Titans defense had 10 on the field for critical fourth down

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The Jaguars had to feel a little foolish giving up a blocked punt for a Packers touchdown against a team that only had 10 on the field.

The Titans will likely feel worse.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, the Titans defense only had 10 on the field for a fourth-down conversion that set up the game-tying touchdown, in a game the Colts would come back to win in overtime.

Colts running back Delone Carter plowed through the middle of the line for the conversion, and nearly a touchdown (which he’d get by diving over the top on the next play).

Chappell said upon review, the Titans were apparently short a defensive tackle, with just three linemen on the field for a short-yardage play.

The Titans are ranked 30th in the league on defense, meaning they need to try playing with 12. Going a man short makes it easier than it already is.

13 responses to “Titans defense had 10 on the field for critical fourth down

  1. Titans said Sunday in postgame they were short a man TWICE on the Colts’ game-tying drive.

    Sadly, not entirely surprising considering how Jerry Gray shuttles so many sub packages in and out all the time. Lots of opportunities for guys to get confused on who’s supposed to be in or out. This “specialized role” thing on defense doesn’t seem to be working out so well for them.

  2. Good going Jerry Gray!!! With the exception of our special teams coach this coaching staff is just not working out. Chris Palmer needs to go, I loved “quiet” Munchuck as a OL coach but he’s just not cut out to be a head coach, his replacement Bruce Matthews is awful as a coach, and well being last in the league in defense and watching teams run all up the field on us ALL day is enough to say about Jerry Grey and his defense.

  3. You don’t field one of the worst defenses in the entire history of the NFL by simply rolling out of bed in the morning; it took a TON of poor gameplanning and disorganization to make them this lousy.

    It’s easy for fans to sit back and say, “Wow, this defense is beyond horrendous.”

    But for a defense to actually be that terrible, and consistently fall short of even the most pessimistic expectations, week in and week out? That’s impressive.

    History in the making, baby.

  4. The Titans cant make mistakes like that this sunday or Chicago will smoke them. they already cant win this game. Chicago dont make mistakes an if the Titans goof up they will pay

  5. Watching the Titans is just not fun anymore.
    In the past I felt they always had a chance to come back and win a game. The players seemed to feel that also. (Miss You #9)
    Today this poorly coached team has no swagger or hope of finding any.
    These players are better than this, coaching is the key, and I don’t see it getting any better soon.
    8-8 is the goal of this staff, keeps Bud happy and sitting in the Texans box seats where he feels at home.
    Titans, you were.
    Better luck next year, maybe 9-7?

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