Teams calling Panthers to see if Steve Smith’s available


The buzzards circling the carcass of the Carolina Panthers have shifted their gaze from running back DeAngelo Williams to wide receiver Steve Smith.

Jay Glazer of Fox reports teams are calling the Panthers about the possibility of trading for Smith, but the Panthers have turned the inquiries down at this point.

After the firing of general manager Marty Hurney, teams are naturally (and perhaps correctly) perceiving panic and trying to buy pennies on the dollar.

Multiple sources inside the Panthers organization suggest a trade of a star player would be considered unlikely, with any move of substance (i.e. trading Smith or Williams) having to be run past owner Jerry Richardson first.

Head coach Ron Rivera had his Al Haig moment last week, saying the buck stopped with him on personnel moves, but when asked about rumors of a Williams trade Monday, deferred to Brandon Beane, who was Hurney’s right hand man who handled all the organization’s logisitics and is being referred to as an interim GM.

Smith’s one of Richardson’s favorites, and after Smith came off a previous trade demand, was given a contract extension that should carry him to the practical length of his career.

30 responses to “Teams calling Panthers to see if Steve Smith’s available

  1. if they trade him are the conceeding that this season they won’t make the playoffs? why are they giving up so fast?

  2. This Smith, is the quintessential of a head case.
    Why would you want him?
    Maybe the Raiders or the circus with the Jets is where he would fit in

  3. I am a long time Panther fan… It’s time we let Smith go an explore the option of a Super Bowl contender. Get what we can for him and wish him well. Think about it, If he had a B+ QB throughout his whole career, he’d be a sure fire HOFer. Thank you Smitty for all the great years, a true giant in the game, It’s time we move on and re-build.

  4. I would love for the Vikings to go after him. Problem is, until Musgrave is gone, i don’t think he would be much help. He would be a great addition to any team.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Vikings are calling for him. They think that they are just a reciever short right now. Need more than that!

  5. It makes sense as he is an older receiver and you could get legit assets – IE sell high.

    However, stripping away Cam’s only real target would be brutal for his development, and you have to ask if this would be worth it. That’s why you need a good GM – to make these decisions.

  6. baloneyjohn says: Oct 30, 2012 6:32 PM

    This Smith, is the quintessential of a head case.
    Why would you want him?
    Maybe the Raiders or the circus with the Jets is where he would fit in
    The Raiders aren’t really a home for wayward nut jobs these days, but I would love to see Smith sporting an eye patch.

  7. LOL, the buzzards are circiling in carolina, have it at boys, their season is dead anyways!!

  8. @baloneyjohn- Al Davis passed in 2011. You and every other hater needs to come up with some fresh material/reason to hate the RAIDERS. Reggie is cleaning house, the RAIDERS are on the upswing- sucks to be a hater.

    Gantt, you are included…

  9. Dallas would be a great fit. They were looking to trade for him 3 years ago. He is still very good and would be a great #2 – Dez being their new #3, cut Olgetree.

  10. If the Panthers trade Smith, I am burning all of my Panthers gear and never going to BOA stadium again. That would be the biggest loss in seasons of misery as a Panthers fan. They wouldn’t trade away the best player in franchise history would they?

  11. If they are going to deal Smith, the jets really need someone with experience in catching the ball. Seattle, Buffalo, and Washington should be kicking the tires as well. Let’s not forget Billy B in New England who looooooves players like Steve Smith.

  12. Dont nobody want that OLD MAN.
    Smith is Short .. OLD and he talks too much an cant back it up. Jennings just made him look 50 years old in Chicago. Cam was throwing to that bum when Chicago took the game

  13. Smith is SHORT..OLD and talks too much. and hes NOT half as good as he use to be. Why would anybody give up anything more than a 4th round draft pick for him. Teams want prototype 6.4 WR’s 225 pounds. NOT BIG MOUTH SHRIMPS thats 50 years old

  14. Hey Mullman,

    Nobody wants to play for the Raiders in that empty stench hole known as Coliseum. They are always on back page news compared to Niners. Steve Smith would want to go to the best team in Norcal not the garbage.

  15. yo Chi01town,

    that “big mouth shrimp” has 4 of the top 10 best games by opposing receivers in Soldier Field history. You need to stop making ignorant posts. You are making your fan base look dumb and I know some Bears fans; they aren’t stupid.

  16. If anything, Smith’s overbearing personality has hurt Cam’s development as a team leader. Panthers would be well advised to clean house , stock draft picks for the new GM.

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