Tomlin not happy with Brown’s backward punt return

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Steelers punt returner Antonio Brown broke free for what appeared to be an easy touchdown on Sunday against the Redskins — and as he approached the end zone, Brown decided to show just how easy it was.

When he was sure no one could catch him, Brown turned around and ran backward into the end zone, resulting in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and prompting Steelers coach Mike Tomlin to address Brown and the entire team about it.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tomlin said Brown’s decision to backpedal into the end zone “wasn’t respectable,” and as a result Tomlin decided to talk individually to Brown and to bring it up when addressing the team.

As it turned out, Brown didn’t actually get a touchdown on the return because an illegal block penalty had been called on the Steelers. Which made Brown’s celebration look silly.

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  1. Am I alone to feel like NFL is trying to bring the Queen’s super-rigid & fun-free atmosphere to the field? It is truly becoming Non Fun League.

  2. I completely understand why he’s not happy. As much as I like Antonio Brown I don’t think he should’ve done that. Even though it didn’t count, you don’t want any kind of penalty. Got to stay disciplined. But I understand why he did it. He hasn’t been that close to a return td since last season.

  3. Brown’s a punk. Big surprise on a team full of them, right? Every catch he makes results in him walking halfway down the field. Get back in the huddle and act like you’ve been there before.

  4. Browns penalty didnt bother me. What bothered me is that the Steelers had yet another great return nullified by a block in the back penalty. Brown has had 150 yards of returns called back over the last 2 weeks alone. Its starting to be a problem masked only by the fact that the offense has been so precise they can overcome the field position lost.

  5. Wait I thought the goal of the league was to have the players entertain the fans! Who cares who wins or losses as long as I get to see all of the players with those crazy celebrations!

  6. It’s not about whether or not it drew a flag or even if it should have drawn a flag. Tomlin nailed it…it was disrespectful. You don’t show up your opponent. There’s a difference between celebrating and show boating. Running backwards into the endzone falls into the latter category.

    Tomlin continues to impress.

  7. Does anybody realize he could have tripped or stumbled while doing that,and say there was no penalty then the Steelers lose out.Then say the Skins get a turnover or they hold Pit. to a FG.It;s not sio funny then if it cost you the game there ”Mr. No Fun League”.If that entertains you [somebody risking a dunb play to run backwards into the end zone] you ought to go to a circus instead.

  8. Whine and whimper about NFL rules all you want, once they are in place you’re obligated to respect them. Had there not been a Steelers penalty early in the return, Brown would have been penalized for taunting. If you don’t know the rule, learn it. If you know the rule but selfishly decide to violate it anyway come sit on the bench.

  9. Hats off to the Steelers for beating us hands down. You guys did a great job against the run.

    I’m embarrassed by the actions of Deangelo and receiver drops. I’ve been embarrassed by our secondary all year.

    The ump gets the credit for the best Redskins defensive play of the day

  10. I feel bad for offensive linemen. They don’t really get to do the immature showboating like the other positions. Perhaps the next time a left tackle puts a DE on his butt, he’ll do a 20 second blocking dance.

  11. I tell ya what Antonio, why dont you try to catch a couple more of those 10 targets a game and turn them into some TDs. Maybe then you can celebrate THAT instead of the 2 first down catches a game you get. Punk

  12. …illegal block penalty had been called on the Steelers. Which made Brown’s celebration look silly.
    It looks silly no matter what..

  13. Brown’s certainly a talent, but he does his Santonio impersonation when he gets a first down — what he is paid to do. He reminds me of a defensive back who gets a good hit on a receiver and celebrates . . . after a 20-yard completion and a first down. He’s getting paid big money by the Rooney’s . . . it’s time for him to show class.

  14. kacapaco says:Oct 30, 2012 1:35 PM

    Am I alone to feel like NFL is trying to bring the Queen’s super-rigid & fun-free atmosphere to the field? It is truly becoming Non Fun League.
    No, you’re not alone. There are a few others who agree with you. Most of us, however, would rather watch football than self-aggrandizing showing off.

  15. It would have been karma if Brown fell and fumbled or turned around and had the ball stripped like Don Beebe did to that dumb Cowboy, Leon Lett, in the Super Bowl. Other posters have nailed it. The anti-celebration rules are in place and you have to follow the rules. He chose to violate the rules and put his team in jeopardy .

  16. I didn’t see the play so I’m a little fuzzy on it but if he went in backwards and the play was still a “play”? That’s not unsportsmanlike. Is it stupid? Yeah. But if that’s how he wants to score his touchdown then he should be able to do that.

