunt needs to let the rook have a go!

  13. offensive lines all over the NFL is terrible cause Cutler is always getting up off the ground too. a decent LT is next to imposible to find. so dont feel bad Philly fans the problem is all over the place

  14. Can’t the Cardinals coach do anything to help the o-line? Put a blocking TE, leave a FB guarding the QB, anything?

    Maybe he’s trying to kill Kolb and Skelton.

  15. The only “push” Skelton should worry about is one coming from opposing D-lines. He needs to play better but that line is awful.

  16. I have been a cardinals fan my whole life and I don’t see them winning another game this year. The whole team is playing horrible right now. The offense sucks except for Larry and the receivers and our defense is horrible right. Ow we can’t stop anything. But if you look at Arizonas history this exactly how the cardinals play every year we have never won more than 10 games in a season dating back to the 40’s. We are the worst franchise in the nfl as far as our record is concerned

  17. It’s Tebow time. Trade for Timmie. At least that sucker can run from the pass rush. Maybe won’t get killed,and you get all that good press out there that comes with him.

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