Jacksonville TV report of Tim Tebow trade appears unlikely

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A late night report ouf of Jacksonville that the Jaguars are attempting to acquire Tim Tebow in a trade with the Jets appears to be false.

Action News WTEV in Jacksonville is reporting that the Jaguars are making a play to trade for Tebow before the trade deadline on Thursday. The report is attributed to unnamed sources, and the TV station says it was unable to reach either Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith or Jaguars owner Shad Khan for comment.

Multiple other reporters, however, including Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News and Albert Breer of NFL Network, have already thrown cold water on the report, and said there are no talks between the Jets and Jaguars.

And the idea that the Jaguars would acquire Tebow now, in the middle of the season, seems extremely unlikely. The Jaguars looked into the possibility of trading for Tebow when the Broncos made him available in March, but when the Jets acquired him, the Jaguars moved on.

So expect Tebow to remain after the trade deadline right where he is now, as Mark Sanchez’s backup with the Jets.

16 responses to “Jacksonville TV report of Tim Tebow trade appears unlikely

  1. This is the primary trade that should happen for the entirety of the NFL. But they won’t do it because the owner in Jax wants to move the Jags to LA.

  2. Hes not good enough to overtake the 30th ranked QB whose been awful for the better part of 4 years…but he’s too good to consider trading for help down the road for a laughing stock franchise? Makes sense.

    I wish they would just come out and say “He is here to sell tickets” and stop insulting our intelligence.

  3. If they did trade for Tebow, it would mean they’re staying in Jacksonville.

    I believe this is a massive Kahn job though and the team will be moving soon.

  4. This sounds like wishful thinking on the jests part. They are a mess with cap problems, bad karma, crummy contracts and two QBs on the roster that are laughable.

    Way to go jets! Keep up the good work-
    signed- the AFC East

  5. The Jets probably started this rumor. They obviously don’t know how to use him. His play for the most part is limited to punt team.

  6. The Jags have Blaine and even the most unintelligent casual fan can see the progress he’s making. Now OL give the man time to drop back and scan and WRs catch the ball! That goes for you also Marcedes “Two left hands” Lewis.

  7. If its not a story about tarps, blackouts, Los Angeles, or London, it’s a Tebow trade rumor.

    I liked it better when the national media ignored my Jags…

  8. IF the Jets could get something for Tebow they should take it. Hard to imagine he has any trade value at all.

  9. While the logic of the Jags not wanting him so they can comfortably move to LA seems to make sense, it falls apart when you consider Tebow is really bad and they probably just don’t want him.

    I also notice a pattern of Jags to LA conspiracy theorists being fans of the Raiders, who might themselves be moving down south.

  10. Isn’t the Jets personal punt protector on pace to allow a record number of blocked punts this year? Maybe they will give the Jags Tebow AND a couple of draft picks just to get rid of him!

  11. The very day that the Jets announced that they signed Tebow, I said that the Jaguars are headed to L.A. The reason why is because if you wanted to sell tickets and jerseys in Middle Florida, you sign Tebow. That’s elementary!

    But if you want to keep the Jaguars down enough to warrant leaving, you stay as far away from Tebow as possible. And that’s what they are doing. Tim Tebow is Mr. Football in Florida. When the Miami Dolphins take time out to recognize your incredible contribution to football in the state of Florida- while you are walking around in the opposing team’s uniform- and the crowd goes wild… uh, you are walking football money in Florida.

    And you walk away from that to prop up Blaine Gabbert? You want to leave.

  12. People stlll talk about Jags to LA??

    Lets review the 2012 per game attendance figures:

    21 Jacksonville 64,316
    22 Pittsburgh 63,873
    23 San Diego 63,568
    24 Detroit 63,142
    25 Cincinnati 62,536
    26 Chicago 62,279
    27 Arizona 60,769
    28 Minnesota 58,695
    29 Oakland 58,634
    30 St. Louis 56,546
    31 Miami 55,776
    32 Tampa Bay 53,782

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