Ken Whisenhunt jumping on his team entering critical game


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt isn’t a yeller or a screamer. Which means when he yells and screams, there’s generally a reason.

At 4-4 (after losing four in a row), the Cards in a precarious spot, with the Packers this week then a bye. They could change the narrative of the second half with a win, or they could drag a five-game losing streak around with them for an extra week.

Defensive leader Darnell Docket said Whisenhunt called some players out by name after the loss to the 49ers Monday.

“He called out some guys in the training room that we need on the field,” Dockett said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “Hopefully the message got to some guys. We’ve got one more game before this bye week. We’ve got to do whatever we have to do to win this game, by all means necessary.

“We’re going to need some guys to suck it up to win this game and then they’ve got a whole week off. Hopefully that message rings a bell to a lot of players.”

Whisenhunt, naturally, stepped away from the suggestion he was trying to rush players back from injury, as only a few key players missed the 49ers game who are close to coming back. Instead, he’s leaning on the healthy.

“We’ll get on these guys more,” he said. “One of the things is we’ll have the players get on the other players. Peer pressure plays a part in that. You’ve got to get on your leaders to do that.”

Either way, Whisenhunt knows his season is at a pivotal points, and they’re getting close to convincing everyone a 4-0 start was just a mirage.

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  1. Despite what people say Whiz is a good coach. Skelton is too incompetent and when he is, he gets sacked. Kolb is competent but he is getting killed out there. Add this to the ridiculous amount of injury this is alot to deal with. With a guy like luke joeckel this team could go places or even levi brown as he played extremely well the last part of the season. any drafted tackle will compete for both spots though.

  2. Everybody outside of Arizona is wondering what happened in the FIRST 4 games, not the last 4.

    Sorry, but it’s true.

  3. There is something really great about Ken Whisenhunt as a coach. He knows he can’t play the game. He needs great players. His problem has always been about personnel. His season seems to begin and end with him dilly dallying about picking his starting quarterback.

    If he could just get a young franchise quarterback to seize the job so he didn’t have to decide, build a decent OL, and find a couple free agent running backs (skip the glitzty draftpicks), the man could go all the way.

    Or, maybe he’s just simply a “Quarterback Killer”

  4. I think Whiz is a great coach… but, either he needs to step up and make a change by replacing Mike Miller and Russ Grimm.

    We used to have a horrible defense. What happened? We bring in Horton and boom, top ten D.

    Either Miller and Grimm go or Whiz and Rod Graves go.

    Or Warner comes back and saves them all.

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