    So this is bad yet if you’re down there and you want to run some clock off so you don’t go in the endzone directly but run down the line a little to squeeze some time off the clock. That’s not unsportsmanlike?

    Arbitrary call.

    Sorry, not a penalty. Stupid but not a penalty.

  17. So you can’t run backwards now?

    I don’t get why this was even considered a penalty. He wasn’t gesturing, waving any fingers in the air, or making a cut-throat sign with his hand. He was simply running backwards.

    If you don’t want a guy to run backwards…. ummm, tackle him?

    I disagree with this.

  18. I’ve never seen a TD celebration I’ve ever enjoyed since Billy “White shoes” Johnson.

    But he never celebrated before he got to the damn end zone.

  19. While I didn’t appreciate Brown’s clowning, what really bothered me was that I could not detect any block in back contact when rerun shown. I did see two blocks on shoulders. My eyesight a problem or theirs?

  20. The backwards running was annoying but there is a much larger and insidious force gripping the NFL. The act of pretending to eat soup, broth or an as yet unnamed cereal after a sack or tackle has become an epidemic. Goodell must address this immediately because it’s really starting to get annoying.

  21. ipitydafu says: Hats off to the Steelers for beating us hands down. You guys did a great job against the run.

    Dude, seriously? You guys are the washington redskins. Hats off?? There are high school football programs that would beat you guys. Please.

  22. I watched Emmitt Smith score tons of touchdowns for years and simply hand the ball back to the referee and jog back to the sidelines.

    These days, I see guys celebrating simple tackles and first downs with all sorts of stupid stuff and their team is losing the game.

    Some of this stuff is ok (Cruz and the Salsa), but what Brown did was stupid and I’m glad Coach Tomlin addressed it. In Baseball, he would get a fastball at his chin the next time he was at the plate.

  23. watermelon, you had to see it to really understand. it wasn’t that he turned right at the end zone and went in backward…he pretty much ran the last 15 yards backward. it was just another stupid wide receiver “look-at-me!” moment.

  24. I think that was desrespectful to the redskins. He lucky someone didn’t take a shot at him. In the old NFL he might have ended flat on his back later in the game on a late hit. By the way those uniforms were ugly.

  25. This team is a joke and so is Brown. Ravens have owned the Steelers as of late. Nothing will change, another sweep coming up

  26. Good for Tomlin. Players rarely act like they’ve been there before these days. But champions don’t need to rub it in anyone else’s face. Hope Brown–and everyone else on the team–got the message.

    And I hope someone is working on those illegal blocks in the back.

  27. “Ravens have owned the Steelers as of late”. Is that a joke? The Steelers have won 2 out of every 3 since the “inception” of the Ravens franchise. 2 regular season games in a row is nothing to brag about, unless your a Ravens fan I guess. Why don’t you guys try actually beating them in the playoffs first. Accomplish something and then talk some trash.

  28. It’s time to end ALL the celebrations for sacks touchdowns tackles returns first downs long runs etc its getting out of hand. Have some class and just play after all you are all paid very very well to do so. I’m sick and tired of the show offs act like you’ve done it before. You certainly didn’t see the old timers doing it guys like Sayers, Taylor, Starr, Unitas, etc. It’s time to penalize it.

  29. dolphins512 says:

    I watched Emmitt Smith score tons of touchdowns for years and simply hand the ball back to the referee and jog back to the sidelines.


    Emmitt kept the football after every touchdown, so I doubt you way him hand it back to the officials. I think you may have meant Barry Sanders.

  30. Good to see at least one coach disciplining his team for this kind of garbage. Too bad Harbaugh can’t bring himself to do the same and continues to let the inmates run the asylum.

  31. To verify my age, (and brag) I saw Unitas play in Baltimore in 1956. My memory tells me that the showboating started with a NY Jets DE, whose name I cannot recall at the moment. After each and every sack or tackle for loss, he acted as though his team won the championship and he was totally responsible for that. While he was All-Pro,not Pro Bowl, his actions were as childish and immature as the actions of many of the players today. So, as a very long-time Steelers fan, I personally salute our coach for his stand. For those of you clamoring for entertainment, please spend your time at the movies.

  32. these guys doing there dives into the endzone (that could result in an injury) witch makes me happy that tomlin sat this guy down and had a chat with him.

    I thinkng theses guys need to sit down and have a look at the great walter peyton barry sanders.
    You can have fun but try to respect the the game and your opponent.

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