Blaine Gabbert: We’re pretty satisfied here at quarterback

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No one’s putting much credence into a report that the Jets and Jaguars are talking about a trade involving quarterback Tim Tebow and the guy who would be most affected by such a deal said Wednesday that he’s unconcerned about them.

Blaine Gabbert had a conference call with Detroit reporters on Wednesday ahead of this week’s game against the Lions and was asked about the rumors. Gabbert said he wasn’t feeling threatened.

“I wouldn’t consider it a battle at all,” Gabbert said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Whatever moves, I guess, people want to make, but I think we’re pretty satisfied here at quarterback.”

Gabbert doesn’t have anything to worry about right now, possibly because the team has told him that nothing’s happening on the Tebow front, but the next nine games will tell us a lot about whether or not he’ll have a battle on his hands heading into the 2013 season. While Gabbert has completed a higher percentage of passes this season, he’s got the worst yards per attempt average in the entire league and hasn’t shown enough to make thoughts of acquiring another quarterback seem all that ridiculous.

That quarterback won’t be Tebow, at least not right now, but any declarations of satisfaction should still wait awhile.

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  1. I’ve actually seen some good things from Gabbert this season. He seems more comfortable in the pocket compared to last season, and he’s got a good arm but does check down alot. He just needs his guys to start catching passes more consistently.

  2. HAHA OK Blaine. Are they satisfied or content with what they have? Plus, tebow would take ur job in a heart beat. Tebow would probably be really good for jacksonvilles publicity annnnnnnddd Mjd and tebow would be fun to watch and I hate tebow.

  3. LOL! This is like when a guy is chatting up a hot chick and the insecure not-so-good-looking girlfriend (who also doesn’t put out much) comes and runs her off, “He is satisfied with me and has no interest in other women! I’m all he needs! Get lost!”

  4. I’d rather have Rex Grossman than Tebow.

    Gabbert is way better of a QB than Tim – the throws he was making against Green Bay Tebow could NEVER come close to attempting.

    He would run … and scream “let’s go baby” and the jort wearers would erupt.

  5. A 1-6 QB who finally threw for over 300 yards (albeit nearly 50 attempts) in one game feels confident enough to make this statement? A guy leading a team that had -1 yards in the 3rd Quarter against an injured Packer squad??

    We’ll see how satisfied a new GM is of your QB skills Blaine.

    And for the people who support the area, not just the team (looking at you FruitCoveJag), be ready to welcome the long lost son home – if not this week, then in the off-season.

  6. No, we are not. If Gabbert thinks “we,” Jaguars’ fans, are satisfied with his performance thus far, he is grievously mistaken. Maybe we don’t need Tebow but if Gabbert’s “satisfied” with his terrible play this season, perhaps he needs to get his a** benched/dropped. Whip him into shape!

  7. The kid just turned 23 two weeks ago. Give him time. He may be a franchise QB. He may not be a franchise QB. Time will tell.

  8. Would somebody in the league (besides the Jaguars) go ahead and give Tebow the job so all this speculation will disappear once and for all. Tim needs to get this football thing out of his system and just move on to his mission work. He is not an NFL quarterback. So let it die gator fan, just let it die.

  9. I love Tebow, but gotta give gabbert time. He shoulda thrown for 375. Had 9 dropped, one was a 50 yarder, one about 25, and one was a td (mike Thomas). He needs another year, and yes I do see him getting better. I see every game at Everbank and watch it on replay. Kid just turned 23.

    Draft Jarvis jones, a DE, and another good wr. Give him another year, I think Blaine will get better. Hard worker, all the tools. Opinion.

  10. “While Gabbert has completed a higher percentage of passes this season, he’s got the worst yards per attempt average in the entire league and hasn’t shown enough to make thoughts of acquiring another quarterback seem all that ridiculous.”

    Is this really true, even lower than Alex Smith???

    Wow, and some of you see this as improvement, lol.

  11. Joetoronto, to what stat are you comparing Gabbert and Smith? Completion percentage? Smith is first in the league. Yards per attempt. Smith is fourth or fifth, if memory serves me correctly.

    If you want to dish, it’s usually better if there is a factual basis to it.

    As for any Jagwad fan who wants Tebow over Gabbert or anyone else who could possibly play QB, including Joe Theismann, Judi Dench or Sting (yes, those are deliberately ridiculuous suggestions), all the power to you. But Tebow can’t even unseat Sanchez. And for one very good reason. He’s not a very good QB. You can hang your hat on “he just wins” (ah, so did Vince Young) and “he’s a great athlete” (so was Kordell Stewart and so is Brady Quinn) or even “he’s such a nice guy” (yep, so is my neighbour – he can’t play QB either), but the bottom line is Tebow isnt going to take a team anywhere except for years of frustration. If all you then have left is “but he can sell tickets” I’d submit you aren’t even left with that, because real fans will tire of that show real quick. Besides, I thought the Jagwads werent in any kind of trouble as far as attracting fans goes. Or so their fans keep telling us.

  12. @maddenisfordorks …THAT Sir is without a doubt, THE funniest comment I have ever read on this site. WELL DONE !!!!!!

  13. Blaine had 200 yard in the first half against the packers, but when the Packers started running Blitz stunts in second half he barely threw for 100 yards (most in garbage time). Stop making excuses for this kid he regressed back to himself (rushing throws fearing the rush) in the second half of that game. He is still too inconsistent and no one is satisfied with that!

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